Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assault Encouraged By FBI & Refusal of FBI to Investigate Crime

I am still having problems, ever since I was stripped down and then later told I would be held down on a mattress that was on a floor, unless I accepted injection of harmful drugs. I looked up effects of antipsychotics, and read that in healthy individuals who are given this drug, ones who do NOT have "schitzophrenia", the admission of this kind of drug actually CAUSES problems with emotions and/or motivation. The main one being motivation. Which is maybe why, for the first time in my entire life, I had no ability to work out as usual, or felt the same drive or energy. I think they were deliberately trying to ruin me. As if they haven't done enough already. And not only that, I am realizing while fasting (still, this is day 4 without any food), that the FBI is largely responsible. Which is part of the reason they don't want to investigate their own employees for crime and why some of them have a motive to harm me and discredit me. I believe it was both the FBI and CIA. Diane Harsha was the woman I had contact with, from Nashville FBI offices. She is the one who told me to go to Vanderbilt ER and then I found out the FBI had specific contact and communications with doctors there. I also believe it is very likely that the first organization to attempt to write me up, in a file, as being mentally ill, is the FBI in Oregon or Washington. To cover for their defamation of me in an extremely important file, where information could be disseminated broadly to other law enforcement and other persons, they have tried to block me from reporting any kind of crime at all, against my person and against my own son. The only reason I got a job was because, probably, someone talked to someone after I got out of the psych ward, with one goal in mind: Leave The United States. The FBI has an enormous, huge, liability for their actions against me and inaction to protect me and my son. This is a claim for political asylum. I can prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that my problems here are not only State level, but federal. I was telling my own brother what a doctor said while I was in there. My own brother, said he thought it sounded "strange" and that's why he didn't know whether to believe all of what I said. He didn't even accept my word that the FBI was named as the responsible party for this (along with, I believe, the DEA). I said, "Levi, a doctor who is in charge there, was in a room of over 15 other doctors and interns and said this right in front of ME and all of the other medical professionals. He took out documents and referred to them and even said, 'This is what the FBI gave us'. Do you really think I imagined this happened in a whole roomful of people? There were over a dozen other witnesses and it wasn't even a secret anymore." The FBI defamed me back in 2004. I am realizing this is why they have refused to give me discovery. And as soon as they officially defamed me, they opened the door for my son and I to be tortured and not believed. The FBI was the messenger and the CIA was the director. Every single one of the doctors I was assigned to there was Eastern Indian and I belive Diane Harsha, with the FBI in Nashville, has Eastern Indian connections. It's plausible that someone felt this was the best route to go, when the CIA and Panetta had just recently cajoled Eastern India into a billion dollar deal. The CIA has told me to go through the FBI and have them investigate the kidnapping of my son and torture, knowing that they are the ones pulling strings. They want to shift everything to the FBI, knowing many in the FBI have their own motives for not investigating crime. I was told to go there and then assaulted and injected after I blogged about a Prince William article in a homeless newsletter and about The Pentagon strategist and about the Nashville DEA's corrupt employee Brad Uhl. The white guy who was there when I got there, was someone connected to Chris Rozollo and was also from Florida. They did not even, in the ER, do an evaluation. I was basically kidnapped and taken to a facility where I was tortured and assaulted and interrogated. They claimed they had a legal right to do this, but I look back now, and today, with a clearer mind, recognize they had no legal grounds. First they kidnapped my son and then they kidnapped me and took me to an institution like a prisoner of war. The idea or excuse was that if someone is evaluated and seems to be psychotic, they can be taken to a psych ward for further evaluation and injection or drugs. However, it was a full-on kidnapping because while they used this claim, they did none of the things required in order to force someone to a psych ward. There was one doctor who talked to me for about 5 minutes total and then he left. I was speaking the same way I speak to my guests at work, at the restaurant, or now. I thought he was leaving to order tests, and instead, he left to write an order, arbitrarily, to throw me into the psych ward. He did not even examine me psychically. There was zero physical exam. They just saw me, were expecting me because the FBI told them about me ahead of time, and as soon as I walked in they knew what they were going to do. And without having performed any physical exam at ALL, first, they held me hostage and then tried to claim it was legal. Another abuse of authority. Then, they knew they wanted to permanently ruin me and shot me up, knowing I was healthy, with drugs that affect a healthy person. I was also terrorized by being made to strip in front of all these women (unnecessary to have all of them there) and then I was thrown into a cell with concrete blocks all around and a cement floor and they kept pointing to this king size mattress that was on a floor in an adjoining room, telling me "If you take this shot, we are all going to hold you down over there on that mattress and do it. You have no choice." I blacked out so badly, I don't remember anything, and one other person there said afterwards that I was upright in a chair one minute and then the next, I had hit my head on the desk or fallen down and the officials there took me away. They could have questioned me about anything because I don't remember any of it. I almost died while there, again. Someone was hoping that giving me injections and medications that were contraindicated for someone with seizure or epilepsy history, that I would either go into convulsions or die. It is a possibility and they overdosed me. Then I was paraded around in front of other medical professionals and interns while I couldn't speak at all. I am not saying other countries persons or groups are not involved or were not involved, but the FBI was the first organization, after the Roman Catholic Church, to