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Response & About Osama Image: Catholic Crusade

I am basically set up to be a walking puppet.

I would have rather been Osama bin ladin's wife. I stopped at a music row place to get directions on where to go to get to the library. Someone just had one thing after the other set up and wanted me to think of the song "Breathe" by Melissa Etheridge.

It wasn't my Mom and Dad. So I knew the song was in my head for a reason but I figured it was more mind control crap that my son and I have been programmed and used for. And it's true. Someone wanted me to look up this song so they could say their prediction is true, when they have arrived at making accurate predictions by torturing me and my son, degrading me, and trapping me to be held hostage with these people as well.

If I went to another country, Panetta would put a hit on me there. Now that he moved over to the Pentagon, he would take care of me for good. I might be able to visit, but living in some other country would leave me open to being killed and then having it made to look like some other group did it when it would be Mossad or the CIA. If I stay here, I am trapped to be used still.

They are still using me. I thought it was going to be over with the Big Wedding, but it's not over. They have not left me alone or given up on tracking my every move.

They killed Osama bin ladin right after I saw him, it had to have been a few hours after I saw him and I thought then, "I would rather be bin ladin's wife than let my son be tortured further." One of how many and it didn't matter.

Then I find out this country let Panetta get in and take Mossad with him, and kill him. And I probably would have gotten some intel from him or found out who exactly is responsible because he probably knew.

Then, I go to the gym and said openly to everyone, "Panetta just put a hit on Osama bin ladin right after getting into the CIA. This is like having an Italian mobster boss in charge of the country." And then I loudly proclaimed how he has been responsible for more torture and murders than Osama's group ever has.

I heard the news on t.v. and some woman was being interviewed and she said, "God bless the CIA. God bless the United States of America. I'm so glad they got the man who is responsible for killing our 9/11 families."

Osama bin ladin was not the one who killed the families. It is amazing to turn and hear such proclamations when I somehow know, from reading a few things Osama had written, and thinking intuitively, he is not the one responsible. And then making him out to be this #1 enemy is so odd when you think about it. A few thousand people died in the twin towers, while hundreds of thousands have been dying because of the U.S. decision to attack.

Who were most of the people that died? If you look at the role call, of the dead, they are 70% Catholic and then many others are Jewish. It was banking and Wall Street groups, and those on the planes were coming from Boston or something--there were a lot of Irish Catholics.

These same people who have wanted revenge for 9/11 have gone after me and my own son. And they wanted someone like the Middleton's in power and killed for it. They didn't just do a little bit of killing, they did a lot of killing and more torture than even killing. They had more money than they even knew what to do with and bought people, high and low, to believe in them and what they wanted to do. And then to create a smokescreen for others who are really just innocent and following the crowd.

When the Protestants had the chair at The Pentagon, Osama was hunted and tracked, but I think they didn't kill him because they knew even if he did a few things, he was not the ultimate enemy. Then Panetta gets in there and just declares war on behalf of the Vatican, to avenge deaths of Catholics, even if the scale is so small compared to what has been done to the others.

They went after conservative Muslims. They weren't worried about the liberal ones because the IRA and the U.S. work with the liberal ones. They just didn't like the conservative Muslims who were going after churches or temples. I've seen how some of the mainstream Muslims are, and some of them will cut out a deal with the Vatican in 3 seconds flat. It's because they're already in the pocket of the Vatican because they do deals with the IRA on arms. The problem is, no one ever really knows what the true motive is for some group wanting to do or that.

When I see myself and my son maligned, tortured, and followed all over the place, and my family claiming there is something wrong with me because they "have to" and pressure to (even if they say they're not), I know there is evil at work. It is evil to force someone to do anything and it is also evil to punish someone for not doing what they wanted them to, out of sound conscience.

I know that people have known what is happening with me and my son and they haven't helped us. And to me, there is something very big and very wrong, if this is going on.

I saw Osama's face. I was praying, and before anyone ever killed him, God showed me his face. I prayed, "God please show me something" and closed my eyes and I saw his face from the shoulder's up. It didn't happen randomly. It wasn't out of the blue. It only happened when I prayed and asked God to show me something.

And then I wondered if Osama knew who I was or ever read things on a computer and I wondered why I had seen his face. No one projected it to me--God allowed me to see his face and he was alive.

