Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Israel from D.C. & Hit Men (set to "King of Fools")

I was turned over from Catholics to Jews who hated me.

This is going to be a long post and it will have tangents but bear with me. Just as I proved how thick my location is with Catholics and Jews here, by proving it with evidence of specific locations, I will also attempt to prove everything else with solid facts.

However, just as Jewish mafia in England might have connections to Jewish mafia in NY, I found out a lot of things. Muslims work with Catholics actually--some of them work with the IRA, Ireland's most militant Catholic group. I found this out when I read that the mercy-charity ship that was from Gaza and going to Israel was supported by not just Muslims but Ireland. The IRA and Muslim groups buy arms from eachother and do some drug smuggling together. Then you have a very strong presence and allegiance between Israel and East India, according to wiki and all the state papers and embassies. Israel and East India were supportive of eachother before Panetta ever went in and sealed a deal between the U.S. and East India. India is a primary supporter of Israel. Part of this is because they have problems, some parts, with Pakistan and Pakistan and Israel are traditionally enemies.

Breaking it down, here are some allegiances and bonds that have been formed between groups. I couldn't figure out where all the international ties were and why it was so mixed up and then I discovered a few things:

1. Some Muslim and militant Catholic (IRA--Ireland).
The ship that was blocked by Israel from entering port, was coming from Muslim Gaza but supported by IRA and Catholic Ireland. The IRA and some Muslim groups work together to survive, and offer one another mutually beneficial deals: drug and arms trafficking to support their own causes and muscle for those who get in the way of their goals. It is possible that the Muslims and the militant Catholic terror groups aligned with eachother because they believed the Protestant groups in Ireland were aligned with Scotland, which is Presbyterian mainly and has some supportive history of Israel (predestination of the "chosen people").

2. The U.S. government and IRA.
(out of all the militant or violent groups deemed to be of terrorist origin, the U.S. left the IRA out and CIA and FBI officials who were Catholic were making donations to them.)

3. Jewish-American Mafia and Russian-Ukraine mafia.
According to most recent and modern sources, these groups work together in a variety of illicit criminal enterprises. It is also known that all Jewish-American mafia has connections to Israel and donates monies to Israel, and keeps up with other contacts worldwide. First of all, there are a lot of Russian Jews from Russia and Ukraine that have come to the U.S. Secondly, the Russian and Israeli align (former atheists or others with Jews) partly out of religion maybe, partly out of shared sentiments about socialism and some communist ideas, and partly because Italian mafia or Catholics are sharing more ties with Muslim groups.

4. East India and Israel.
East India fights with Pakistan. It's a territorial and religious fight. They kill eachother at the borders and otherwise. Pakistan is mainly Muslim and an enemy of Israel so it's in Israeli interest to provide intel to East India in exchange for East Indian favors. It is not a small bond. Now, most recently, the U.S. has made a billion dollar deal with East India which puts East Indians in their pocket.

5. Russia and Middle East.
It has been looking like Russia has sought to strengthen ties with the middle east. Which is interesting because as ties are formed with Muslims there already exists a bond between Russian and Israeli and American-Jewish mafia.

6. The U.S. gets their intel from Israel and provides support for Israel. That's 1/2 of the officials in the Justice system...those who support Israeli interests and then there is the other half that supports Muslim interests because 1/2 or more of the U.S. intelligence and justice system is Catholic. Over half. Muslim groups have sought the assistance of Italians and Irish & others and vice versa. Some of the Italian mafias decided to help, for example, the Somali pirates who are Muslim. The Somalis were being exploited and asked for Italian assistance and some of the Italians felt sympathetic and helped out with providing them means to defend themselves.

7. The U.S. engages in research against women and children.
My country has failed it's duty to protect me and my son and it's Catholics and Jews in the system who have muscled me out and defamed me to others, even Protestants who would have helped us, because they didn't want us to have help.

People have structured and restructured who they are supporting and helping, in order to protect national country interests. And when "deals" are made, say, with my life and the life of my son, if something turns out differently than expected, or someone finds out that some other group was never honest really, and duping others, chaos results and not one side gets angry. They all freak out because they are all worried about being exposed for their own part.

I did not know for sure that my problems had anything to do with English interest, or rather, royal interest in me, until this week. I thought so, but I couldn't figure it out. I guess I had a hard time believing it. No one went after me and tortured me and poisoned me and ruined my singing voice over James At The Pentagon. He was married and so what. They were worried about royal interest. Then some of those who hated me so long ago, just found new groups for stirring up resentment against me. The U.S. has known about everything and did nothing. And as for England, I could say a thing or two.

Who was there for me when I was being forced to live outside in the dirt in an alley after separating from my fiance? I wasn't trying to find the warm spot in the alley inbetween commercial buildings because I was mentally ill. I was there because God alone knows what incredible things have been done to push me out and attempt to absolutely destroy me. Not just harm a little, but completely and irrevocabley change and alter my life and my son's life forever.
Where were the Protestants, by the way, when I was being pushed out of housing and assaulted by gangs?

Did I go running to my Colombian boyfriend when I was being tortured and assaulted, ridiculed and forced to sleep outside in the dirt with police driving around laughing at me? As every single thing I ever had was stolen from me, after my son was stolen?


