Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Dream Last Night! Babies

I had a really interesting and intricate dream last night and I remembered most of it. First of all, yesterday I had someone using technology to torture me for a couple of hours, but almost nothing detracted from this sense of good energy I felt all day (even if I wrote some activist things, my heart felt so thankful to God). It was one of those days where unexpected small blessings came through even though I wasn't fasting, and just trying to be thankful to God. And then, not expecting anything, seeing small blessings. I feel the same today and my mom is at a conference called "Warrior Bride" and is about "putting on the whole armor of God" (for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities...) and I'm sure other things came into play yesterday as well.

Last night I had this dream right before I woke up that I was next to a river and I saw a red fin in the river. I thought, "What is that?" and wondered if there were sharks in the river or if it was a fish and then as I stepped closer to look, the fin or fish disappeared and I had been led to a bird. I looked closer and nestled against the bank was this baby bird that had the softest downy feathers. I looked at it more closely, crouching down (didn't see myself do this but I must have to get the view I then had) and it was the whitest and purest feathers but had been tinged on some ends with a purple and green and glittery brilliant color. I didn't know what it was...swan? goose? and then thought, some kind of chick and I reached out to pick it up as it ruffled its feathers and stretched out its neck. As I put both of my hands over it and picked it up, I felt how soft it was and it didn't struggle at all but was happy I had picked it up. I thought, "I wonder if it has a mother? because maybe she won't accept it if I touch it but I thought it was okay to pick it up because I couldn't see any mother bird and then the baby bird turned into a baby. After I picked up the baby bird and had it in my hands, it transformed into this blond haired baby boy. And it wasn't brand-newborn but a little older than that and I thought, "Oh! someone left a baby for me!" so then someone was calling me and as I carried the baby, I noticed his diaper was very wet and I took some cloths to put under to soak up until I got to change his diaper and then I looked again and found a diaper bag that was turquoise there so I grabbed it. I figured someone had left it behind with diapers and things for the baby. So then I was walking up the bank of the river with the baby boy and I started talking to him and he started talking baby talk but all of a sudden it sounded like he was speaking Russian. I thought, "Is that baby talk or Russian?" or some kind of slavic language but I wasn't sure in the dream if I had misunderstood. I thought maybe I had misunderstood baby speak. It wasn't a super important part of the dream though, I'm sure. So then I took the baby to this house and as then all of a sudden I had a baby, a newborn in my left arm and he was walking behind me. He called out for me and was unhappy until I picked him up and was carrying both him, now a toddler, in my right arm and the baby (newborn) infant in my left arm. Then they were both happy. At this point in the dream, I could see myself from the back, like I saw my own back as I carried one infant in one arm to the left and the other toddler on my right. I didn't see whether the infant was a boy or girl or anything about it. I got to this house and I was thinking I have these children now and made them comfortable and happy and then I had put the toddler who was now a baby as I had found him again, down and was thinking, "How can I do the things I need to do with kids? It's going to be exhausting and I don't know if this is what I'm supposed to do" and I was confused about whether I was supposed to have children or not and if not, have more independence rather than sacrifice. Then the boy reached out his hand to my face and touched me and started cooing and jabbering and talking to me and my heart warmed to keep the child and I knew it was worth it for me. SO then I left him with someone and was going to work, in a dress suit. But I didn't know where I was going, just to my work whatever it was. And then I realized I had left my baby behind and wanted to check on him so I went back to the house. Another woman was in the room in the shadows and moved out of the way, but she was watching me wondering what I would do with the child, accept and take him or not. So I saw he had been laid down to nap on a soft bed and I went to him and he woke up and when he did, I knew I couldn't leave him there, so I took him with me to work. I picked him up and had him in my arms, in my dress suit and went back out the door to my work, and then I woke up. It was a cool dream because it was sort of like a fairytale and so intricate and colorful. And nothing was bad about it.

I am sure it was just a random dream and I would have no idea if it means anything, but it was a nice dream to have.

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