Thursday, April 7, 2011

Visions Behind The Veil & U.S. Behind In Law Enforcement

I got the information from my mom this morning about the woman who has a healing ministry and it's not in Uganda, it's in Mozambique. The woman's name is Heidi Baker (H.A. Baker) and what I found interesting to find out from my mom today is that her father was a missionary in China and these Chinese kids he worked with had all kinds of visions. Which is kind of cool to find out because just the other day Chinese kids had come to mind, along with other psychic-gifted types to pray for. I saw one girl, I thought, who was very young, and her hands in a certain way and then today, this morning I thought about them again and wondered if any of them have visions of people outside of their own country, like, of you or me, and then they wonder who the person is. The woman is speaking at a church in Franklin, TN, at Grace Center. This morning I prayed but really didn't get any kind of connection I felt was outstanding--well, my prayer was good, but I mean, I didn't feel I had any images that were significant though I had several human-thoughts-drifting ideas come through my mind which I may write about. None of it seemed to be really important though. Will write more in a minute. I just looked up this link my mom sent me and it's sort of strange. Not to make a lot of "connections" leaps, but the ministry link is through Iris ministries and for the last few days when walking home instead of taking the bus, I stopped over to the side of the road to smell a planting of purple iris. So it says from the link I was sent, that these kids were in an orphanage and rebellious with lots of problems and then they all started having visions about things and their behavior changed overnight and then there were all these church plantings because of it. *********************************************************************************************************************By the way, I was at a downstairs computer a few minutes ago, at the library and someone was burning me with technology. It was obvious. And the minute I left the chair, and went to a different area, it quit immediately. Someone has still been doing this kind of thing and it has happened at work too, where someone knows I'll be there and it's either coworker(s) or someone who comes in. The people doing this need to go to jail. I feel it's a serious problem that so far, there haven't been any U.S. prosecuting attorneys who are charging people with the real crimes that are being committed. I do not think law enforcement is anywhere near to keeping up with the crime, and the U.S. needs to spend more of its money on getting technology into the hands of others that detects the invisible forms of assault by technology and newer means. I hear about a few cases where cops maybe get in trouble, or someone gets in trouble for tazering someone, with something that is readily available on the market...but I do not see the U.S. making ANY kind of effort to manufacture devices that detect the REAL instruments for violence and assault these days. This entire country is going to be RUN THROUGH with gangs and corporate gangs controlling people with this stuff, and also, military or others who get "sanctioned" use of these things, are allowed to perpetrate horrific crimes against their own sisters and brothers who are equally, or who are supposed to be EQUALLY PROTECTED by the same laws. Having idiots who work in the DEA and claim there is "no such thing" and that someone who says it's happening is "crazy" is DEFEATING the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THEIR PAYCHECK. Anyone who is anyone, with any brains at all, or any grasp on the world today, knows that the upcoming and already present "danger" and problem is use of the new technology that is in the hands of corrupt citizens, corrupt foreigners, and military and blackmarket mafias, mobs and gangs. Instead of developing techniques to detect this kind of thing, WHY is the U.S. in a mode of DENIAL that it exists? Calling people like me "crazy" is extremely dangerous and this country is already in a major crisis because of others who are controlling large groups of people with this kind of technology, and they know they can get away with it. Not only that, some of the corrupt DEA and those who are corrupt in the FBI or other agencies, they already know about it and probably use it, and yet WHERE are the enforcers? and the D.A.s? The U.S. should be actively going after this kind of thing as THE TOP terrorist threat. It is IN the U.S. And why some of you haven't frickin' figured it out and want people to think they are just having some kind of "health problem" is BEYOND me. Get YOUR BUDGET TOGETHER and START INVESTIGATING and PROSECUTING. You have an outdated system that is infiltrated with corrupt people who are using NEW technologies to stay AHEAD of being prosecuted. You are going after people with guns and wife beaters (as should be done) and it's like old-school cop-and-robber. The criminals are NOT frickin' using GUNS like they used to. And then YOU perpetuate the crimes and call the victims of TORTURE "crazy" so the higher echelon of criminals can get away with this. You claim you don't know because you don't see it but where have you shown the innocent U.S. citizens that you are writing new laws to address this new kind of crime, and where is the education of the public about these devices? I mean, come ON. Are you TRYING to facilitate torture? If you do not keep up with the technology used to commit crime, and you refuse to educate the public about it, because you're scared since you don't know how to address it yet, there is something wrong. You spend billions of dollars in keeping up with computer technology but where are the CASES in the COURTS for the victims of violence by newer forms of technology? THIS IS DANGEROUS and THIS is the terrorism. How lucky for some of you that you are not personally targeted. Until one day, after you bend for all the right people, you are taken out yourself, or your favorite family member is, by a "heart attack" that is triggered by the same technology YOU allowed to flourish and believed it would never happen to you. And when I say "You" I say this to those who read my blog and who are responsible for commiting these kinds of crimes as well as the law enforcement and intelligence personnel that READ my blog. How incredibly foolish it is to discount the testimonies of others who are the firsthand victims of violence. And while there is power in some psychic work, this is NOT going to take the blame for the kinds of things that are being done with technology. It would be great to have someone claim that while their friend is targeting someone with technology, they are just calling upon their psychic powers to inflict harm, but there is a big difference between the two, although some want to confuse the two, to keep the mainstream uneducated and keep those who are running a plutocracy safe from accountability. It's nice when you have enough money or power to buy people off and offer them protection or immunity through infiltrated and corrupt government officials. The U.S. has made it impossible for the "good guys" to keep up because it is punishing whistleblowers and ignoring the facts. The U.S. needs to be devoting a LOT more money into technology to COUNTER crimes of terrorism IN the U.S. AND, the U.S. needs to quit protecting and shielding government officials who have "made mistakes" and quit blocking those who want to investigate crimes, from investigating. Blowing them off by trying to say, "Do you really believe in a crazy woman? Do you really believe someone who has been charged with crime? Do you really think we have money for that?" YOU HAD BETTER FRICKIN' COME UP with the money. Because if you don't, this country will be taken over if it hasn't been already. And you stood by with your hands in your pockets thinking at least your own family was safe, until someone decides you know too much, and since you already did them a favor by not saying anything, they covered their bases and it won't be a problem to get rid of you. Or, if you change your mind, they will blacklist you for all the times you let others off, and then they will turn around and use the very same technology that you SAID NOTHING about, on your own family, to intimidate you and keep you in their control. And here's something for the Jewish community too: I read in Deuteronomy this morning that it is a sin that requires sacrifice, to withhold information when someone is being harmed. I don't know if you have a whole flock of female goats and pigeons out there to offer up for all the things you keep to yourselves, but maybe you could refresh the memories of at least your more devout religious, and point out Deuteronomy. It comes right after the part about what to do if you sin and didn't realize you had violated something in the law. After the part about the clothing made of purple, scarlet, and blue thread and then it goes to what things are wrong in the eyes of God. Just like some of the Catholics who think for some reason they can commit crimes and then go to the priest to be absolved but KEEP doing it, and just like Protestants who stand by and do some atrocious things thinking they are saved by faith and they can do any bad works they want to do...there are moral guidelines for almost every religion about keeping silent about crimes against humanity. The part I read in Deuteronomy is about keeping silent when you KNOW there has been FALSE witness or testimony against a person. ************************************************************************************** I guess I'll write about some of the things that came to mind while I was praying but I'm getting something to eat first and I went onto the technology tangent because I'm TIRED of this kind of thing and people getting away with it.

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