Because I have bigger fucking balls than all of you.

ALL OF YOU. And because GOD fucking loves ME a little more than you fucking thought because in the middle of what YOU did to me and my son, you fucking cowards and hypocrites who prim and prance for a royal superficial show, I didn't kill myself or stoop to your level, or lose my mind at any time.

But that wasn't good enough for you. After stealing everything from me, out of sheer hatred and jealousy, in a way that surpasses any kind of Cinderella story or Joseph story, and torturing both me and my son, poisoning me and ruining my voice, and jailing me, taking work from me, and defaming me and then injecting me with drugs that change my entire mind and body chemistry, YOU are the fucking disgrace.

You are, in the eyes of God, a fucking disgrace. And you know exactly who you are.

Then you try to suck up to me and act nice here and there, hoping to avoid detection or exposure and it's too fucking late for that. I would echo my son's sentiments and say, "Any last words?"

ANY FUCKING LAST WORDS? Because this time, it's YOUR time that is short. Be sure that your sins will find you out.

So I guess, when it comes down to it, am I supportive of this union with Middleton's World and William's World? Probably not. And I wasn't sure what I thought really, until I realized what kind of thugs are behind making this happen. I kept getting grim verses from scripture when I looked up things but I honestly think that might mean nothing. I asked God if I should say something or not and flipped a coin and it was usually falling on not to say anything but I still didn't know if that was just desperation--to look for a sign in randomly flipping a coin than just going with my instincts tell me to do. Today, I prayed a brief prayer and then decided I am going to follow my instincts. My instincts tell me that after being tortured and losing my best gift over jealousy over royal interest, that I have a right to speak up.

Something stinks with the whole royal affair. First of all, long ago I sort of felt there wasn't a real soulmate bond between them. Maybe that's changed and how would I know. But I never blogged about that. And I felt someone was trying to urge me to speak up a long time ago and I didn't. I didn't because I didn't have enough information and I also kept getting doped up, jailed, and distracted by those who kept me from saying anything. And then people tried to flatter me or pacify me by hoping I thought someone was on my side. I love it when the enemy wants me to think they love me.

I was approached by people from Israel who just asked question after question, after finding me at The Post Pub.

Most of the clientele there were U.S. government workers but there were some others.
I am going to switch over to some scripture first then I will finish writing about the Israel contacts I had and what resulted from some of this.

This morning I opened up to Isaiah.
"A voice says, "Cry out." And I said, "What shall I cry?"
All men are like grass and all their glory is like the flowers of the field. The grass withers and the flowers fall, because the breath of the lord blows on them. Surely the people are grass. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever. You who bring good tidings to Zion, go up on a high mountain. You who bring good tidings to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with a shout, lift it up, do not be afraid; say to the towns of Judah, "Here is your God!" See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power, and his arm rules for him."

It's Isaiah 40:6 and then I read to v. 31.

"King of Fools" (delirious).

Yesterday I asked about Middleton and I got verses about having babies torn from the womb, torn into pieces from inside the womb and then something about the hungry remaining hungry. Most likely, this has more to do with her "backers".

"I Wanna Go Deeper" (delirious).

I am probably losing my job because of my criticism of this wedding and speaking out about some of the criminals involved. I have already been jailed and lost work and pushed out of housing for the exact same reason and then mocked and punished so someone can feel they are getting even.

Last night before I went to bed I read from Nehemiah, about prophets who were trying to intimidate him and how he caught some of these prophets in their own traps. They were religious men even, but they tried to deceive him. The prophets, and these are prophets of God, who tell the truth (most of the time). Nehemiah was given instructions to build a wall and he got the idea and directions from God but then all these prophets came against him to say something different and confuse him.

They wrote him a letter, saying, "All the nations say you are building this wall to revolt and plan to appoint yourself as their ruler, over them! so let us now meet and discuss this." Nehemiah wrote a letter back saying, (Nehemiah 6:8), "I sent him this reply, "Nothing like what you are saying is happening; you are just making it up out of your head." They were all trying to frighten us, thinking, "Their hands will get too weak for the work, and it will not be completed." But I prayed, "Now strengthen my hands." Then he met with an advisor who told him to run. The advisor said to hurry and run to the temple and lock themselves in for safety. Nehemiah said, "But I said, "Should a man like me run aay? Or should one like me go into the temple to save his life? I will not go! I realized that God had not sent him, but that he had prophesied against me because Tobiah and Sanballat had hired him. He had been hired to intimidate me so that I would commit a sin by doing this, and then they would give me a bad name to discredit me." Remember Tobiah and Sanballat, O my God, because of what they have done; remember also the prophetess Noadiah and the rest of the prophets who have been trying to intimidate me."

"So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days. When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence, because they realized that this woerk had been done with the help of our God. Also, in those days the nobles of Judah were sending many letters to Tobiah, and replies from Tobiah kept coming to them. For many in Judah were oath to him, since he was son-in-law to Shecaniah son of Arah, and his son Jehohanan had married the daughter of Meshullam son of Berekiah. Morevover, they kept reporting to me his good deeds and then telling him what I said. And Tobiah sent letters to intimidate me."

