Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pakistanis and Princess Diana

This morning I woke up and thought, "Out of all the people I've had to deal with, the Pakistani were the only ones to even give me the smallest insight into my situation."

They didn't say much, but at least they validated me and knew I wasn't crazy. They knew, like everyone else, but they didn't hide.

I think I was deceived by other groups who wanted to disguise who really supported me and put people in the way who were enemies to my supporters.

I look at what's happened with this marriage and all the torture my son and I have been exposed to, and Osama bin ladin and I realize why the Jews were all over me and why they and Catholic groups have tortured me.

I don't think all Catholic groups did, and I also think some of the Catholic groups, and others, never believed Osama was some horrible man, even if people died. I think they knew that other things were going on, and any mob boss in the world could look at Osama and know this is a fact:

They never tortured anyone.

They maybe killed some people to defend their own people, and this is wrong, but there is not one single instance or example of torture from their group. That says something to me. That says that there is more of a heart and conscience in those people than in the people who are systematically torturing human beings in Cuba, and the people who systematically have tortured me and my son in the U.S., even if we were not "waterboarded".

William marrying into the Middletons is marrying into murderers and criminals who will see to it that he never finds out what really happened to his mother.

And one group that has loved Diana, is the Pakistanis and some of them have been beaten down and stripped of any means or resource to help investigate what happened with her, or protect others who are attacked by the same individuals that attacked her.

It was Eastern Indians that shot me up with drugs and medications that almost killed me most recently. They were backed by the CIA which has some Italian thugs in their group (not all Italians are bad...this I know) and Jews. Jews are #1 ally to Eastern Indians.

Jews who hurt and harmed me and kept me out of work wanted me to think that their friends, the Eastern Indians, would be on my side, and tried to fool me.

For my son, he couldn't get much protection from Pakistanis because there are not very many of them in Washington state and they don't have as many resources. But I know, because of good ones I met in D.C., that they cared about my son. They cared more about my son than Jews did, who only cared about politics and about keeping Kate with William (which is what some Catholics wanted to).

Now that I know Osama was living in Pakistan, and not Afghanistan, it puts a light onto why I have been FOLLOWED all over the frickin' place, by MOSSAD and Jews.

Pakistan and Israel are enemies. The whole reason that Osama's group started fighting was because so many of their own people were dying and they were pushed out of their land and no one cared. They called Americans "infidels" and didn't like the lifestyle, but they were not after the U.S. to attack democracy and freedom. They were trying to find freedom and democracy for themselves, without being blocked by other countries and even some of their own brothers and sisters.

If Pakistan is enemy to Israel, this would be why Israeli's and Jewish-Americans were worried about me. They knew I had a serious interest in what happened to Diana and they knew I would be the type to possibly speak up for middle eastern people, or anyone, if they were in trouble, and they didn't want that. They wanted to keep the status quo with the U.S. and get someone into the royal seat that would promote Israeli interests.

It didn't matter if Harry was interested in what I had to say, or William, or Charles, they sought to influence and alter the opinions of them all.

They had Mossad out on me for the last few years, and I have been tortured, drugged, medicated, and imprisoned as a result of their joint efforts with the Catholic church, to keep me down.

It was Pakistan that was torturing me and my child. I had no Pakistani interest at all until I was trying to escape others who were torturing us. Pakistan figured out who it was a little, maybe, and they were kind to me, and then Israel and American Jews freaked out, and worried that there was going to be an "upset" to their own strategies and plans.

I and my son have been tortured by both Catholics and Jews and atheists and then some fringe internationals who just care about politics. Some of the Protestants in America went along with it, convinced that it was okay to torture me and my son for political reasons, or having been lied to repeatedly by people who have traditionally been allies and supporters.

Chris Rozollo pretended to have my best interests but he didn't. I thought he was Jewish, from the very start, but he claimed to be Catholic. He wanted me jailed and used technology on me when he was around me. The first time I ever felt some of the weird technology effects on me (besides what was used on me and my son in East Wenatchee), it was with him.

He was a professional scuba diver and had something to do with the DEA or those in the DEA, and intelligence and military. I don't know who his contacts were, but he wasn't trying to help me.

Catholics who had loathed me for years, joined forces with Israeli and Jewish-Americans who were newly worried about me and wanted me out of the way, and they went after me and they influenced some Protestants to either believe I was crazy or to go against me too, pointing out unattractive outbursts I had after being TORTURED which these people have repeatedly denied ever happened.

These people have used everything from military and medical devices for torture, to bribes to pay people off, to head games, to defamation, to obstruction of justice, interference with my college loans, interference with my unemployment monies, interference with housing, with work, and grand theft of my vehicle and all of my personal belongings, to work against me in such a way that it was impossible for me, IMPOSSIBLE, for me to function as I would under normal circumstances, and to strip, mock, and disgrace me in such a way that I was certain to be an embarrassment and someone who, together with my outbursts from being tortured and harassed, and the ugly outcome of my fate, would not be touched with a 10 foot pole. And certaintly not a royal pole.

They confused others, and I was confused as well, about who was really trying to help me and my son.

It wasn't Jewish-Americans, Israel, or the majority of the Catholics or atheist intel. It wasn't my old enemies from the NW either, who hated me and continued to hate me regardless of what happened or what I did.

These people were even willing to allow my son to be tortured, so they could have their own politics play out the way they wanted them to, rather than help my son. They used my son to get at others.

All this time, those at the top in the U.S. have had this story of "denial" where the decision was made to jointly deny anything was happening to me AT ALL. Out of all of this denial, the first and only people to validate me, were Pakistanis.

The only people who said to me, before anyone else did, "You are being followed" were Pakistanis. Everyone else was saying, "It's in your head. No one is following you. You are paranoid."

I wasn't paranoid and I had people trying to get me to doubt myself or to be demoralized by the constant put-down on my mental health and knowledge.

Out of all of the people in the U.S., in intel, not one single person validated me. They lied and had others lie about me, all the while knowing what was happening and what had happened to me and my son. They had me falsely charged, sent to jail, interferred with my communications to the point of severe harassment, and made it impossible for me to function. They harassed anyone they suspected might be on my side, and tried to intimidate them and force them to do as they said, or froze them out and found ways to convince, encourage, or prevent others from using any of their resources to help me and my son. They sent out P.I.s and did nonconsensual tests on my DNA. They tried to type me on every single thing I did.

And then they wanted William and Harry to believe that the people who actually cared about their mother most or who knew more (not saying me but others), were either an embarrasment or were tarnished in some way as to be discredited.

That said, I know there are some good Eastern Indians and wanted to clarify that just because they doped me up in the psych ward doesn't mean they haven't been thoughtful towards my son or others in WA. The ones I met were regular E.I. and then more Muslim E.I.s which was strange.

What I know is that the U.S. has abandoned me to be disgraced. I feel they used me and allowed countless others to use me and my son and then they refuse to investigate and return my son to me as they know they should.

Why doesn't someone arrest Franklin, the man I knew in Bainbridge, who was in on what the blond woman with the Mac computer was doing to me when I was in the coffee place with the Australian guy at the counter? all they had to do was ask him some questions and find out how he knew the other woman. why didn't anyone in Seattle follow up on the 2 women who gave me a poisoned cigarette? I had my talent stolen from me by assault and not one person in the U.S. did a thing about it.

Some from the UK have been in on harming me and my son because some of the medication attempts and knowledge that it's happening and pay-offs, are coming from them. They have had a hand in it (I don't mean the whole UK but some group from there).

I don't believe this is the original group that was harming me before I went to Canada however. Maybe a few were drawn in later.

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