Saturday, April 23, 2011

my passover mark (or something)--updated

I got to work early and walked there and have a few minutes to write.

People staring at the mark on my forehead.

I was walking and thinking about it and how weird it was and this guy stopped at an intersection and was just staring, staring, at me and I finally said, "Happy Passover."

I kid you not. It happened in the night and I woke up this morning and felt a scab and picked it off, wondering what it was. Then I went to the bathroom and there is this blood on my forehead and a new scab starting.

The mark is a vertical line.

So it was thick and I didn't want to walk around with a big bloody mark on my forehead so I dipped my finger in water and tried gently rubbing up and down the mark which only made the blood thin and spread more. I am standing in front of the mirror wondering, "What the h---?"

And then when it was mainly removed I could see the cut better. It's still visible even after I tried to wash most of the blood away. It isn't perfectly centered but close. It's almost perfectly centered in the middle of my forehead and it is sort of angled at a slant closer to my left eye.

I thought first, as blood was spreading over my forehead, about this story I read about how William got marked with blood on his forehead after his first hunt. But I've never known what kind of mark or what it's for exactly.

Then I thought about passover and how the mark of blood was to let the Angel of Death know to pass over that person and leave them alone. And then I thought, "When is passover anyway?"

The last thing we were talking about before I fell asleep was food. All kinds of food. And things we bought on budget and foods we liked and the last thing I remember saying before I fell asleep was, "I was going to buy tamarind today at the international market but I didn't make it over. What is tamarind? Isn't it like a brown fruit that is sort of shaped like a tomato?" and someone said yes and I fell asleep.

I don't remember any dreams.

I just looked up "marks appearing on body without explanation" and stigmata from wiki came up so I clicked on it even though I've never heard of anything like that happening on the forehead.

And then I read some Saint (Canadian) named Marie Rose had marks on her forehead which they said corresponded to the crown of thorns.

Wouldn't I be the one to feel the crown of thorns (I laugh out loud here, at my own idea).

Last night the little girl I sat next to, I asked what her middle name was and I was told it was "Rose". I told her this was very pretty.

Anyway, I don't know why it's on my forehead. I would cover it up with make up but it was stinging after I even washed it a little so I'm letting it toughen up.

Someone must have seen it on me before I got out of bed.

The stigmata link says people do this to themselves, some belief, but no, I didn't do this to myself. Not consciously at least and I've never been one to flail at night and my nails are not sharp enough even. I looked. I looked at my nails and everything. The only other possibility I could think of was that my Bible was next to my head on my bed but the cut is too wide to be a papercut.

It's more jagged than a papercut when you look closely at it.
I covered it up with powder. You can still see the mark though. There is no possible way I did this to myself. It looks like a scratch from a distance but up close it's obvious it was not done by nails. There is no possible way my nails could do this bc they are not sharp enough to cut like that. It is like the cut of a razor. Even if I try, with all my might, to cut my skin with my nails, I can't because they are cut down and rounded and are too thick to cut like that.

So no, there is no possible way that I did it to myself, at all.

And I never ran into anything that night either. Nothing fell on me.

It's impossible that it happened unless it was done by someone or happened supernaturally and for that, I wouldn't know why.

It is very slow at work today, though there was no torture. Thankfully. But people were being let off early or for a break and I asked to as well because hardly anyone was coming in and if no one is coming in it's $2 an hour. So I found out, after being at work, that today is Earth Day and I might have a look to see what is going on.

To make every moment count, I would say that means writing the rest of what is going on but I will have to do it a little later. I am trying my best.

I thought I would see what is in the Bible today, since I had not opened to anything this morning and didn't do a devotional other than to read the scripture verse about Bowing to God.

So I was thinking, at work, how when I asked my son what the name was for his stuffed animal dog that he sleeps with was, he said, "It's BOW-WOW" and I thought this was cute.

Lots of bowing thoughts because then I turned to the Bible at random just now and I ended up on the passage about "The Righteous Branch" and woe to the false shepherds who lead people astray. And then it goes to false prophets. I turned to this first and read it.

Then, the second thing I opened to, was a song by David, and it is all about bowing to God. I Chronicles 29:10, David's prayer. I actually started or first read from verse 11 though, halfway through it, from "...Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. Wealth and honor come from you ; you are the ruler of all things...and then at the vey end it says "Praise the Lord your God." SO they all praised the Lord, the God of their fathers; they bowed low and fell prostrate before the Lord and the king."

And I believe this is to say God alone is king. I wrote out what the verse was from BibleGateway this morning and I believe it's on my other post, and I think it was...let me look...It was from Romans. Every knee will bow and tongue proclaim he is God. Romans 14:11. I had the 14:11 part typed out but it's not there now.

I guess a lot to do with 11 that I've noticed too, as I clocked in late by accident, 11 minutes after my due time even though I was there, and the passage about God being ruler my eyes fell upon at v. 11.

I suppose there is always a good time to think about how to give God the glory for every good thing.

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