"Find Me In The River" (by youtube poster Superchick777, from band Delirious. All of my music has been from the Delirious album "King of Fools" except this song but I am listening to all of the King of Fools songs).

"After the wall had been rebuilt and I had set the doors in place, the gatekeepers and the singers and the Levites were appointed. I put in charge of Jerusalem my brother Hanani, along with AAHananiah the commander of the citadel, because he was a man of integrity and feared God more than most men do. I said to them, "The gates of Jerusalem are not to be opened until the sun is hot. while the gatekeepers are still on duty, have them shut the doors and bar them. Also appoint residents of Jerusalem as guards, some at their posts and some near their own houses."

This is a story about integrity, faith, and most of all, standing firm on what God has given someone to do, even when others and even high appointed persons, religious, prophets, and others all come to confuse what God has spoken. It is about shutting out the intimidation of others, and believing in yourself and what God has told you to do. It's having the courage to go against the masses and advisors, if they are against what God wants and it's about having the wisdom to discern who is a liar.

I found it last night and pondered it for awhile. The pages had been sort of stuck together so I couldn't turn to it easily and then I separated the pages and read this and knew I needed to read more about Nehemiah.

The scriptures can be a real tonic to letters that are just pure trash and have nothing to do with God's plans and wishes. I mean this figuratively.

Yesterday during the day when I asked for something and was praying about the marriage idea, I got a few passages but it was random. I will try to find a couple of them. One was about how, someone had torn up a baby inside of a mother's womb or destroyed a life. I thought about my twins and wondered then if backers of Middleton had something to do with it. If the person I was with was connected to the backers or someone else was.

Lamentations 1:11
"All her people groan as they search for bread; they barter their treasures for food to keep themselves alive. Look, O Lord, and consider, for I am despised."

"History Maker" by Delirious.

Here is one I just stumbled across while trying to find the other ones I had from yesterday:

Ezekiel 13:21
"I will tear off your veils and save my people from your hands, and they will no longer fall prey to your power. Then you will knokw that I am the Lord. Because you disheartened the righteous with your lies when I had brought them no grief, and because you encouraged the wicked not to turn from their evil ways and so save their lives, therefore you will no longer see false visions or practice divination. I will save my people from your hands. And then you will know that I am the Lord."

Here it is, the scripture about ripping open the pregnant women.


Which is fascinating since I just learned this morning that the U.S. ambassador for England is an Amos or something or other. It was the only clip I saw today, about "Last minutes" and then this man Amos came up and I was reminded about the scripture I had read about this marriage.

Amos 1:13
"Because he ripped open the pregnant women of Gilead in order to extend his borders."

This was the first verse I got about the Middleton-Wales marriage when I was asking God if to show me something and if he wanted this marriage or not.

I read this, and immediately was impressed that this was a sign about why my twins were killed, along with all the other torture. It was done for territorial reasons and so that some group could "extend" their own borders, power, and influence.

I first read just about the pregnant women being torn up for territorial reasons and then I read more of that verse and it says, "This is what the Lord says: For three sins of Ammon, even for four, I will not turn back my wrath, because he riped open the pregnant women of Gilead in order to extend his borders. I will set fire to the walls of Rabbah that will consume her fortresses amid war cries on the day of battle, amid violent winds on a stormy day. Her king will go into exile, he and his officials together," says the Lord.

"Promise" (King of Fools).

"King or Cripple" (King of Fools).

I got Psalm 3 right before Amos about ripping open the pregnant women. Nothing made sense to me with this psalm and it was just the number or the fact that someone had to flee that stood out to me. And then I next was on Amos about for 3 sins, even 4, there will be punishment for ripping up the pregnant women for territorial reasons and I thought about my twins.

Oh here it is, the place where I made notes in my Bible of what I got:
Deut. 27:20, Lamentations 1:20, Psalm 3 (fled), Amos 1:13

Honestly, some stuff made little sense but other things did stand out to me. I wouldn't say "thus says the lord" or anything. I am writing from my instinct and what I feel I am free to write but I am not saying the scriptures are all direct messages from God. They were things for me to ponder and think about.

One thing I asked was what William thought about me and I got something about "resentment" but that was in scriptures and how would I know. I also asked if he loved Kate and then this is where you know maybe this is a wrong question to ask bc I turned to something about making men beg for bread under a table after cutting off their big toe and thumbs. I asked what he might do in his life and got the passage about going from being a fisher to a fisher of men.

Then just now I asked for a scripture for today that was positive and read a passage of exhortation, to press toward the goal. What spoke to me most was this, "But our citizenship is in heaven," and "Therefore, my brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, that is how you should stand firm in the Lord, dear friends." I thought about how when I am disappointed by how my U.S. citizenship has offered me and my son very little protection against wickedness and cruelty, my true citizenship is with God, not any country in particular.

"All The Way" by Delirious.

My verse today from the Y was Isaiah 1:18 which also matches this song I guess. I was reminded of the verse when I heard the words to this song about "with you I'm washed as white as the snow and all crimson stain becomes just a shadow."

"Revival Town".