I don't know what time it happened yet but I know that I sensed bad energy at the time because I didn't know what it was about but there was good positive energy and then it went down. I saw some women in chapel looking over at eachother and smirking about things I knew had to do with me but felt it was about the Middleton marriage (why, I can explain later). And I had just passed the Muslim women wearing veils and all these kids earlier, and I felt positive energy. In chapel I prayed and felt strong energy to the point of almost feeling faint. It was the Holy Spirit. It didn't have anything to do with what was being preached there. It was for some other reason. Then we had to join hands with someone across the row and I did and even though it was a reach, I was then holding hands with a black woman to my right, wearing black and brown, who I sensed powerful energy from, and a white woman to my left wearing red who had a son and she had her son, who was shorter than us, in the middle. We prayed and I felt strong energy and then we were leaving and I looked behind me and some women were crying. I didn't know why. I didn't like the women speaking. They spoke out of themselves and not for God and made some comment about an older child dying and kept looking at me to see if I did one thing or the other. I think they were fine, in general, but what I don't like, is stuff where people make more out of "signs" than they do about reality. God is not into our games. Sometimes, it is true that we get signs. But if all it ever is, or someone is depending on, is signs, then there isn't a relationship because signs can come from all kinds of sources. I did sense the presence of God there though.

So then I went down and got my curlers and was humming and singing a song and then I was sitting in bed, reading my Bible and curling my hair and a bad feeling came over me. I couldn't sit there anymore and I knew something was wrong and I tired to call people and I couldn't get ahold of anyone and sensed this depression and heaviness.

I am still trying to find out what time this was.

How interesting he was killed in Abbottabad. I wonder if he was trying to send the message that there is a Bad Abbot in the U.S. (as if I didn't know). Why would this tweeter write, "Serious Earthquake in Abbottabad"...makes it sound like he's making an inside joke about something. By "Really Virtual" (sohaib athar).

I can't tell exactly when this happened. The twitter says a helicopter was hovering around 1 a.m. and that this was 19 hours ago. If that's so, it happened at about 4 p.m. my time. in the afternoon and this was after the time that I saw his face when I was praying.

I saw his face, and he was alive, sometime when I was at the public library blogging yesterday or praying in a restroom. I think I saw him when I was blogging and I took a break and closed my eyes and saw his face. There was one point where the strong energy was so powerful that I closed my eyes to pray and when I did, I had things come up but I don't remember at this moment if it was when I was on my knees in prayer, in a bathroom, or if it was when I did this and prayed while I was on the computer and sat there to take a break and talk to God about things. I was getting something from a different language and I didn't know what that was about and I thought maybe someone was speaking and praying in tongues because I didn't know what language it was. And then I saw his face and I wasn't reading one single thing about Osama. I wasn't thinking about him, or reading anything political about him at all. It asked God to bring something to my mind that was important or just prayeing to see what God showed me and I saw Osama's face and then I thought about it later. I thought, "Why did I see his face?" "Does he know who I am?" "Does he read my blog and was he on the computer when I saw his face?", "Is something important happening about him?" And it was so unusual that I almost blogged about it.

I started wondering why I sensed such good energy and then saw his face. I'm not saying the good energy was about him necessarily, but I had this full feeling ever since I had been at the hotel and blogging about the Middleton marriage backed by killers. I wrote about Diana and the brazilian woman and just sensed this overwhelming good energy. That energy never left me. It was so strong and powerful. It felt like being in love it was that strong and it was the Holy Spirit. I then wondered if I might move to Pakistan because they loved Diana there, but then thought, no, I don't know and not everyone feels the same way and some might even support the middletons and not like me. When I saw Osama's face I felt peaceful and good energy, but I maybe just saw his face while the Holy Spirit was working with me. I saw him lean back. Osama did. I saw him move his head back like he was leaning away and his mouth was open when I saw his face so I knew he was either talking or suprised or shocked about something. The way he leaned back a little was like he was suprised about something or had made a sudden discovery.

All I know is that the feeling of the Holy Spirit was so strong that I felt someone loved me a lot or that the Holy Spirit was just resting on me for some reason. I kept feeling this everytime I wrote that criminals supported and backed the Middletons. And then it was there when I wrote about Diana. I am positive the marriage shouldn't have happened. But I wasn't positive about that until after it happened and I kept getting clarity. It is never God's will to be aligned to corruption and those who kill and torture to get what they want. I think the only reason I couldn't say anything before was because I was too drugged and medicated to think clearly. And I'm sure being tortured on top of it didn't help. Also, I didn't want to say anything and have it sound like I was trying to influence things out of my own self or motives so I said nothing.

I think I felt good energy in the evening yesterday because of my Dad's worship group and maybe I could feel the worship. I tried to send it back too, by praying.