defame me and want to make it stick. They called me schitzophrenic and delusional to excuse the actions of their own personnel. And then the ball rolled from there. They deliberately humiliated me and degraded me again, for their own self-interests and to cover for their own coworkers' crimes. There is also something seriously amiss with Mykal Holt (messianic jew) and who she is connected to. She seduced my fiance and then tried to call me crazy and wrote up court complaints and locked me out, while at the same time, all of a sudden having roommates move in who did some very creepy things and allowed belongings to be stolen from me (my pink silk shirt for one thing, from my engagement). The very same photo on her fridge was on the fridge of this guy I later had to stay with because I was forced. They had the same mutual friend. There was an entire Jewish community and a few others who wanted to find anything against me to trash me with. I can trace most of it from one person to the next and how they were connected but I haven't done this yet. I am still thinking and I haven't figured out how I want to even bring up the connections, or the right time to do so. My son has been tortured and the FBI has put their own issues and self interest and motives ahead of their duty to investigate crime and protect citizens. Some within the FBI are dirty and wanted to work the FBI against me so they were unwilling to work for me. My son and I were tortured and have been tortured, since 2004 (my son after conception and birth) with few breaks inbetween. Even when I went to Canada with my son, there was still someone following us and torturing us. We had someone following us while on the road and then when I was in a grocery store with my son, I saw one specific incidence where there was a middle aged white man watching my son and then I saw my son, all of a sudden, after something was pointed in his direction, suddenly scream in pain and hold onto his genitals and stomach, like something had just suddenly hit him. And before this, I had set him down and he was happily looking around and then all at once, this reaction from him for no reason and then this man standing by smirking and observing. Pure evil. That man was evil by every definition and he looked like your average white middle aged, casual tourist type. But he was in Canada. There were other things that happened to my son like this. The FBI HAS DONE NOTHING FOR MY SON. If anything, they have allowed their own criminals and outside criminals to harm us, and gave them a blank check for doing whatever they wanted. "You guys are safe. We're not investigating anything because, don't worry, we are trying to discredit her as mentally ill too. Don't worry. You will never be caught or held accountable for your crimes. And we know people who know people and we have the final say and authority." The FBI was involved, along with the Department of State, in the kidnapping of my son. It wasn't just local Douglas County law enforcement. It was FBI. They had a motive to defame me all the way back to 2004 which is when I reported their guys for misconduct and they tried to write me up badly. They were then called in to help with my "missing child" and took this opportunity to defame me further. This is why they don't want to investigate--why some of them don't want to investigate. They are covering up for some of the workers in the FBI who have friends that are absolutely morally and legally corrupt. Then they decided to make crime look legal again, by switching up true crime to sanctioned crime for "research purposes". Is this strange to anyone else? I said to my brother, who said, "Why are you that important?" I said to him, "Since WHEN is it a function of the FBI to persuade doctors to admit someone to a ward for mental illness? The FBI's job is not to monitor so-called crazy people. If they really think I'm unstable or ill, since when do they care about these people? They DON"T. Their job is not to convince doctors to shoot up citizens with dangerous drugs." So I said, "So don't you think it's a LITTLE strange they have so much of an interest in ME?" Thereby proving that I am not delusional to say that I have had unimaginable problems, my son and I, and they've been "in on it". If the FBI encouraged a group to kidnap me to take me to a mental ward and assault and degrade me, the FBI would also encourage Canadian officials and collude with them to falsely arrest me to kidnap my son. There are good people in the FBI who want to investigate and return my son to me, I believe. However, whoever the superiors are, are refusing to hold people responsible in their agency for crime. And someone at the very top is corrupt and allowing another agency to call the shots. I just read that not only has Haldol (and I was drugged up with other things too) used on Soviet Dissidents in the past (to torture them by "breaking their will"), it has also been used by ICE (immigration) on deportees for immigration, to "sedate" them. There is no cause at all for use of Haldol to simply "sedate" someone. If someone wanted to simply sedate someone, there are a number of drugs for this. To RUIN someone's brain and the function or to degrade and break someone who is healthy and KNOWS what administration of Haldol will do, is the intention. The Soviets wouldn't have used it on dissidents unless they knew it permanently altered function and was punishment and had an effect on the motive and motivation. If you look it up on wiki, someone updated it at the end to include what the function has been, for "Punitive Psychology". My son and I have been kidnapped and held hostage in the U.S., in our own country, more than once. And so far, the FBI isn't responsive because they are unwilling to purge their agency of corrupt officials who also had ties to certain churches that wanted to malign me. I got a new storage thing yesterday, for saving information about CPS and contacts who would rally together against CPS but when my son is not returned to me and I am already treated this way by the U.S., how far am I going to get here? I need to see proof that someone is investigating crime of public corruption. If it is partly because of the FBI, whoever investigates the FBI needs to investigate THEM. Yesterday for once, aside from a couple of incidents at other places, I had no technology torture the whole shift, until the very end when someone did something that hurt my back, at the very end of my shift and I didn't pull something. I went from one minute being fine to pain and it was the same kind of pain that I recognize as being induced by some kind of microwave or ultrasound technology. It wasn't laser, and my heart or these associations weren't included. It was my lower back. I can describe more later.

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