I had this CD when it first came out and listened to it all the time while working as a personal assistant for Rabbi and Lorraine Rose in Portland, Oregon. Lorraine is from England and liked it, coming in one day to say, "Is this BRITISH?" Her father had been some kind of diplomat person and they had a letter of commendation from some English government person framed. He had worked for the English government and got a letter about his service which was displayed in the red room, which was the study. Lorraine was one of the most truly naturally beautiful women I've ever seen. Her younger photos, show her to be incredibly beautiful. She met Emmanuel Rose while working in Washington D.C., where he also worked at some embassy or government building, or she did, until they moved to the NW. D.C. has been such a friendly place for me I almost died there. My twins died there. Between Jewish hatred of me while I was there, and some Catholic animosity, is it any wonder that I cannot get one single letter from D.C., or the IRS, or unemployment, or legal sources, to treat me like a human being. Like a "citizen".

I just looked up the album out of curiosity, to see when it was released. It was 1997. And that's when I worked for them. It was released June 1997. It was before I ever thought about Diana at all. I was a virgin then I remember and then in 1998 I was raped by the jewish guy at age 24, who was driving some white sedan that was borrowed, that later, I realized, looked like the description of a white sedan that hit Diana and Dodi's mercedes. I am not kidding.

Lorraine had a framed artwork of a bunch of Russian eggs that nestled together and then it said, "Inside We Are Jews". Then the guy who raped me was Russian Jewish.

After I quit working for them and tried to report them to the IRS when I coudn't get my tax stuff from them and wanted to be in compliance with the law. The Roses and everyone pretty much knew that I was a virgin and didn't go out and party and wasn't mentally ill. Things changed when people wanted to start defaming me for some reason, when I got tired of being walked all over. I tried to get my taxes back from the Roses' for claiming. Between being raped and retaliated against for just trying to stay above board, and the Catholic litigation, I was in for a lousy decade. I don't believe anyone ever apologized for anything. Ever.

"Sanctify" (a live video at a stadium in UK by "tjmoon")
"Sanctify" (by "TheMezzanineFloor" on youtube...this one has pretty good sound--I like it better I think)

"August 30th."

When I was in Canada it was mainly what appeared to be Catholics who hated me that were trying to frame me and torment me. I didn't notice anything from Jewish people until after I had an interest in Princess Diana and fled from Blaine to the East Coast to try to find a lab that would help me prove through a blood assay and other things, what was happening to me and my son. Maybe the Jewish community pitied my son at some point, but they never pitied me. Never. They wanted me out of the way for good.

It was Catholics that tortured meand my son and then when some Jewish mafia also wanted me out of the way, they got involved and it involved some Muslims and Irish and Eastern Indians and people from the UK, Canada, Russia-Ukraine, and Israel and Pakistan. If there were others, it was on the basis of religious ties and not because of the country. I didn't know why all these different people, but then I discovered how different countries work together and different mafias also work together.

I got to D.C. and at first people were decent. A lot of people came into the pub. I took all of my orders from memory and I think some people were resentful and jealous of even this ability. I was able to remember a table of 20 with all their drinks and food orders and not write a single thing down and I didn't make mistakes hardly ever. Now, I have to look at every single order, and write it down, because of what these enemies have been allowed to do to me in my own country.

My own country is overrun with criminals and corruption.

Then Jewish people started to show up to ask me questions and pick me apart. Along with some English, when I started writing even more about my interest in the Diana case.

I had many, many, Jewish-American men trying to set me up to go to jail, on more than one occasion, or to make me look bad. So they had to have been worried about something. Then it was a total nightmare to go to, for example, the Georgetown campus and I would wonder why so many people were going out of their way to harass me and I would do some research and find out, "Oh. That's why. They're Catholic and it's a Catholic university and is right next to other Catholic universities." Over and over, finding out the same old, same old.

All my fiance wanted to know, over and over, digging for details, was "Why don't you have taxes for these years?" He hounded me and interrogated me multiple times, for information and details about my taxes and I kept telling him I didn't have to file because I barely broke even. Taxes, taxes, taxes, and everytime he brought this up I was reminded of the Roses and the Thebaults and wondered who was trying to set me up out of revenge. Then he tried to set me up with someone else advising, when I was going to the courthouse to fix a false claim by a Nigerian diplomat that I had done something to her when she'd assaulted me. Her son and his friend worked at the CIA as security guards at the main CIA building. She was a diplomat to Nigeria of some kind or had police connections and then I later found out through research that Israel trains Nigerians for combat.

Which is how I came up with my "back whacking" comment.

Most of defamation was still coming from some influential Catholics that didn't like me though. At CPS, the Italian lawyer chief blocked me and with intel, it was always Catholics, it seemed, blocking me, but Jewish had motives too.

I was being pressured to marry. The idea was that we married and then we were going to New York for our honeymoon.

I can only imagine what kind of people I was going to be introduced to there. I think there are very good people there but I also had this instinctive feeling that something in New York would be very dangerous for me. I didn't know what it was but my spirit was always sensing some kind of danger and I was afraid to go there as much as I was afraid to go to Colombia. Something dangerous was in New York and something dangerous was in Colombia and my son and I have been in constant danger even in the U.S. and used & exploited by my own countrymen. For one thing, Karin and her father (the Canadian with ties to the FBI) were there in NY and Alvaro was for some reason upset when I was back in Wenatchee and trying to find out more about her.

