Monday, May 2, 2011

Panetta: Mafia Boss Of The U.S. Puts Hit On Osama

Panetta is the biggest mafia boss in the world today and the U.S. has hired him to run the country.

His first order after taking Pentagon office, was to put a hit on Osama bin ladin, not on behalf of the American people, but on behalf of Vatican and Jewish interests.

Panetta put a hit on someone that was trying to save lives and destroyed only a fraction of the lives that Panetta is directly responsible for killing and torturing.

Panetta has tortured me and my son and made sure that the Jewish and Catholic interests had all of the resources they needed for harming us, intimidating my family, and promoting Middleton because the Middletons were who the Jews and Catholic IRA wanted in power.

After hearing this, I am writing about each and every incidence of torture that I and my son have endured and how it is done with the direct order of Panetta. Panetta did everything he could, to hurt me and my son, and promote the Middletons, and used his job as CIA director to harness the intelligence for making it happen. He is responsible for my son's cuts, acid burns, hypnosis, and injuries and his abduction. He is also responsible for the multiple times I've been drugged and medicated with sedatives and other concoctions that have left me completely disabled and made it impossible for me to fight back to defend myself at all--against lawsuits or anything.

Last night I realized and discovered several more things.

And the cloud of deceipt is gone. Why God allowed total criminals and enemies to cloud my thoughts by abuse and drugs, I don't understand. But at this point, God has removed the veil from my eyes and I see everything.

Panetta is not only afraid of me, he is afraid of my Dad and anyone who he imagines is helping us. He is afraid, not because we've been doing anything wrong, but because HE has been the head of people who have committed crimes against us and he doesn't want to be caught.

Panetta is a criminal. This is one of the most incredible and unbelievable things in American History--that we have a criminal Mobster at the head of the CIA and then moved to the Pentagon. What is even more incredible is that he is protected, and has been protected, for every single act of torture and crime that he arranges.

This is like Bugsy or Speigle, Hitler, or any other "mafia" boss, climbing through the ranks with protection from gansters and the Vatican and Jews, and making it to the top by infiltrating the U.S. government. It is like suddenly having Cosa Nostra not underneath the law, but the law underneath the feet of Cosa Nostra.

And he will make it look like he's doing things for America to stay where he is and escape scrutiny. But he is a mobster and never was anything more than a mobster. He is not worth anything on his own, but carries with him the seal of so many criminal enterprises and interests, he got to the top and then was able to move around under Obama who takes his advice from the VP, who is another Catholic.

Osama bin ladin was not "the enemy". As much as Panetta will want to say he was, he wasn't. He wasn't the biggest enemy to the American people in general and there is statement after statement by Osama that indicates he not believe in harming women and children or innocent Americans.

The Pentagon knew this. Those who are good in heart, and have more information than we will ever know about, knew that Osama was not a bad man. He had even worked with the U.S. and continued to work with and negotiate with some U.S. officials, even in hiding. He was not a bad person. Panetta wanted to order a hit and finish him off because the only people he was looking like an enemy to, was the Vatican and the Jews. There was a killing of some Catholics in Pakistan or a church most recently, by rebels, and the Jews have always wanted him dead.

It was Mossad and American-Jewish, and Catholic interest that backed Middleton. Panetta and the Vatican worked together with thugs and then the Pope even got his own tartan out of it. Prior to even the engagment, the royal family was being encouraged to smooth things over and increase relationship to the Vatican and Ireland IRA. The Queen visited for the first time in decades, articles were being written about how maybe the Royal Monarchy should lift the ban on marrying Catholics, and then the Pope was presented with his own tartan.

I prayed yesterday and I saw Osama bin ladin in a vision or image. I saw that he knew my name. I was going to write about my image that I had of him, and I didn't. I had it while writing in the morning yesterday. I saw him and I didn't sense anything evil about him.