But then it was in the evening around 8 or so that I started feeling this horrible feeling and I didn't know what it was. I was in the bathroom then and all of a sudden, someone started using something on me, like a technology device of some kind. The only woman in the restroom there was a woman whose last name was Klein. I only know this because someone asked who was there and asked for her and she said "It's Klein." But I don't know for sure, she was just who was in a stall across from the bathroom I was in . But someone could have walked by and been involved. I would guess it was intel of some kind though, because why else would they start torturing me unless they didn't like what I was saying and they were trying to punish me? I felt misearble and hadn't been able to get ahold of my son or aunt or anyone for a couple of days. I had talked to my mom but I hadn't been able to get ahold of my aunt or my son at all and I had reason to feel worried.

I feel the woman in Georgia who worked against human trafficking and CPS corruption knew about my son. I don't know why I have thought this, but I had this feeling when I first saw the videos of her, that she had some kind of knowledge about me and my son. I didn't know her at all and I didn't know who she was but I had this idea when I watched her videos and then read the news...something was very evil. She and her husband may have known something even important about my son and other kids possibly. But I had been originally going to Georgia. My destination hadn't been D.C. It wasn't my plan at all. I was originally going to Georgia. I ended up in D.C. by a twist of fate that I had not made any prior plan about. I feel it was God's doing that led me to D.C. maybe, because maybe I was supposed to meet someone there who would be later instrumental in helping me and my son. I don't see any evidence of this however.

However, I had wondered if the Georgia woman, in knowing about CPS matters, knew anything about my situation but maybe not.

I brought up Georgia on a total tangent, just because I have wondered about those who are being murdered and killed and tortured who have anything to do with my life or CPS or government and also international things and then I just reflected on the other things.
I personally don't think the U.S. should have killed Osama. I think the U.S. top people knew this and then Panetta moved in.

If this blogger or tweeter was making all these inside jokes and inuendos about what was to come, he's not just someone who is sitting up in the mountains minding his own business. It sounds to me, from his tweeting pattern and what he chose to write about, and when, was that he knew ahead of time that something was going to go down before it ever happened. It seems like this was staged well in advance and that this day in particular was selected.

It also seems to me that this was a Jewish-Catholic hey-day more than anything.

If Catholics or some others knew that there was going to be a change in leadership, they could have already pre-arranged what was going to happen and when.

I had contact, personally, with Pakistani people.

What better thing than to imagine it was the Pakistanis that tipped me off about Washington State being totally corrupt. And that I wouldn't get work there. And that my deliverance from severe Catholic and Jewish persecution could have been through a more radical group. These people have HATED me with a passion that goes beyond words. The Catholic and Jewish leadership in the justice system has proven, time and time again, that they loathe and despise me and will pay from the bottoms of their hearts to ruin me. They have jointly thrown me in jail on false charges. They have collaborated in assaulting and torturing me. They have made sure that once I was charged with something, that I was then assigned a public defender that they knew would work for them. They have lied about me and provoked me to outbursts that I never would have had if I had not been provoked endlessly and traumatized.

It may be that Al-Quaida knew, for some reason, who was torturing me and my son. And if this is true, what kind of worries did this present to Panetta who covers for every crime in the Catholic book, with his CIA and Pentagon and Biden authority? Obama was nominated by Catholics in the hispanic sector who were ovewhelmingly with Biden. Blacks and hispanics sometimes have issues with eachother, still today, but whereas Obama alone may not have won the presidency, he did with the help of Biden, because Biden was Catholic and rallied all the hispanic Catholics and Irish Catholics to vote for Obama. And then there were some Jews who helped support Obama very early in his life. Who cares if Obama went to a rockin' rollin' "God Curse America!" or shame-america Black Revival church. He moved over and did what others told him to do and I think Obama feels trapped.

Thank you God because I just felt the Holy Spirit again with that. That was an Amen. Obama feels trapped. He may even want to help but all of his advisors are the controllers. Obama feels trapped and he has been trapped.

He is trapped by those who claim to be on God's side and are on the side of the Devil. And Obama is going along with it because he either hasn't figured it out yet, or he feels trapped. And it is true that Catholics are running America right now.

Right now, it is Jewish and Catholics at the top.

And they know it.

Their triumph was in getting me out of the way because I would have shaken it up. They planned ahead for the entire play.