I was afraid I was going to get whacked. It may have even been that there was the Middleton group there, if she later got the idea to go there.

"My Glorious" (delirious)

I was going to be put in jail, called crazy after some time passed and have my son taken from me, or I was going to get whacked.

I didn't get whacked, and I also didn't go. Instead, I continued to be pursued, tortured, and driven into the ground. And my son harmed.

I also felt someone was trying to marry me off so I couldn't marry someone else or wasn't available for someone else they were afraid was interested in me.

Meanwhile, I had blood sample after blood sample being taken and I sensed my blood was being analyzed at a Virginia lab. They did it for the CIA because the CIA was curious about something.
This blond woman with shoulder length hair once sat next to me in a chair while I had to go to a separate office for having blood drawn. I sat there and she was next to me and I knew she knew something about me and at that moment I knew my blood was being analyzed by intelligence or results were going to some kind of government group.

"Did You Feel The Mountain's Tremble" (delirious)

Then when I was back in Wenatchee, the protection that I got from being with Alvaro was gone. People went after me. And even if I didn't run to Alvaro or call him all the time for help, I felt the only time I had been free from torture was with him. I felt the only way to be safe was to be with him but if I did, I could get screwed over that way too or not have my son.

Chris Rozollo met up with me and everything was downhill from there. He said he was Catholic but I don't know what he was. I started being tortured again and Chris took my white jacket from me, that had been given to me by my fiance. Chris also came with 2 pr. of shorts for me to wear and was asking which ones I wanted to wear, the smaller ones or the larger ones and then I found this red thread sewn into the shorts I picked out and he was saying I was observant. Then I was there and talking to him when I went to the door and stared out into the darkness and a plane then turned it's lights on and drove towards me. It was experimentation all over again.

I went from Mykal Holt's house and being defamed as being psychotic and nuts and locked out, to Shannon's house in Seattle where I was asked if I would rather work for the UK or the U.S. if I were in intelligence. I said, having had a couple of glasses of wine, "England." I said, "I want to know what happened to Diana" maybe but now I think about my answer and I can't say I would have the same answer. However, after this, I was then dumped off at the courthouse by some acquaintance that drove me, in Wenatchee, asking me if I wanted to travel at all, and then set up for a false arrest of Grand Auto Theft which all knew would go on my NCIC and alert anyone in other countries. I was followed, set up, and arrested by a bunch of local police officers and who knows who else. They took all my webcam documentation and deleted my evidence that my visits with my son were good which proved the visitation monitors' notes contradicted the truth. I lost the job at a yacht club that I applied for on my own and got, which I was to train for.

I was then at a hotel which is where I met Chris Rozollo who was from Florida. He told me not to apply for unemployment for my work at The Post Pub and said I would never get it. Then I was harrassed by the unemployment offices in WA and they all told me different things and refused to process my claim. I tried for over 8 months to get unemployment, and there were claims even being deleted from the main system. In the meantime I had men trying to proposition me in Wenatchee and as I refused to do anything with any of them, low or high, I was then punished by being "trespassed" from a hotel where I had been videotaped while showering, at The Coast Hotel, which I later found was run and owned by an Italian man in Seattle.

Chris Rozollo was happy I had missed a hearing and I could tell he did not care one way or the other. Then my hired representation was dirty and their offices had tried to keep me from submitting something to them to prevent a Failure to Appear when I was coming back from Seattle and Bainbridge after being poisoned by a cigarette, defamed at a hospital where the woman tried to have me sent to a psych ward, and then assaulted by a woman at a cafe. A woman who was familiar with some guy who sold medical devices. I lost my singing voice there, in Seattle and Bainbridge and then someone wanted to lock me up in a psych ward.

Everything was dangerous. At the hostel, someone used some kind of military technology against me and there were people there from all over the world who talked to me: Germany, Canada, England, and Australia.

A black man who had gang marks all over, took me to a hispanic place to eat and more gang stuff happened to me there. He used something on me that almost caused me to pass out and I don't know if something was put in my food there, but I was bleeding after taking the food, just one bite, of a burrito given to me by some hispanics.

I had someone put something in my food in Seattle, was given a poisoned cigarette that burned the tip of my tongue permanently, tortured with some kind of military devices that caused me to lose my singing voice, unless it was the combination of this and the poison cigarette I was given. And I was bleeding because of food given to me. Then I went to the FBI and malicious FBI workers there blocked me from making a report in Seattle. I was mocked and told by local police to call the U.S. Marshalls who said they couldn't do anything. I was only in Seattle because it was to try to get the psych eval.

When I was in D.C., when Alvaro abandoned me for a short time, I was introduced to some Asian man who called himself "fish". I had people trying to pass me from one gangster to the next, with jail somewhere inbetween.

After I had the psych eval and was tortured and poisoned and lost my voice, someone who was important lost interest in helping me and my son I think. I think they were discouraged from helping us. My son was meantime being assaulted and hair perm solution poured down his throat. He was getting rides from visitation monitors that lied to his own face and did harm to him and didn't want people to know. They were a part of the intimidation of my family. They have been blackmailing my family, telling them to do this and that or my son will be taken away and worse will happen to him. My son has been trafficked.

