Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Morning--Scientists Manufacturing Devices For Public

Last night I wrote my post and still people were driving by amused and laughing and I thought, "This has lost its humor. This is not funny." I try to make light of my problems and some things, by joking and humor is good, but then I think, "What should be commonplace about violence and corruption?"

Then this morning I woke up and an incredible positive energy was there. I also am glad that I have not, at least, had any further problems in the dorm I sleep in. Since I moved out of the one where I had been tortured every night, there might be things going on during the day but not at night where I am. There has at least been peace, so far, there. I woke up with "Your Love Is Extravagant" on my mind (the song).

I didn't have any dreams.

Someone is using something while I'm here typing though, some kind of technology. It is 7:33 a.m. and I am at The Hermitage.

I have some of the normal hairs just now starting to grow back but very slowly. So this medication I was given at least slowed down and quit the growth for at least 2 weeks and now it's still slow. Normally for me, every day I would pluck this one hair, or every other day. So the fact that it's still not growing at normal rate means this is a medication that lasts possibly up to 1 month as it's been 2 weeks now. And I would say it's something one takes one time, and has an effect for at least a month.

However, now that it's growing back, I am wondering how long this is in my system, for testing. I am determined to be tested for an unknown substance. It has been going on far too long and I'm not going to allow this any longer.

If it's out of my system in 2 weeks, then I don't know how it would be to travel to another country to be tested if it's hard to find but I am sure there is something there. If someone tries to medicate me on top of what I'm already given, it will be new.

I am not yet sure what to do but considering all options.

Also, this kind of crime I've been in the middle of, led me to think last night that the U.S. needs to pour money into a whole new kind of field of crime and broaden the perspective.

Just as technology and the internet have required new laws and lawyers to design and enforce new laws, this newer crime needs to be matched with devices for all of the public to be able to use to detect and prove what is going on.

There is a market for scientists and business, to create devices that will detect infrared, microwave, ultrasound, laser, and any host of technologies that is now being used on the black market to harm others. If this just means something that captures that it's happening, in the same sense that radioactive monitors measure radioactivity, that's fine. It wouldn't prove who is responsible but it is something citizens would take to police to prove they are being assaulted and then it would be the responsibility of the police to find out who is responsible.

You have to keep up with the times. And law enforcment is not keeping up with the times and the public is not able to protect themselves.

In the past, you had trafficking of kids and abuse and sexual exploitation. Then with the internet, you had a whole new ballgame, with online exploitation and marketing of children. So the laws and techniques for tracing where it's happening, change to adapt.

You must adapt and the U.S. needs to adapt to the new form of crime and violence that is already here and has likely been here for over a decade or more but in fewer hands.

This means there needs to be a readily available device on the market, that some brilliant scientist designs, creates, patents and puts on the market at a reasonable price. No, it's not tin foil hats. This is real and the technology is real and it's foolish to ignore what the realities are today.

I believe an entirely new department or organization, committed to tracking and tracing the use of Non-Lethal weapons and "invisible assault" should be formed, with the responsibility of maintaining lawers to develop laws to address torture by these devices, or counts of crime, or if it would fall into the already established categories, a large and talented team of people who design devices for the pubic to be available to anyone, as readily available as a hidden camera or audio recorder, and then people who investigate and concentrate their efforts on finding those responsible. Also, prosecution of those selling these devices that harm and putting them on the list of items which cannot be purchased without good cause. Like uranium or guns. Those found to have any items in their possession like this, would be guilty of smuggled and illegal use of a weapon.

This is the direction crime is heading. Invisible assault by non-lethal OR lethal (by reaction produced) weapons that don't always leave visible marks. And the U.S. is already behind and needs to put money into development of counterterrorist acts that are domestic and involve this kind of technology and put resources for proving and catching this into the public's hands.

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