Friday, April 8, 2011

"Legally Kidnapped vs Illegally Kidnapped"

I am thinking about getting a petition started against CPS. To abolish it and have children's issues, if there is crime against children, go back to Social Security provisions. I was first thinking about a petition to get my son back and have someone investigate and this is also something I want to get a rally for. But the other thing that needs to be done is to GET RID of CPS. CPS has done far more harm than good, failed in its duties and mandates, uses federal monies for the laundering of State interests (and then uses State interests for the laundering of federal interests like use of kids for experimentation while under "government guardianship"), and it has perpetuated GROSS abuse and neglect of children while claiming to help families. They have built a money-making, profiteering industry on the exploitation of children coming from poor families and CPS must be abolished and taken off of the federal payrole. The true advocates for children were murdered in Georgia after exposing CPS at an international conference in Copenhagen. It is my belief that she had her own sort of "dossier" compiled with evidence of gross public corruption with regard to the kidnapping and exploitation of children by state-sponsored workers. CPS has lined paychecks for bad public defense and corrupt government workers who do favors for those wanting cheap adoptions and for other government interests that use kids for other purposes no American should be supporting. It's discriminatory--targeting minorities and poor families alone. In the history of CPS, there has never once been a child taken from middle-class or upper-class families, even though statistics prove true abuse of kids crosses through all socioeconomic strata.

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