The psych eval wasn't normal. And then the State wanted an I.Q. test which has nothing to do with parenting when they knew I wasn't retarded. I downplayed some of my answers and told Chris Rozollo I was going to go for a medium range score. And I did and I got 1 point away from the score I said I was going to get. But it wasn't good, because then someone lost something, or I lost something. I don't know if someone was going to help if I had a high score or what, but I realized, when Rozollo seemed happy and satisfied that I got the medium range score, I thought, "Who does he want me to look stupid for? and who is he really working with?" He was not a friend and I knew this as soon as I saw that he had too much of an interest in who I talked to on facebook or if I had facebook, and he was disappointed when I didn't end up in jail for FTA bc a friend posted bail. Then he was happy I got a lower score on the I.Q. and that's when I thought, "He is working against me for someone else."

I then went to this other hotel where they said I could stay there a couple of nights free, after they found out about my situation. Then all of a sudden, my parents told me that hotel had billed them and billed them with a number or dollar amount that wasn't even right. But it reflected things going on in D.C or people I knew.

From the hotel I tried to go to 1 of the 2 women's shelters. I was harrassed and on the 1st day I thought, "The director knows Mykal Holt" and I found out it was true and this is why I was harrassed. The man who backed out of doing my psych eval in Wenatchee, also knew Mykal Holt because they also went to a Messianic Jewish church.

After I was kicked out, I was in a hotel again until my parents couldn't afford to help anymore and I had all these people pressuring me to call my fiance and get back together with him.

I slept in an alley instead.

I went from being told I was going to take ettiquette lessons, and riding lessons, and having other things done, and having some idea that there could be something decent that might come out of it, and having an idea that someone involved with the royal family might be looking in, involved or not, to sleeping outside in an alley.

I went from having no torture done to me, to having someone pour perm solution down my son's throat, sexually assault him, physically assault him, and torturing of me. I was falsely arrested, deprived of visitation with my son, forced to have every aspect of my life and privacy invaded including having an MRI of my head, personality and psych testing, and an I.Q. test and then I was harassed by people who knew Mykal Holt and some others.

I slept outside, like a street person.

I didn't sleep in a sleeping bag, with bodyguards around me, and friendly streetsweepers.

One night I slept outside in an alley, inbetween 2 industrial buildings, on the dirt behind a tree, with a police officer laughing and driving back and forth.

Another couple of nights I slept under a shrub by a trailer park. With police around again. Another time I slept, more than once, under a restaurant deck outside. I also slept in a storage room at the bottom of a hotel where hispanic and white maintenance men (from The Coast) kept using some device to torture me when I was there but I had no other place to go.

I looked for work every single day and had had a job in Seattle and lost it because of corrupt people.

At any time, I could have picked up the phone and tried to get back together with my fiance. But I didn't because unlike the people who have assaulted me and tortured me and my son out of hatred and jealousy, I am not a coward.

I am not a coward and I will not be forced to do anything I am unsure of doing. I chose my independence and ended up being tortured and having my son further tortured and isolated from me. With Israel and American-Jewish and Catholics behind it and Protestants thinking it was funny and doing nothing but believe lies and defamation.

At this time I applied for Section 8 and was told I couldn't have it after I split with my ex. So I asked for help with another program to get an apartment and Wenatchee stalled on getting me into a place and then finally I signed something to rent from Steve May.

I had a bad feeling when I was signing it. It was a very strong bad feeling and I knew I shouldn't sign it but I had checked everything else out and no one would rent to me. It was like someone told everyone to shun me except for Steve May so I could be trapped there and tortured again.

All they did was torture me and report on me. Oh, before this I was with the military guys in house and then the Mykal Holt acquiantance and Ryan, the marine guy next door. They all stole from me and/or invaded my privacy to report on me.

After I had slept outside and never called my fiance to beg or whine for help, I called him a couple of times, from Ryan and the other guys place, out of desperation for my son.

I moved in with Steve May and forces of Hell won. And then the fiance who was going to betray me to federal prison for Mossad or some Jewish-American and Catholic interest (even if muslims were involved). It was Spring and all of the Canadians who had pretended to be nice to my face showed their true colors. The ones who took me out or had an interest. The British people stopped coming around to talk to me and the international interest died down. It was then a huge group of Catholics and Jewish that were mocking me. And trying to humiliate me, provoke me, disgrace me, and find anything they could to embarrass someone else with to convince that person to have nothing to do with me.

I called my fiance one time, with my hair falling out in huge handfuls, dark circles under my eyes, and my voice gone, with my legs blown up and swollen from effects of torture there, and having been so beat down I did things I normally would hold in reserve, like photographing myself or reacting in certain ways--all things I did in distress and being medicated. He said, "It's too late" and I had no idea what he was talking about. And then right about the time the jewish group was feeling jubilant at having won their battle, and coming into town in droves, my fiance said to me, "I don't know. Maybe you are crazy."

He knew I wasn't crazy and never said I was but just like I thought, when it came down to it, he was a Judas and a coward.

