Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goring By Bull

Yesterday was one of the strangest days I've ever had. I felt so many people praying for me, and then there were people trying not to cry when they saw me, and others mocking me and breathing a sigh of relief. I felt good energy until the evening, about the time I called my uncle and asked about my son and there was just this heaviness.

It didn't leave for hours until I spoke with my mother and explained how odd the day had been and what things had been revealed to me.

I know now why my son and I have been tortured. At least, I know most of the motive and who is behind most of it.

I also know that this odd idea I had, at the last moment, of someone backing the Middletons, or of Middletons being "in bed with the Catholic church" is true.

I also had a positive confirmation, through the Holy Spirit and a bunch of witnesses, that people backing the Middleton marriage have been corrupt and criminal, and they have even gone so far as to murder people. I don't know who has been murdered but I had the strongest confirmation on this that I have ever had. Whether this is Jewish or Catholic groups or one in particular, I'm not sure, but it was to support this alliance and grafting into the royal family.

It happened sometime around 2 p.m.

I was fired from work yesterday.

I told my Granny that the strangest thing was that I knew on the day that I took the job, that it was to distract me and keep me in control of some group and then to fire me right before the wedding or on the day of. I knew this on Day One. But I waited it out, through all the torture, to see if it was true and it was. It is the first time in my life that I knew what the future of the job was and the motive for hiring me, before I even worked one day.

After I was fired, around 1, I went to the bus station and every time I had this idea that people backing Middleton were corrupt murderers, I felt this super strong positive energy filling me. I had first said it or prayed about it the day before, on Thursday, and wrote about it on Thursday-Friday while at the Embassy Hotel all night. As soon as I wrote it, I felt the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. That was the first time I felt a physical spirit confirmation.

Usually, for that kind of subject, I might feel bad. Or, if it is wrong, I would sense something wrong in my spirit about it, for example, if I say something out of a wrong motive that isn't pleasing to God at all, I will feel a "check" in my spirit, and it will bother me or I'll feel guilty or wrong about saying something. Something will ring hollow. But that's not what happened, and so because it was so firmly in the opposite direction, I kept following this trail, to see if the confirmation was consistent.

It was consistent. I was then on a bus and I voiced this out loud to some people there. I don't know who was on that bus or if it was someone else somewhere agreeing in spirit, but I felt a surge of positive energy and even if I'm doped up, it's not meds.

I can still sense the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is not subject to drugs.

I said out loud, to people on the bus, "I think the backers of the Middleton marriage, there is something wrong with it, like criminals or murderers are involved."

As soon as I just wrote this here, just now, I felt it again. Even though I am only explaining what happened yesterday. But yesterday when I said it, it was a sudden flood of positive energy that washed over me. It was so strong I wondered if someone on the bus was someone who was part of those looking out for me, or just a Godly person, or just someone who "knew" something and had knowledge of things. But when some people got off the bus, the spirit was still there, so I thought, this is a confirmation of what I am saying, my spirit and the Holy Spirit are confirming this to me.

It happened too many times to not be true.

I was suprised by it too, like I wasn't looking for this at all and it kept happening so I think it's right.

I also think I felt very happy all morning because someone I love was happy during the time I felt this. I had the best calm and peaceful feeling, and a powerful and happy feeling all morning and then when I was saying things about murderers behind Middleton backers and then it was evening that I sensed a depression from somewhere and a heaviness and I couldn't shake it. I didn't know if someone was sad at that time, or what. But I felt it and then it let up before I fell asleep by 10 p.m.

There was something that happened yesterday that made me strongly question, again, who was involved in wanting to harm me and my son or get at us.

I don't think Kate or William themselves had something to do with this one thing in particular.

But I had read only a couple of blips about the wedding and I saw the Middletons were going to stay at The Goring Hotel. I wondered why and something told me someone wanted them to stay there for a symbolic reason. I had no clue what it was about or whose idea it was. All I knew was that it was symbolic. And then I found out what it was about.

After they checked into the Goring Hotel, I had a couple of women at the shelter and someone at work even, holding up red cloths in front of me. One woman, literally waving it in front of me. Like I was a bull. I mean, I'm sorry, but it stands out when someone is holding a huge bright red cloth in front of you and waving it like a matador.

Then what happened next was totally witchcraft and confirmation of evil. Maybe God takes this and turns it around for good though, just as it is said, "They prayed to Balaam (Molech) to curse us but God returned the curse onto their own heads."

