Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assault with NLW & Intent To Leave

I was assaulted again, today on the bus #34 that left at 1:40 p.m. from the downtown station. There was a security camera on the bus but I don't know what that means.

There were only a few people on the bus and I noticed it when I was sitting in the back and there were only 2 women there with me on the whole bus, both black and both sitting on either side.

I am noticing a lot, but not all, of the use with Non-Lethal Weapons has been from black people.

Then a group of teenage boys or 20s somethings came onto the bus and I sat in front of them and it worsened. They got on the bus in a group. All but 2 I think were black and I sat in front of the guys that were black with one couple ahead of me and no one else. The couple ahead looked Italian or hispanic but when I moved to sit in front of them their accent sounded English.

Then I got off the bus and it quit immediately and I got onto a different bus and nothing was happening. No one was using the same NLW. I felt nothing because no one was doing anything.

I am really tired of this crime. Really tired of it.

I wanted to get shoes for my son today but it will have to be tomorrow because there are other things that need to be out there that someone who might care needs to know and I have been sidetracked from writing about the rest of the people I'm dealing with and how I've been set up.

This is almost all Catholics, a few Jewish, and some non-believers that are doing this. Some of the Protestants harass or act in despicable ways sometimes, but the violence is coming from only the other groups. It is not Protestants that are harming me with technology. So this would mean part of this is religiously motivated. Any of the "Protestants" who have done something really horrible, have, I've found out, just told me they are Protestant or Christian when they're not. Some of them have claimed they converted to Protestantism and yet the way they've treated me indicates their Catholicism runs deeper, and makes this into a situation like that of atheist Russians going into Catholicism to be priests to gain access as spies (which happened and was a very clever tactic during the cold war).

Alvaro Pardo and some of the female friends I've had have been nothing more than Trojan horses. They got close to get info and then passed it onto others on how to then strategize to screw me over.

The woman from Seattle was, surprisingly, Mormon she said, originally and then non-religious. So I suppose there are a few who may just be politically motivated to get me out of the way of something in order to further themselves, their interests, or interests of someone else.

Also surprising to me was the incident at the Russian Baptist church because these men were supposed to be protestant Ukrainians and Russians and some of them were attacking me. In that situation, I don't think religion was it at all, but something political.

Since someone medicated me again, I have been all over the place again. Unfocused and unable to focus as I usually would. This is greatly disturbing to me, that a group has been allowed to medicate me and tamper with my food and it's either being kept from me (with the excuse that I need to try experimental mental health meds and the only way to try is without my knowledge) or it's a totally illegal method by a gang that is working for others who have more money and believe that doing this will throw me off track and then be undetectable.

I called a couple of labs and clinics and I am being tested for an unknown substance, period.

And if I do not have a lab that is going to do the forensics when the FBI should have done this unless they had something to hide and someone to cover for, I am leaving this country at once.

There is no possible way for me to function, in any kind of manner, when I am constantly being drugged and medicated and then I have people assaulting me on a daily basis besides.

That is on top of being screwed over by the State of Washington for my benefits, on top of everything else they've done.

And no, I'm not going to be a "Joseph" because I doubt it is possible for me to "free others" from anything when I wouldn't go to a Latin American or Middle Eastern country and would be going to some Northern European place.

I will stay in the U.S. if someone does an investigative lab on what I was medicated with.

If not, I will leave and then there will be hell to pay because I will proceed to list each and every violation of human rights that officials and other parties have violated with regard to me and my son. Listing everything from the refusal of local law enforcement in Wenatchee to send a rape kit to a lab as they were supposed to do when I submitted to the exam, to kidnapping my son, to refusing to investigate a Judge for aggregious misconduct, to torture, to defamation by the FBI as an organization and the withholding of records and information that is essential for me to protect myself in the most fundamental way. To medical records proving I was injured and then defamed as being nuts for claiming I was injured in childbirth or tortured or my son tortured.

If no one in the U.S. does a lab, I will fly to another country that WILL do a lab and find out exactly what I have been doped up with. Period. It doesn't mean I will stay in that country, but I will absolutely leave to have this confirmed and proven. And I have not cut my hair for a good reason. I will use all the length I need to use, to prove whatever I can.

Either someone in the FBI or with another organization does a lab to test for unknown substance, or I will be flying on an expedited basis, to another country that WILL do such a test. And then I will come back to the U.S. with a lot of paper to put in someone's face, and I will dismantle all efforts to limit me in any way.

Do you understand and am I clear enough?

I am not moving out of the U.S. But if the U.S. does not take the opportunity toremedy this situation at once, and do the investigative lab or disclose what is going on, I will take it to another lab in another country and I will come back to challenge why you refused to do this.

And with that I will proceed to the UN.

Make the most of your time.

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Anonymous said...

You need to get some sort of talisman that will protect you from the NLW, something you can wear around your neck. I wish you the best!