I had wondered what the Jews had against me. Because I had tried going to a synogogue for help at some point, before I even went to D.C., and they shut me out. I believe it had to do with Rabbi and Lorraine Rose and my tax reporting matter and then the Jewish guy who raped me about 6 months later.

I was left with Steve May whose girlfriend was jewish I believe. He had to have done favors for the UK interests.

Then I was told Wenatchee was refusing to honor the program for getting into a place. They blocked me and lied to keep me from getting a place of my own again and the director was Catholic but there were some protestants involved too. I was forced to go to a hotel again.

I finally called the IRS to get help on my unemployment claim because I had no money, and the IRS personnel was totally corrupt. These people were forcing me out of everything so I had nothing of my own, through my own independence. And then the U.S. was using people to experiment with me. The IRS refused to even look into where my W-2 was even though they gave me confirmation numbers and promised they were helping. They weren't.

I had the hotel room for 1 week and then I was told I could stay with this woman who had military boyfriends and their whole house did psychic stuff and wiccan practice.

At Steve Mays house, I was drugged more than once. I once woke up, was coming out of something that had been given to me and saw my housemate starting to stand up and leave and then it got fuzzy again and I fell asleep and was groggy the next day. I remember what the sweatshirt looked like. It was him or one of Steve May's sons or a friend. It was a white sweatshirt with a red and black graffiti kind of print on it and a hood. I was never with anyone intimately after my fiance and then Chris Rozollo. There was no one after that unless I was drugged but if so, I only noticed something once at the May's house and then once at the Boy Scout guys place. Steve Mays has connections with the Wenatchee police and the police told me yeah they were friends.

I was forced to stay with a woman who had 2 boyfriends at Fort Lewis and some Jewish man across the street (young man) and then an older Jewish woman on the other side of the street. They had a Russian babysitter. About this time, I went to the Russian Baptist church and was burned there. I know there are some good people there and I can't think about it bc I don't want to reveal who.

I was told I had to go. I had also tried to stay at this other women's shelter and a Jewish and Catholic woman there were torturing me and they had me there with 3 other women who were in gangs of some kind and they lied about me to force me out. There was no other shelter to go to.

I have been at the shelter in Nashville for 5 months and not once has someone been able to say the kind of things that were said about me in Wenatchee, because there are too many people as witnesses.

I was then forced to live at the house with all the cats. With "Tony" who used to be with the Army. He went to the Salvation Army church but he was so interested in mocking me over Kate Middleton stuff, and degrading I wondered what was going on. His housemate was Catholic, he was either from Jewish or Catholic background and then upstairs a couple who were wiccan and into psychic stuff. It was a dump but I had no place to go as I was forced out of all work and trying to see my son.

I knew this lawyer I'd had, who worked at the Catholic firm, was corrupt. He said he was atheist but he wasn't. He was Jewish. Justin Titus. All the rest of the partners there were Catholic, mainly Irish Catholic and they blocked me from even getting my medical records. And he purposefully blocked me, along with his firm, from putting documents that proved I was getting slammed, into the record. I had this lawyer while living with Tony and Steve Mays and the woman with military boyfriends.

Every single thing I owned was stolen at Mays' house.

I had this very odd feeling that Justin Titus and that firm gave my full file and records to someone else or allowed some other group to see it, to either impress them badly about me or get paid for ruining my chances.

Then, it was not a ton of torture at Tony's house but they did do some things, oh, and that was after having to stay with Theo Keyes, who used some kind of military device to torture me all the time and focused all his attention on trying to read me and harassed me and gave all details about me to Michelle Erickson for the State of WA. He and his father are Army connected and they used me.

At Tony's house, he once had a box of yellow blocks all together and then some kind of symbol on it and I accidentally kicked it over and all the blocks fell out and then the next day or that day, the main news was of a yellow bus colliding with a train in Ukraine. A lot of people died.

It wasn't funny. It was totally creepy and something was really wrong with it. I was so scared I said nothing. And then I was being tortured every single day. No matter where I went in Wenatchee.

I saw this news and right after that, people must have known William was about to propose or might be ready to. I had no idea. But I got out of the area and there was zero torture for a few days until some of these people caught up with me to try to prove me wrong. So I got out bc I was trying to get out anyway, to get some statements maybe or other help. I went to Walla Walla and had no torture happening but this Jewish woman prevented me from getting out of town and then another Jewish guy stopped me in a cafe and it was like mossad was acting out this whole game and trying to make predictions to report back to the Queen with. I looked at the monarchy page and everything I'd done in Spokane and Walla Walla was being tracked and sort of made fun of or replicated.

I was given some kind of drug or medication there. I was in Spokane when I just finally freaked out, about being followed everywhere and that's when I said something about Ukraine.

Maybe some people in the Ukraine were against me, I'm sure. But I had these mind games being played and weird things happening. I'd had to stay with Witchcraft Theo and then was told if I wanted counseling it had to be through this Nazarene woman who went to his church. I kept trying to get counseling to document things and they literally blocked me. I was blocked from getting counseling and documenting anything at any of the places there. Just like I'm being blocked from counseling here.