On the day of the wedding I went from the Hotel to the gym to shower. I didn't see anything except I heard a super short section of vows. It was a few words and that was it and then I was in the shower and the hot water wasn't turning on in the shower I usually use. It was just running cold water. SO I went to the other part of the showers and tried and it was fine so for some reason, just my section of showers was running cold. Then it changed and ran fine. I was thinking about how something was wrong with the marriage and how I had just written about murderers and it confirmed true in my spirit. I decided to go back and grab a towel and I just opened the door to put my hand around the corner because the towels are right there by the door and I grabbed one and the only thing I saw was the Queen, dressed in yellow, and bowing forward in front of the camera and I heard an "Amen" and that was it. The camera was on her and from an angle where she was captured to the right of the frame and sort of facing from the front and I don't know why she bent over but she did a little, or that is what I saw in a quick flash.

And I went to the bathroom and showered and still felt the positive energy. I didn't cry at all and I think it's because God had all these people praying and it broke through the cloud of deceipt that's been blinding me.

I had cut my legs while shaving, just by accident and then I noticed in the changing room that it left 2 large spots on one of my towels, across from eachother, one spot on one side and another spot on the other side. I didn't think I had bled onto the towel at all. I thought about the scene of Mary Magdalene or the Mother of Jesus in the video clip, picking up the cloth or garment that Jesus was crucified in. I made no connection to anything else until later.

Then I realized, later, when I put the towel into the bin, being the first at the gym to put anything into the bin, that someone had taken it out and shared the information with someone because then all these people were making references about being gored and how I was finished and it was all over. It seemed so strange to me that more and more I was figuring it out. I gathered, these people tried to reenact some symbolic idea of me being gored. And they probaby had some psychic figuring out a way to change a meaning of something to fit their own ideas to plan ahead. I thought about this, and thought how it is only bulls that gore. I had told some people how one of my great-grandmothers was gored by a bull in a field. My Granny told me about this, and how she walked stooped over the rest of her life. And then it hit me too, what was the major symbol that I told the monks at the Abbey about? A vision I had, or something they did, that involved a bull?

My own son is symbolized by the Bull symbol.

Before I ever had my son, at the Abbey in Mt. Angel, I wrote about and talked to a priest, Fr. Joachim, about a large painting they had above the stairs, of a bull. The painting was of this ferocious bull and I stood at the top of the stairs and Fr. Joachim had made some passing comment when I said something about it. Then later, it wasn't there and he looked at me strangely and said, "There has never been a painting of a bull there."

It became this major thing.

I knew I had seen a painting of a bull because I conversed with him about it. So then it was removed and they were saying it was never there. I then had email exchanges which went bad, and learned what a "Papal Bull" was. I discovered the papal bulls of mary doctrine and "infallibility" and I challenged these things, not by meaning to but by asking questions.

I realized then and there that The Catholic Church was in bed with The Middletons. They stayed at The Goring Hotel as a triumphant finale to persecution of me and my son by the Catholic church and some Jews who sided with them for whatever reason. And they had someone publicly discuss my towel with the blood on it, as a symbol of their triumph. They tortured people, not just me and my son, but others are well, and they killed people. There is a reason that I kept running into enemies, on plane flights and everywhere I went, who wanted to order Bloody Mary's. The only group that would get a triumphant kick out of harming me and my son and then making something of it with a joke over me being gored by a bull, would be this group.

I was so shocked, but at the same time it was even more confirmation of the Holy Spirit telling me that criminals and murderers had backed the middleton marriage.

Then, I had realized this, and then the next and last thing I saw was this photo of William and Kate in a car, and someone had tied the ribbon on it into a V in the front and I realized, someone meant for this to symbolize Bull horns and on either side was a red rose and then at the bottom was the white rose. The front of the car had red roses in the spots where I bled red spots on a white towel.

The idea was that I was gored by a bull.

Who do you think the Bull is?

And is it possible that someone was afraid that my son could have been the powerful symbol of a Bull that I saw on the monastery wall before he was ever born.

These people have not only killed and tortured people, in concert with other groups, they did this to a little boy and to me. And they killed people that were trying to help me and my son and killed others who weren't even trying to help us but figured out there was something wrong with the backing party. Someone was getting close in an investigation and they were taken care of.

Then I have to sit here and listen to David Letterman laughing with some guy wearing black talking about this helps Cleveland, Ohio to forget Iran and who the winner of the Golden Globe is, and on and on. These people spent billions on harassing and torturing me and my son, jailing me on false arrest,and they had hoped to do even worse.

Not only that, it is possible, though I haven't asked or had any kind of a spiritual confirmation about it, but it's possible that those responsible for killing Diana were also backing Middleton because it was the safest way to blend the enemy with those who might discover them. It may be that William married the Enemy and he didn't even know it, even when others tried to warn him. With this wife by his side and those who influence her, she could effectively bring whomever she wants in to cloud over who was involved. If William started having doubts or wondered about someone, he has Delilah there to stroke his back and cut his hair.

But what man has meant for evil, God can turn around for good.

May the curse of Balaam ("one that ruined a people") be returned to the heads of those who torture, kill, and confuse.

In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, God the Father, and The Holy Spirit of all,


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