This was staged and developed long before it was laid out. Even William was acting. I saw only one small shot of William when I walked by to the bathroom. I felt good energy because I saw that and thought, "I don't believe it. He became an actor like he always wanted to be." But how can he think of one single thing without others knowing what he is thinking and reporting on him or trying to sabotage what might come to him. He has been tapped and triggered since he was a baby. I mean, people have been typing him, trying to read his mind and predict what he will do, from Day one. He has been personality typed, I.Q. typed, and has been programmed to do what others hope he will do. And he knows he is stuck in the sense that everything HE does or thinks is being read by someone. And someone always has a motive and an agenda and will take what he thinks or might want in his life, and they will arrange circumstances to adapt to these things or direct him to adapt to what they want. If anyone trained him how to guard his thoughts, I wonder when that was. What can he ever do that is private or not known?

If busybody psychics were not poking their noses into others' affairs, they would have never had my name pop up and been instructed to surround me. What happened. One day some psychic was sitting in her room and had a vision that freaked the hell out of everyone? And then what? they found her, me, the one whose name they heard or whose face they saw? And then they decided to send out the military, the international spies and psychics and voodoo and mossad and kabbalah people to find out who I was, what I did, who I knew, where I was from, and what my interest and politics were?

I never had to have a conversation. It was enough that I was in someone's thoughts and prayers.
And some horrible horrible people have done their best to ruin my life and the life of even my son.

I sense the good energy again after writing that.

And there is other stuff going on that is not good. Someone at this library keeps using technology or was using it or trading off with someone, but then it quit and I can still tell when the Holy Spirit is agreeing with me about something. So I know this is true.

Someone smiling. Slow creeping smile. Which I matched with my own smile when I sensed this. No one here that I'm noticing. It was someone reading what I'm blogging or who psychicly intuited it. It was just at about 12:51 or so.

I liked this song I heard come on so I looked to see what it was. It is called "Superstar (where you are)" by Lincoln Brewster from the album Live To Worship.

Someone quit using technology for about the last 10 minutes.

I need to finish writing about the kinds of torture I've been subjected to.

Someone wanted to have the wedding with Kate and William and then kill Osama right after. They planned it this way. It was laid out ahead of time. I wonder who would want to do that? And God showed me his face before he died.

These people who have done this wanted to torture me and my son, show some group how they the killers and torturers get away with everything and would marry Will and Kate together, have them know I was fired from a job where I was harassed on a constant basis, and then rub it in and make sure that, if they thought that anyone cared, in any way, in the middle east, that then they took out anyone who they thought might be upset.

They wanted to humiliate my family, and let anyone else know that my son and I would continue to be tortured with no help from anyone in the U.S. And they wanted to rub it in and have these people know that my son was miserable too.

Then, Mossad tells Kate and William not to travel and to stay put until Panetta can finish the job.

How do you like that for rundown on world affairs. Welcome to the sick world we live in.

The U.S. just tags along to keep getting intel goodies from Mossad and because the rest of the intel and justice system is run by Catholics that put Catholics first. And the UK does the exact same thing, at least with regard to Mossad and wanting to do what they want to do with world politics.

It's the poor people, the good Protestants, and some poorer Muslims who know what's going on that support me and that is why we have nothing, because the rich and powerful used force and violence to outnumber and murder those who were good. And the poorer Muslim groups could hardly do anything because they don't have an edge into the system in the U.S. like the Catholics and Jews do. I'm not saying all the Muslims like me, but the people who really cared were pushed out and made to suffer knowing what was happening to my son and I and having no way to tell me about it. Which would almost be enough to drive some to suicide, but not quite. The people who have cared about me and my son identify with me in some way so they have to be fighters. They have to have experienced for themselves what I talk about happening to me and my son, or have been survivors themselves in some way.

I will never like Panetta. Never. I know he is corrupt and one of the world's biggest criminals to-date. He couldn't wait to get into the Pentagon. He could NOT wait. He took everything he scraped together from having access to every file in the entire CIA files and the Vatican, and then had his buddy recommend him to the Pentagon where he could be The Ultimate Boss and Hit Man and exact his favors and dues on behalf of his own church and as favors for the other criminal contributors.

This man gained access to every form of intelligence that was possible, in the entire United States, from top military to top FBI, and then as top CIA and then moved over to grab the guns. Panetta organized crime against me and against my son, and anyone who tried to help us in ANY way.

Panetta is an Italian Mobster Who is Running This Country Into The Ground. And leaving a mountain of dirt and ashes as he digs himself and his comrads into a hole.

I know one man who was standing at that press conference who didn't look very happy was the man in the black tie standing to Obama's right. I don't know who he was.