When Rozollo left, a few times in a hotel I had things happen, was tortured. I was given a sub sandwich with different meats and then this man from New York who was Jewish was staying there and when I went over to say hello, this man who had been staying in the room under me, came out wearing a long sleeved black shirt like the one Chris Dabney wore to work all the time and sneered at me, "Is it a little cooler out here than it was in your room?" He knew I had been assaulted while in that room and made this comment, sneering at me, because he knew and wanted to rub it in my face. This was the summer of 2009 after I split with Alvaro.

When I was being thrown in jail on false charges, I was stripped and, increasingly, jail and psych wards were being used as tools for humiliating me and punishing me. I mean, that's the only reason I have ever been charged with anything, has been out of retaliation.

I have always been put in solitary confinement and sometimes in freezing cold conditions. The first time this happened, when I was pregnant, they didn't strip me but after I was with Alvaro, they started going all out. They pulled out my shirt and looked down at my chest and then made remarks to a male guard standing nearby. Then they forced me to go without a bra into a public hearing.

They did the same thing at the psych ward. It was punitive and retaliation. These people have been using the law and officials against me, to silence me, and to try to break me.

Because having nothing evidentally is not enough.

They want me to have nothing, and mock me, and feel better about themselves, and then hope they can break me down.

These fuckers have never broken me.

I may have done a few things while medicated that I would not normally do, or reacted after being provoked, and they took my singing voice and my looks, and a lot more, my son's potential, and his mother, but they have never fucking broken me.

If they had gone through what they have done to me, they would have cracked after a month. I didn't even break down enough to want my fiance and protection back.


They didn't and haven't broken my will or my spirit and good luck with that. Because if it hasn't happened already, it's never happening fuckers. What is happening, is that you and your families are going to be a historical disgrace to all future generations, as bullies and cowards who tortured a child and his mother.

Here in TN, a guy moved over to the bank I go to. His name is Matthew Sexton and I don't know what his affiliation is but it seems that he's the one who is around when I've been burned with the military crap at the bank. I think he's nice but someone there is a problem. He put a stick ruler and a squeezable coach carriage into my son's first present. I thought it was such a nice touch. I don't know what my aunt thought because she was trying not to cry when he was opening the present and I was on the phone with her. I was hoping there wasn't a gangster around to try to take his present from him.

I have written down some names. Some of the people I've documented.

But some of this weirdness is why I am reticent to say I think the marriage is a great idea. There has to be something very evil and corrupt in the middle of this that is under the surface and backing it. Why else would people do all these things to me and my son? It is unheard of. Of course it's not all about that, but some of it really is or there wouldn't be such a joint effort or international interest.

Completely unheard of.

It is so unbelievable that, yeah, I even have a hard time believing it.

I looked up a middle eastern country, Ba'rain, just now and I already know, I shouldn't swear bc it detracts for a lot of religious people from what I'm saying. I am sorry if it offends anyone. I need to try to quit swearing in my writing again. It is very hard to quit when I am so upset about things that have happened.

I have more to write about later.

I just looked at something quickly and realized I called Michael Middleton "Gary" in one of my posts, when referring to "Gary's Underworld". Well, Gary-Larry-Michael, whatever. I need to put this in a different post because this has nothing to do with what has happened to me and my son and those who were involved, at least, it's not all of it. I guess I will look more closely at the photos of william as a baby since I didn't see them very well when the big ben piece went by yesterday. I found the exact clip that I saw but they ommited the shot of Big Ben which they commented on first. And then it went to this clip with these reporters. I must be an idiot because I see no polka dots on the dress today (I told you I've been medicated, ahem). Anyway, maybe it was that I saw it in a quick glance because I was having lunch or something. It was through CBS News--Titled, "New Photos of Prince William as a Baby". I only saw the one clip...just the first thing but not the second one and I don't care to see the second one. I am glad I looked again. I know I thought, when I first saw it, "What is with the reporter looking like my mom?" (sort of). I wonder if Diana has a different red polka dot dress. Because why in the world...I looked up "red polka dot dress" and first found "Diana in dress for James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only" and thought just "Yep. Princess Spy." Then I found I think the one. #9 out of 10 and she has her hands folded in a prayer near her face and it's from 1988. It has a white bow just like the other dress does but I don't recall ever seeing this photo. Cartier Polo Match, July 1988. I found it on for "petite fashion"(a pictorial of polka dot clothing by Paula Darnell) is what came up but it went straight to photo #9. I feel too freaked out to look at the other photos, the other ones of Diana in dresses, if my eyes are playing tricks. But then I looked again, and saw Williams shirt as a baby has polka dots. How in the world did my eyes, from the distance I was at, transfer his polka dots to his mom's dress? I have no idea. I am putting this on a different post.

It won't let me. I tried but I can't cut and paste. I just reheard something here about speckles on the armor too and then I thought, "How weird" because I was at work last night and noticed all of a sudden that I had these little black speckles all over one of my hands and thought how did that happen? and it must have been from putting my hand in my pocket maybe. But it hadn't happened before. And then I picked out a coffee cup out of all of them, that had speckles all over it which I had to rub off and then just got a different one.

Someone tried to torture me again, after a nice break, at about 3:05 but then it quit again. I am having to stop here for now.

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