Wednesday, April 13, 2011

nothing new yet (except media maybe)

There isn't anything new yet. I got mail from the FBI yesterday and it said: "Mr. Cameo Garrett...Stop...We plead the 5th...Stop." It was a response to my request for FOIA and they addressed me as Mr.--As a man. My double is a man with my same name. How convenient. I actually believe now that the U.S. or some others have attempted to assign a multiple personality kind of double to me. I'm am part of triplets at least, and forget the double. There is the real me, Cameo, the one I know and all my childhood friends and family know. Then there is this double that has been fabricated by bad media, bad lawyers, and bad people, and this one I don't recognize at all though it's become so confusing my own parents sometimes think the double is at least 10% me, the real me. Then, I guess, there is the man, the male version of Cameo Garrett, which must be the best way to excuse no records being found. I had this happen before, in 2004, when the FBI did the exact same thing. First they claimed they had nothing, after ignoring several written requests entirely, for the name "Cameo Barrett" or something. They totally mispelled my name. Then after having it cleared up, they sent a response to me claiming they had found nothing for a "Mr. Cameo Garrett" when they knew, clearly, that I was a woman. I went to the media today and showed them this, and asked if someone there specialized in FOIA requests and could help with what I might be doing wrong. I got a few pointers and will submit a new request but in the past, I did all the things the journalist told me to do and the FBI was still withholding on my request. I don't believe they have ever acted in good faith. In 2004 I made detailed requests and they refused to comply. I asked someone about doing a story about the kidnapping of my son though, and this may be a possibility at least. I won't say who or why or when, but I feel the best thing would be to have media coverage over what was done (and has been done) with my son. It's about him, but to understand what has happened to him, one must also see what's happened with me. It's like the whole childbirth injury case. Even if a mother cannot sue for her own damages, the fact that she has damages lends to the evidence and proof that it is likely the child also suffered. They go together. The FBI has punished and harmed my son, who is 5, because of his mother. Not all of the FBI members, but the ones who have sought control over this have. ************************************************************************************* I have had 2 incidences of torture today. Nothing at the gym or while walking at all. Then, I had called ahead of time and said I would be stopping by this newsroom. It wasn't the guy who first talked to me or the receptionist, but at one point, a guy left and then there was this whole huddle of people and one of them did something. When they left, it quit. And I was still talking to a producer and it wasn't happening. Then, no problems again, while walking and going to the bus station or anything, until I got to the bus station where there was something very minor and then nothing the whole way until I was at the "other" library (Green Hills) I said I would be at. I was told to go to a specific computer and did and the whole time, the burning from a kind of laser sensation. It was not psychic and I ended my session early and it stopped immediately. I just logged off and moved and nothing has happened since. It quit instantly, as soon as I moved. I was seated at the number 30 computer in the children's section, thinking it might be more private. There were only 2 women there (employees), one on each side of me at far ends of the room and then there is a storage room behind the wall that was across from me--more of a workroom so someone could have been on the other side of the wall. I moved to a different room where others are on computers and have had zero issues. If it was psychic or supernatural stuff, it wouldn't quit just because I got up and moved. That's not how psychic and supernatural or spiritual stuff works, period. I am starting to realize too, that more women are involved in some of this than I originally might have guessed. ************************************************************************************* I didn't have any dreams last night really. This morning I had a few but forgot them. All were about my life, except one was about decisions p. william was making. About budget or how to work something out and choices. I don't remember though. I looked up people and what they were wearing the last few days and didn't really find matches for things I got. sometimes i do but colors look different on t.v. than on photos too. Sort of found something, but not important enough to describe. I also had a part of a dream where a woman was trying to see if I was interested in her and we were like the last 2 on earth or stranded from men or something and it was a very clear no. Which I already know myself anyway, in reality, but it's nice to have it in a dream instead of the crazy things that come up sometimes which make us wonder. It was also in my dream that someone was trying to say I was celibate or unmarried bc i was really an unidentified lesbian, but this is not true, and in my dream, it was proven untrue. I have had a few insights, with the Bible lately, and asked some specific questions and I hope to have my questions answered or get a better feel for things. It doesn't feel really intense, but I'm hoping to have a little more clarification for myself. sometimes it even seems like everything is going against me and maybe only 1 or 2 feel the way I do, and then I start to wonder, "Is it just me? am I wrong then?" but then I was thinking, "No, sometimes superstition, signs, and even a lot of social siding, doesn't mean anything. sometimes an entire group is wrong, or even, in the Bible, an entire country is wrong, and God sends one person out of all of them to say something. Other times, it is enough to trust that something is between the people with which it's concerned. If my son and I want to be together, it doesn't matter what anyone says or thinks. Especially if I know it's in my heart for a reason. If I think about a certain direction for my life and not many agree, I will take opinions and counsel and advice, but it's ultimately my choice (to work at least within the roadblocks or know what my desires are). And if different people are on my heart for some reason and even I don't know why and it's mutual or not, who cares what the rest of the world might say, because if it's genuine and sincere and from God, nothing else really matters, though one might strongly and seriously question why. *************************************************************************************

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Ernie said...

You are SO brave for standing up to the FBI! I hope the media takes this seriously. I'm tired of the government coverups and lies. GOOD FOR YOU!