I know it's Panetta because no one else has access to all of the intel except him and he also has access to the Vatican and Mossad and the Army. If he had ever wanted to step up and help me or my son, he would have. Instead, he protects Catholics first, Jews second, and everyone else is down on the totem pole. If he wanted to, he could have influenced the FBI to do forensics to prove I've been poisoned and medicated repeatedly. Instead, he wanted the reverse. He wanted them to keep calling me crazy. There have been plenty of Jews doing the same. They have been the ones trying to use their "Super Duper Impressive Psychic Skills" to try to prove that if I pick up the soda can as they predicted, they can be Machivellian and claim to know all kinds of other things that are not true. The Machivellian Prophets. And they have used military technology against me. It hasn't just been Jewish and others.

I saw a bunch of rats before the Russian spies were rounded up and I saw Osama's face before he died.

I wish I had blogged about seeing Osama but it probably wouldn't have made a difference. I almost blogged it as an impression and image that I had and I was so close but I was finishing writing about what I had discovered about some other things.

I also had an impression though it wasn't an image, of my mother being assaulted with someone pulling the back of her hair and it wouldn't be my Dad. That was on a different day. I wasn't sure about it because it might have been someone who just looked like my mom and wasn't an image as much as an impression. It was more of an impression.

I almost made a post to say I saw Osama's face and that he should find another place to hide and run because if I saw him it might be that the U.S. knew where he was and was about to do something. They already knew he was there and were plotting it but I saw him on the day before.

I sort of wonder if someone was already holding him captive in some way and then decided to make it look like a sudden kill. Or if he knew he was about to be killed and chose to go to that location where things would be said that would give information to someone else. If there were helicopters hovering above, he might have already known.


I am not proud of the U.S. for killing Osama.

I think those involved are fuckers.

There is a very, very, serious problem with entire thing. The U.S. has always known where he was. They also knew he wasn't the bad man. They had all this hype about it and he could have had some involvement, but not that much. Osama was providing negotiations and also, in recent months, it had been Al Quaeda's leaders saying they would like to try to find a resolution.

They were attempting to find some kind of a more peaceful deal. And they were defending their right to practice their religion as they wanted to and take back their land which was there and which they were pushed out of.

The news says it was Obama but it wasn't. It was Obama as the messenger and Panetta as head of the Pentagon. Secondly, it was some "counterterrorism" guy named John Brennan who was probably, I don't know, I will look it up. It was probably some Catholic Irish man. Yep. I'm right. He is Catholic Irish.

Welcome to the United States of America everybody. We have an underground tunnel that connects us to The Vatican, our Sister State.

It was Catholic. The top counter-intelligence man is John O' Brennan and he is Irish Catholic. I'm sure that as the head of counter-intelligence, he hasn't had anything to do with the mutilation of me and my son.


Thank God, I sense the powerful positive energy again. It is true, and while this Catholic church thinks that they have favor, God is not on their side.

The Catholic Church is not the One True Church. These people have infiltrated the U.S. justice and intelligence system and turned our country into a bunch of Marauders and Crusaders Waging War against Islam.


These people have a few Irish Catholic die in twin towers and they convince the entire military and Protestants to go to war against countries where they can hardly defend themselves, and then use them for science experiments in prisons in Cuba.

My family is afraid for me and doesn't want me to say anything against the Catholic Church. Because I was told, over a decade ago, "You don't know how powerful the Catholic church is." I have had my life ruined by Catholics and some Jewish who tried to convince Protestants and others of other religions, that I was nuts and that I was the problem and they taped me in my outbursts and the unflattering moments, knowing that this was the only way to get support against me.

What did the U.S. do for Pakistan when they had the horrible flooding? They helped every single other country that had a natural disaster recently except for Pakistan. Then, they avenged what was mainly Catholic deaths in twin towers, where it was mainly adults and not kids. Taking our entire country and all it's resources into a foreign country while allowing the attention to be focused overseas instead of on their own criminals that were allowed to grow and prosper and proliferate in the U.S.

All of the kids that have suffered in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the Catholic and Jewish gangs are just fixed on avenging the deaths of their buddies and using the people they know at the top to make it happen.

It was Protestants who were balanced and kept Osama from being killed. Knowing he was not the worst offender. They went to war and probably knew there is a balance to everything but the people who are blood-thirsty are the Catholics. And they have allowed their Bloody Mary's to work domestically too, to withhold justice from the poor and those they don't like (like me). They spent millions just to make the Middleton seat secure, and did it in collusion with some Jewish fuckers.

My whole family has suffered because of these people.

Now, they had some kid that looks like my son come in wearing a Catholic rosary. Why? because next they want to take my son over to their sick religion too?

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