Friday, April 8, 2011

My Work On Fight Against CPS & Children as Government Property

I had wanted to first write a book about Diana or for my son but it's been made impossible right now. So for now, I decided to put up the site about fighting CPS and with the purpose of organizing all of the distracted and disorganized CPS fighters out there into one common and powerful group. And since the FBI refuses to investigate crimes by government officials against children, at least, to my knowledge and thus far, that's what they've done, and since no one seems to be FIRING workers that should be and should have been fired long ago, the only way to currently make sure these people are out of work and out of their jobs, is to get rid of their organization. Which we will do. It's like any other group that has a civil rights issue. Different groups pop up to fight something and nothing goes anywhere until they all assemble with one loud and common voice and say the same thing at the same time, and basically, "mobilize". No one cared about gay rights until it was in the face of the public day-in and day-out. And no one seems to care about atrocities that have been committed to families and kids, and I have firsthand knowledge of what kind of liars these people are. These are 'church-going' and some non-churchgoing people who persecute others and get paid to tell anything but the truth. So since I can only do things in bits and pieces right now, all I can do is get a little bit together at a time. Today, I added 48 pages, so far, of contacts of people and groups fighting CPS. That's just the first 1-100 out of 200,000 listings under "petition against CPS". First I have to gather all the info, and everything I can find, and then contact each and every single one of them personally and organize and add all these links in an easy to find way to a blogpost. This is a civil rights movement of minorities and poor, homeschoolers, and anyone who society at large finds at odds with the majority, or who is vulnerable because of not having the same kind of money or resources. This is a fight for our kids, and we are going to get our kids back. I'm sure some of the cases are valid. Maybe 2 out of 10. And for the rest of those families, we are going to assemble ourselves for OUR children. Who are NOT government property. NO CHILD in America is "The Property of the United States." If someone wants to be "property of the United States" they have a birthday, become "of age to consent" and join the military. Until then, HANDS OFF. So anyway, I see there are enough people to fight it. It's just that everyone is detached from eachother. I see "Grandparents Petition Against CPS" with 48 petitions signed. They should have 48,000 or more signed. But they are just doing their part, in their location and what is needed is mobilization to kick these people out of their livlihoods and free the kids and families and restore natural family rights. I'm not going to write livid things on the CPS blog I'm doing, because it has to be professional. That's the problem of some of the sites, is that they are full of CAPS and angry language, and bright flashing lights and sordid conspiracy theories. All of it is valid, but it detracts from getting the validity of testimonies about the state corruption to the public. But I will go OFF all I want on this blog, about the corruption. It might be a somewhat slow process but I started already and I'm angry enough to keep this up as long as it takes to get these people OUT. First, everyone has to have a base of communication.

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