Friday, April 8, 2011


I forgot to mention a few other impressions I had while praying yesterday. Again, they did not feel "concrete" so I think it could have been possibly natural mind wandering or ideas while praying. Today, I didn't get anything and haven't tried to focus on anything. Also, nothing came to mind on its own either. But one thing which I was just looking up and wondering about, came to mind associated with P. William. It was a view of the brain but not the part where he was hit with the golf club. So, in my mind, it might not have anything to do with him at all. And it might pertain to him but in a less serious way. I saw a side angle of the head, brain and neck. I looked up the brain terminology so I know how to describe what part I saw. It was approximately the cerebellum, medulla, pons (maybe) and then the part of the spinal cord that comes from the cerebellum. So basically, the lower part of the brain or spinal cord where they sort of meet. If it really has something to do with him I wondered if it was sort of serious, or a minor thing, or if he just had a stiff neck for some reason. But it was yesterday while praying that I saw it. I saw it as if he or a person were facing right and I could see the profile but what I mainly saw was just the base of the head and neck. I thought, well maybe it has something to do with him truly, or maybe I just randomly had this come to my mind when I prayed (but I didn't really pray that long or much about anyone in particular). Of course too, I wondered what this area affects too. What is controlled by this part of the brain and stem. And really, it has nothing to do with my trying to think up something bc I already know, as everyone does, that he had a head injury but that was at the front of his forehead or something, and that shouldn't affect the lower back of the head or neck at all. So if it means something, I guess thank God and if it doesn't, I guess everyone's mind wanders sometimes, in prayer and we all have things come to mind that are just that--random. *********************************************************************************** The other thing I saw or had an idea of was of two small to medium-small dogs paws on glass, both up against the glass like wanting to be let inside. I think it was against glass or maybe in begging posture. Not having to do with anyone in particular. I can't remember when I saw it. The paws had longer fur or hair, not a short haired dog and no nails were was a smaller kind of dog. ******************************************************************************** Anyway, I remembered about the brain/neck thing as I was looking up medical stuff about vitamins for myself because I bought new vitamins today (ran out of my daily multivitamins so had to replace them). They were on sale and since I don't really know where I will be getting my food if my benefits are cut off, it's cheaper for me to live on vitamins and maybe a fast is a good idea anyway. I have been thinking about doing this again but I can't do it like before, when I fasted from the end of November through December. I think my body thought I was anorexic and that's maybe why my cholesterol went up so much. I never felt better though. I had a ton of energy and everything was coming back until I was assaulted at the psych place and injected with toxins. After that, it was odd because I had 2 days where I started to feel like myself again and then it was like I ate something or drank something bad that threw me out of kilter again. I was thinking too, all of those doctors who injected me were Eastern Indian and Panetta has recently been forcing ties with this community--made me wonder, that with the involvement of the FBI and local DEA in defaming me. Today I saw this blond nurse who kept coming into the sauna when I was there and who was present when some of the technology stuff was happening IN the sauna (it hasn't happened there again in awhile fortunately). I don't have the best vibe from her and today I looked to see her license plates and they were Florida. She is a nurse at Vanderbilt I believe. Anyway, I got echniacea to boost my immune system temporarily bc I am fighting a small chest cold, and vitamin K-2 which was the only kind of K they had at the store (still need K-1 but will get it from spinach). I got that because of all my problems with blood clotting and hemmorhage and bleeding, which no doctor ever cared to examine (or at least share results with me rather than with VA). And I got algal DHA (vegetarian DHA) and my multivitamin with collagen. I guess too, I read Vitamin K is a "true cure" for internal bleeding caused by poisons in anticoagulents or rodenticides. So, anyone who has any reason to be concerned might stock up on good Vitamin K (actually, the injection is what you need, but the pills could be helpful too).

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