Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CIA Lies and Catholic Assasination--also, on workplace torture

Before I ever read an article about money sewn into Osama's clothing, I knew this morning who shot him.

A Catholic man shot Osama and intentionally wanted to aim for over his left eye.

It was the Catholic church's ultimate revenge against a person they believed was responsible for a bombing of some Catholic people in Pakistan or the surrounding area.

I also don't believe that Osama put up a fight.

I may be wrong, and maybe I'm wrong about the Catholic man too, but I thought something about it having to do with a Catholic man and it says in this article that it was someone by the name of "McRaven" that was leading the Seals in this mission.

I guess that could be Scottish and doesn't mean Catholic. Maybe it's just about Panetta and that's it and he used others as lackeys. We all know it's about Panetta.

Repeat after me: "The Order for the killing came after Panetta became Head of the Pentagon."

You know what's really great is that first Panetta takes control of the CIA and then, knowing and wanting to then scoot over to the Pentagon, he lined people up the way he wanted to so that then the CIA would cover for him and what he decided to do at the Pentagon.

He infiltrated the CIA and got information to the Vatican. He worked with Jews who hated me and hated Pakistan and were afraid of me.

After passing on information to the Vatican through multiple trips to the Vatican and to Italy, he moved over with the information he had, to take control of the guns.

This has been a one-man show with Obama Barak acting like Pontious Pilate. Which is why Obama has not been sleeping very well.

I prayed for Obama last night, and for his wife, that instead of being puppets they would decide to take a stand and have some clarity and become revolutionaries instead. The only people I prayed for were for those who need to be comforted and for the Obamas and I prayed they would start to think for themselves, recognize deception, and then make bold decisions to act for what they believe in and if that means using White House power, so be it and if that means stepping down and into a totally different position and function, so be it. They are tangled up in the Vatican's bedsheets and sprinkled with water from Jewish-American and Israeli interests.

What is sad is that a lot of Protestants just swallow everything hook, line, and sinker and believer everything they're told. According to polls, only 7% of Americans think this was not a good move, to kill Osama. I wonder how many believe in torture. Quite possibly, it is also only 7% of Americans that are against torture of others, including their own fellow citizens.

The Obamas stepped out of their church that was Black pentacostal and sharing some truths, turned their back on true faith, and got entrapped in a lion's den. That's what happens when you bow to peer pressure instead of God.

The CIA knew where Osama was for a long time. It is a lie that they only knew a few hours ahead of time. They already knew.

I also don't believe that Osama put up a fight but that he was killed while defenseless or surrendured. And I wouldn't put it past the CIA to have constructed something before it ever went down. I wouldn't put it past them to be there ahead of time, holding them hostage and telling them what to do and then lying saying if you do this, we'll play it out this way.

I also don't think it was a getaway plan to have 500 euros stitched into this clothing. I think it was symbolic for something. I also think that it's impossible to trust what the Pentagon or CIA try to report as being a fact. Maybe there was money there. Do we know it was 500 euros? We probably don't, do we?

If he was going to make a getaway, he would have more than that in his lining. I think he also knew that someone was closing in already. There is no way they wouldn't notice helicopters hovering above their compound months before. No way.

Not only that, before the CIA took him out, guess who was over here in Nashville talking about how I should eat "gyros" all of a sudden? Some Jewish bitch I had to work with who tortured me, whose boyfriend was Greek and who was connected here to Jews locally. It sounds crazy, but the people here have done some crazy things to me and wanted to make their kind of symbolic statements while they tortured me and got intel on others.

The people I had to work with at this last job were not good people. Like I said, it is the only job I've ever had to work at where I was tortured, aside from my 1 week with the Catholic manager at Jersey Mikes. At no other job have I been tortured and degraded the way I was at Logan's Roadhouse, the peanut place, where I was made fun of on a regular basis. And they did all of this to me as a countdown to a wedding and killing Osama because they probably knew he had information on some of them even.

"When Pigs Move In" is a great book about demons and all kinds of horrible things, but I think about it now and even though my parents would cringe to hear me make such an association, pigs were moving in on Pakistanis.

Who wants to buy the whole pig when all you want is a little sausage.

This country has defiled me and my son and elevated criminals and murderers.

I don't believe anything from the CIA anymore. Nothing. I may believe that something went down, but what they "found" and how much, and where and why and what his response was, and how much they knew...all they spin are lies.

They tortured me and my son and spun a web of lies.

Now I am going to list as much as I can and hope that whoever is decent and good will be able to protect themselves and stay away from these other people.

At least I know who some of the psychics and government workers are.
I just read the BBC version and it is different from the U.S. version.

The U.S. said he was only shot above the left eye, but the BBC says they shot him once in the forehead and once in the heart. The U.S. also says there were 24 seals but the BBC says 25 seals were reported in the operation.

The U.S. first claimed he resisted and then said he was unarmed.

