Friday, April 8, 2011

Budget Proposals

Is any part of this budget business addressing CPS? Because if it is, how can anyone propose a budget that is going to cut costs over several years, if some of these programs will not be existing for all those several years. I wonder how much we would save if we cut out CPS. I seriously wonder what kind of fricking money the federal government gives to the States so they launder money through fraudulent cases like mine. Oh goody. I found a structure diagram for adoption incentives alongside CPS monies. This is going to bust. Why? Because instead of my hearing about how supposedly States get incentives or money to adopt kids out, and instead of wondering what some of the corrupt motives are, and instead of just knowing about the fraud of my own case...I can now start looking at the money trail and expose these people with facts that I will lay out very clearly for the public. I looked at the CAPTA and then saw all these other little branches on the money tree that CPS workers pick off of. And we are going to nail these people for fraud and money laundering. And for the exploitation and profiteering from trafficking of children. It is time for CPS workers to start looking for a new line of work. Maybe they could go into regular business, where some corporations launder money all the time, but at least not by using kids for their profits. Or maybe CPS workers could go into teaching or some other educational role, because they should not be allowed to use kids and the misery of kids of other families, to pay for THEIR home mortgages. Also, this legislation stuff is clear about guidelines that States have to follow in order to get the federal money and these States are using corrupt dealers to get their hands on more kids and more money. The majority of this grant money is still coming from The Social Security department. Now I am only at the start of this investigation, but I think I am starting to figure out why someone else was indicating CPS should be prosecuted under RICO statutes. This is the "check" from D.C. that is given to CPS. If for any reason there is fraud associated with use of this money, CPS and States can be prosecuted under RICO for money laundering (taking money from one State to another--i.e., federal to states, through check, wire, whatever) and fraud. And that might not include just the horrific kidnapping of my own son (which wasn't even a legal kidnapping but outright illegal on the face), but would include the use of monies in a way that has affected a lot of families. RICO. I got the first hint of what I am later going to discover through The U.S. Department of Health and Social Services, I think the Senator Schaeffer talked about money that States were getting and using to traffick children and when you just hear about it but don't see the budget or grant facts, it's hard to understand. However, I think there is something there. I think there is something lurking and if she didn't get around to exposing it, I will. I guess the FBI doesn't like to prosecute the people they work with. How sad. At the expense of children and everything. Hopefully there is someone who works for the FBI as a prosecutor that goes after this and who protects themselves like Colleen Rowley, with anything they need to, for whistleblower protection. I am looking up youtube speeches by Schaeffer and seeing other posts from lawyers and a few others who are describing true criminal rings with CPS. Just because these people wear government badges doesn't mean they're not criminals or can't also be criminals. And just because it's a government sponsored program, doesn't mean they can't launder money like any other business, for-profit or non-profit. It doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, a cleaners, an investment firm, or CPS. Money laundering and fraud, is money laundering and fraud. Being a state or government worker does NOT make you exempt. Hmm, it looks like there is a retired FBI agent or official who is speaking out against CPS child trafficking too. Yeah, this is going to bust. I'm finding youtube clips about CPS stalkings (I witnessed this), forced adoptions, and now even some lawyers and retired FBI who have made youtube clips about CPS. I am sure that Grandpa FBI is not personally motivated to stir up trouble without cause. And there are plenty of people in the Young FBI that know exactly what's going on and they keep their bribed officials in a position to block anyone decent from investigating and pressing charges. I don't think they have much time left though. Hmm. It was Netherlands. Maybe not Denmark, but the Netherlands. I forgot that but just read about it. So I'm sure the Netherlands might have something positive to add. Very odd that her death was so soon after this international conference to expose CPS. Oh my gosh. In 2008 there was a secret settlement to settle a Fraud case where Juvenile court lawyers and Judges were found to be withholding evidence and lying to get money.

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