Sunday, May 1, 2011

As The Stork Flies...? Thanks God for Total Irrelevance

Weirdness abounds.

I waited to go into the gym and was in line and grabbed a scripture from the Y basket and it was this tightly rolled up turquoise one. I didn't have my card so the guy said he'd type my name in but go to the back of line so I did and was standing next to man in turquoise shirt with my turquoise verse.

I opened it up and it was the one about love the lord your god with all your heart and teach it to your children and write it on the walls...that one.

So I'm thinking, yeah, I'll get my Muther Hubburd back to the tannery. Children.

Then I was in the bathroom and prayed a short prayer for something about everything for situation and application and it was about how 10 people will take hold of the godly men and say we want to follow you because God is with you.

Then I asked, God, do you have anything for my life? and wondered after getting this verse about children. I opened up to a passage about the stork...sort of. Sort of but not really. It was about the woman and the basket and how one woman is pushed back down into a basket but then 2 women on either side, with wings, come and lift the basket up and they go to babylon and settle there and set the basket down where they settle. It sounded like the verse where people get the idea about the stork, you know, with the winged birds and the baby in a basket. What was strange was that this woman in front of me in the line was wearing a t-shirt that said: "2 Jets" on it. I had stood there wondering about it.

And then when I got the verse about the 2 winged women, I wondered even more because I had just asked God for something about my life. Why would God even to tell me anything like that, in that way, with people standing in front of me and then opening to scripture and everything? I don't totally "get" it. For me the impression I had was that maybe God is telling me I will have more children. But I don't know why I would get that, and the scripture about teaching my children when I don't even have them with me now (or my son I mean).

I prayed to God then, for wisdom in sorting out "signs" because some things come from God and some things are confusing and might not be from God, or maybe they have a totally different meaning than I think.

All I know is that I prayed and believed God would show me something and that's what I got.

I sort of wonder what others would think about it or how they would interpret it but I think, with those things, it's best to just wait and ask God because others can speak out of their own feelings or wishes and wants for how they think it should "sound". And probably it's best to feel or sense a confirmation within your own heart.

I just remembered something else too when I looked up the verse again. It talks about measuring the iniquity of the land and this morning I had been writing all of my notes for forensic toxicologists and testing on a page in my planner that was called: "Table of U.S. Weights and Measures". I looked at this at one point and wondered about it. Then an hour or more later, I saw the woman's shirt and then got the verse and it speaks about how it is a measuring basket and this is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.

I wonder if it's confirmation that I've been poisoned and medicated. I don't know fully. I guess I'll think about it more. I had a call from a nice man about testing for things and I'm going to put things together to have it done.

On my planner, on this page that had: linear measure, area measure, cubic measure, liquid measure, and weight measure, I had written notes for labs and testing, the name "Lucia Flecha de Lima, ___ something (can't read my own writing on one part) "was her best friend", Rosa Monkton, Michael Jackson. Then I had Lady Annabel Goldsmith below these names. I had the name "Daphne Barak" exclusives then an arrow pointing to the right and "Diana" and at the very top I had written, "Carrie said, "Cameo, you said your name" (phone w/recording) as a note I made when I tried to call Rivercom in Wenatchee and I had never called them with my new number that I just got. This woman addressed me as "Cameo" and then lied about it and said, "You said your name" when I asked how she knew my number when I hadn't given it out. I responded, "No, I didn't say my name". She was lying and trying to invalidate me to me! and I made a note of this on the page. Then I wrote "Diana @ christmas w/Lucia Flecha" and "Paulo Tarso" and then on the side "Irish man, woman @ front desk" when I noticed the military kind of torture. Then I had written a couple of song titles: "Hold On" "You Are Lord" "Blessing" (micah), Matt Redman, Beautiful News" and then the words "English accent, 2nd American accent." (the 1st one had an english accent and the second one had an american accent) in describing vm I got for a couple of numbers I called. I also had a plate number from TN at the top when I walked out and this man was driving by mocking me and it was 268 HTZ (sedan). I had written all these notes right over the top of the table of U.S. weights and measures and thought it looked sort of strange and why didn't I just use a blank piece of paper but I didn't want to take one from the printer at the hotel for some reason. I just looked up the meaning of the name Micah and it is "Who is like God?"

I think my first impression when I read the verse, following wondering about the verse about children, was maybe that it was a passing idea for a stork. That I was going to have more babies. But who knows.
I had one impression today I think but not sure if it was just imagination. A man doing backstroke (swimming) at around 2 p.m. or a little bit after 2.
I had another one but don't know right now what it was.

I am enjoying the worship music right now. I listened to Hillsong music (Majesty and other ones too) for part of the time and then it was "O Happy Day" by Tremaine Hawkins, Be Blessed by Yolanda Adams, God Blocked It (Live) by Kurt Carr Project (One Church).

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