Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waiting...waiting...Still Feel GREAT

I waited to see if I had any regrets about what I wrote, about my insights last night and today and if I think this marriage is right, and no, I have no regrets. I know that it is true and was not written with any malicious intent.

It is the truth.

Now that I know it's true, I wish I could find out why the others think the way they do, because I can't 100% put my finger on all of the facts and figures, but something tells me it's true.

Just like I know my son is held hostage and being used and has been exploited. And I also know my family has been blackmailed and turned over to gangsters that work for the State.

People can even travel around and look like they are free to travel when they're trapped and being coerced to even travel to make it appear that they are not under coercion. Which is what the CIA and others have done at times. Someone may have a car, and even travel, and yet be threatened to stay quiet about something or bad things will happen to other family members, so they stay quiet, out of love for the people they care about.

My word.

I was looking up news about the 51 freed hostages in Mexico and accidentally selected the bbc version from the tags (not on purpose). When I did, I saw this posting about royal wedding dresses, one made of silver and the only reason I clicked on it was because last night when I was writing, I wrote, "I don't know...something about the lining isn't....?" and I kept having "silver" come to mind and thought, "What does that have to do with a wedding?" and then I was walking back last night, to the bus station and thought again, "Why was I thinking of a silver lining?" something about the lining in Middleton's dress isn't right? Or was it just that I wanted to say there isn't a silver lining because there is something that's not very good beneath the surface with some group in control? And I was thinking about this and then today of all things, I found out there was a royal wedding dress made out of silver, and it's the first one they were able to save. I would never guess this in a million years. Some Charlotte who married a Sax-Cothberg wore it.

I found it because I was looking up news that caught my attention because I had worn a blue shirt that said "Raiders for Christ" on it the day I was thinking about prisoners being freed. It said something about north christian church. And I kept thinking how odd because I was thinking about hostages and prisoners and then had that shirt on and the first and only news I read that day was about hostages being freed by people who came in and raided the place.
Now it's time for hostages in the South of Mexico to be freed.

So then today I wanted to read about it again and ended up on the link about a silver wedding dress after the thought coming to my mind last night, wondering what it meant. I kept thinking, "Why was I fixed on saying something about the lining isn't right?" and thought about the dress my mother tried to make for me for prom once and the lining was all screwed up with the dress and we had to skip it. And I knew what I meant, something about the underpinning of the affair wasn't right, but I also thought lining. I wondered even, for a split second, about William's lining. or whatever it meant.

I just tried to go back to it and it's been removed. How is it removed when it was just at the #6 or so place in most popular news? I just looked at it! 2 seconds ago and now it just drops off of the whole BBC website?

At any rate, it was interesting. But I think the point I came across yesterday was that something isn't right and I felt it confirmed even more today. I don't have any bad feeling about saying it either, and if I did, I would feel I need to be careful or that I was off about something.

William is marrying into murderers/family supported and sponsored by murderers, with torturers too.

He is marrying the same family that is sponsored by people who poisoned me more than once, bribed people, paid for someone to ruin my voice which he had been drawn to at one time, and arrange for me to be jailed, defamed, and without my son.

What did they tell you in Canada William? A year ago, thereabouts, when you and Harry were in Canada? I'm curious to know who has brought me to attention or "news" to attention that was unflattering or bogus. No one was very remiss when he was upset either. They were just happy about it. I am not sure what Canada was about, actually. I really do not know. I just intuited, by looking at one photo, that something was going down and William was upset and not himself and the Canadians hosting couldn't have cared less. I can't "read" photos very well, but I knew with that one. And Harry looked like he felt sorry for William in that photo too. The others didn't look sorry.

I have worked at a restaurant that has mainly Catholic employees, a couple of Jews, a couple Muslim, and almost no Protestants. This, in a town and state were the population is usually 80% Protestant.

Then, the gym where I was tortured, is managed by an Irish guy of ? religious background but there was torture there when he was there managing and then I was refused even counseling for anything. There were both Catholic and Jewish torturers, but some of them had alliances with people from other countries too, and tried to pull strings.

I knew someone wanted me to "write" a long time ago and tried to tell me and urge me to do so and I couldn't. I knew the further along time went, the worse it was, but I couldn't say anything then.

I think it's sad I guess, because when bad groups get what they want, by torture, intimidation, and slander, it's just sad. It doesn't matter how many truely made predictions there are from prophets either, if it's not from God, who cares how the stars align? and who cares how the sand shifts?

I know it's true even more when I see more news with the media that refers to me too. It's not the U.S. in general, it's truly some powerful people who wanted to take control and when they do this by devious means and torture, there is something wrong. To me, it suggests they are the type that would have something to do with Diana's demise as well.

How ironic would it be, to discover some of the same people who arranged for her accident, were backing the Middleton marriage. I'm sure some of them were involved in going after me and my son, because of my interest in Diana's case. And I am sure some of them have been instrumental in trying to keep William with the Middleton family.

I have people trying to even direct me to go out with other men, or be involved with someone, or even suggesting Harry is interested in me, as if my motives are only selfish and I think now it's because they wanted William to believe this.

Even this guy James, with the BBC--he offered to pay for a place for me to stay and gave me some good advice but he looked aghast at having to deal with me at all. That was in D.C. and I really liked him and thought he was one of the sharpest men I'd ever met, but I saw how he looked when he handed my bag to the guy who attended the coatroom and that man looked Eastern Indian or something and like he hated my guts. I had wondered then and there if my bag was bugged at that pass. It came to mind that when my bag was handed to that man, he or under direction from someone else, bugged my bag. Then I was sitting in the restaurant having lunch. I will say though, that what the BBC guy told me was true. He didn't lie about how I should stay in D.C. and try to work there instead of Wenatchee. He offered to pay for 2 weeks at a nice hotel which was a generous offer. I didn't take him up on the offer even though it was absolutely no strings attached. He wasn't trying to come onto me at all. If I was such a gold digger, I could have done a million and 1 things differently and come into gold a lot more easily but I have valued my independence and free spirit and free will more, and I don't take advantage of rich men either.

The other thing that happened recently. Some man from Ar

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