How is it a legal killing if he is unarmed? as if the Seals are not man enough to handle him without killing him and take him into custody. They said it was self-defense and I don't see how that's true. They managed to shoot one woman in the leg but they couldn't do that with him and take him into custody?

Something is so questionable about the whole thing. It's like it was staged which is why I wonder if he was held hostage prior to this ambush. In some way, he could have been held hostage. They deliberately shot him above the eye and in the heart. As if one time in one of those crucial spots wasn't enough.

When I saw him in my image, he didn't look violent. He was leaning back, not forward, and his mouth was open and he looked like he was suprised or shocked. I am not sure exactly how soon before his death I saw him like this.
People who were involved in torturing me in the workplace were more than one. I didn't believe it was every single person there, but it was several. And more than one person really went out their way to be degrading.

On one night, I got a ride home from one of the bartenders, the one who had prepped to be a Marine in high school, and her name is Mandy and everything was fine but then she wanted to pull into a different area when we stopped. I said, "No, it's fine, I'll just get out" and she insisted on driving to a different spot. She pulled into a long driveway that faces apartments and I had wondered why in the world she parked there because she acted like she didn't know where she was taking me. As I sat there, someone totally zapped me with what had to have been a laser. I never took another ride from her and didn't tip her anymore either. She had moved the car intentionally from a safe spot, to a place where I was in line for someone to assault me. The only thing in front of us was a tall apartment complex. On the day of the wedding, or day after, this man who had followed me sometimes, came out with his dog and smirked and then went inside the gate. I had a horrible feeling about him and then noticed or recognized that what was done to me was possible if someone had been aiming from one of the windows of the apartment that was straight ahead. She was best friends with a guy named Jonathan. Jonathan trained me and whenever something was going well for me, he looked upset about it. He was only satisfied if I was screwing up or not getting tables. I thought Jonathan Veach was Jewish (I think, or Catholic) but I didn't know about her. Then there was a lesbian woman there named "Mo" who always wore a polo hat and she did a lot of voodoo psychic work but I'm not sure was for--the U.S. I'm sure. She wore a medal with praying hands but I can't remember if she was actually raised Catholic or not. One of the food runners was using something because too many times, he and another guy would cross by me at the same time and I'd know it was one of them but not know which one. I know for a fact that one of the food runners knew something ws happening to me and coordinated with someone else to confuse me about who it was. The main general manager was someone named "Matt Asplund" and he said he was Protestant. He wore a gold chain around his neck and once I asked what was on it and he said nothing, it was just a chain he got from his mom. I never really for sure what his religious affiliation was though. He said Protestant but I had a hard time being convinced that he was. I didn't know why he allowed these things if he was. Most of the time, though, when he was on duty, there was hardly any technology stuff going on. I did notice that. It was much less than when other managers were on duty. But it still happened with him on. The other manager was Ernie and he was half Colombian and his wife was Army. I thought he had said HE was military but he said his wife was. He really went after me when I reported a woman, Elizabeth, and her husband for jointly screwing up all my orders to make me look bad and give her better tables. He was putting her ahead of me and giving her good sections, Ernie was and when I said something, he became extremely defensive and acted hostile. I believe it is possible for him to be passive-aggressive. Another person who acted nice to me but was hostile was this guy James, aka "Travis", whose father had worked in nuclear Russian stuff. He was one of the psychics. That workplace was set up to be the working grounds for a project and nothing else. Travis was very funny and friendly and never was one to harass anyone. But I knew to keep my distance because he was slick and when I had someone using technology, several times he was one of the men trying to mix things up so I couldn't catch exactly which one it was. I liked him. But he was not my friend.

They had people there that they specifically moved in and then the entire time I was followed and watched on every single thing I did and experimented on. I will come back to this in a minute and exlpain and write about the rest.

"Mo" was from Chicago, IL. I am not sure what religion but I always thought Catholic even if she wasn't.

I just checked my bag and someone stole my entire list of their names.

I had a right to have them since I was trying to write reports of diffeent things they did individually and someone stole the list out of my bag. The only time someone could have done this was by getting into my locked locker and doing it. I haven't left my bag unattended otherwise. That's fine. I will find something else I have to refer to later, and I'm sure someone can get other intel as need.

They were all Jewish or Catholic. Over 90%. That's who I worked with, and that's who tortured me and harassed me and degraded me. A couple were Muslims but they were just going along with the others.

Another of the managers that was Catholic was "Emily". She managed the kitchen mainly and she knew what was going on. When something was happening and it was coming from kitchen employees, she was in on it and knew. I knew that the day someone started doing all kinds of things from the other side of the wall when I was there.

The structure was this:

James Strong (regional manager with Charlotte in HR)
Matt Asplund (general manager at Logan's on Elliston)
Clyde, Emily, and Ernie as shift managers (last names later)

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