He may be part of a group that has killed people, yes. But what his group has done is a fraction, and God knows how small that fraction is, compared to what mobsters like Panetta have done, in killing and torturing even their very own citizens and small children who are innocent. The reason the Pentagon didn't take him out was because they knew that Osama was not the big problem.

But Panetta moved right in and as a favor to the Vatican, Mossad, and other Jewish and Catholic interests, it was the first thing on his list--to kill someone who was not as much an "Enemy of the State" as "An Enemy of the Church/Temple".

And even then, he was not that bad, when you start looking at what he actually wrote and preached.

It is Panetta and Mossad that ordered CIA and military to get their best psychics on me for finding out what I was thinking or going to do, because they were afraid of me. They are afraid that my desire to tell the truth and the insights that God gives me, are a threat to their agenda of world order. If they think anyone is helping me that they might be able to get away with doing something about, that's who they have been going after.

We have the Vatican and Mossad as the heads of state in America now and they are telling all others and the public that this isn't true and that what is happening is in the general public's interest. At the same time, they have concealed some of the most horrific crimes against human life that have been committed since WW2.

Last night after writing and making some calls, and many many hours after I had the image of Osama bin ladin, and of him exactly and not some U.S. projection of him, I was thinking about him and walked into a market for the first time. I walked past all these tables and I was on one side and then something told me to go to the other side so I did. All of a sudden, I felt this incredible peace and good positive energy. The same kind of energy I had felt each and every time I wrote that someone was in bed with the Catholic church and that criminals and murderers had backed the Middleton marriage. And then I saw it was a bunch of children. At the end of the children, were some women in shawls and with their faces covered and I don't know if they were middle eastern or what but I believed the good energy was from being on the side where the children were.

Then as I walked by someone said something out loud about Robert. And I was thinking about Osama and these veiled women and the kids and someone must have heard and seen the same thing and freaked out, thinking that Osama had something to do with helping me, or might try, and put a hit on him.

They have people reading my mind about everything and if they figured out that I had an impression about Osama and then saw other things, they and Panetta very well could have jumped to a conclusion and decided that before anyone exposed them for their crimes against humanity and crimes against me and my son, they were going to take out the figurehead.

Osama was not against the royal family either. But I'm sure they were lied to and told he was one of their #1 enemies.

This is the kind of reason why Diana was killed. It is true that she was a concern because she was, in a sense, a "spy" gathering information about horrible things her own country was doing to innocent people. But it was also because people didn't want any Muslim interest or William or Harry to have anything to do with it. Those people who are interested in that angle, are Catholic and Jewish. Jewish are immediately interested. The Catholic are interested because even if they work with some Muslim groups, the more radical groups are opposed to them. The only Muslims that Catholics work with, are liberal ones who don't have even the conscience of King Kong, who will betray anyone, no matter who they are. And it doesn't matter if Diana had a Jewish lawyer. Having a Jewish lawyer is nothing like having a Muslim lover who may not be very Muslim, but could open up ties to more radical or conservative Muslim interests that Mossad and the U.S. and UK didn't want in the way. If Diana was speaking up about torture and maiming of children in Cambodia and other countries, to the detriment of her country's national security and arms interest, she would also be the type to speak up against invading a country for oil interest or in a pro-Israel approach with disregard for others. One step into the Muslim middle-eastern world for her, might mean 2 steps further for any children they had.

I am tortured in the U.S., along with my son, with Panetta and Mossad blessing. But if I went to some of these other countries, they would kill me outright. There are other groups and nations involved, but it comes down to who helps who with what and why they might go after someone as a favor.

I saw Panetta at the last speech Osama made (the President). I saw his body language and knew he had been coached to appear innocuous and to appeal to me so I wouldn't write about him or would have a more favorable impression. I saw him with his smile and bouncing up and down on his feet, and his hands and the posture, and how it was exactly like my Dad.

I wasn't fooled.

Panetta is a criminal.

Nice try Quantico. Might want to beef up your attempts at figuring out a profile.

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