Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princess Diana Harassment--Hong Kong & Mike Warnke

I stayed up overnight to get a few things done and it was more harassment. People have seriously backed off though, since the wedding.

I am not kidding. There is not any kind of crazy and frenzied, anxiety-ridden rush to pursue and hound me...now they are very relaxed. I thought it would quit altogether but it hasn't. But there is a huge change to how they are harassing.

I think something very sinister is going on. It's either intelligence or the mafia, or both. I know that I have written about Princess Diana and things from my past, but when I have people trying to re-enact my past and including Princess Diana references, it's strange.

I was at this upper-end hotel (not spectacular but better than some) and these men wanted me to come out into the lobby and they stood there watching where I went. They had this large book out next to the coffee table which is never there and it was exactly like this book that Suzanne had sitting out on her coffee table. Suzanne who worked in both the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Suzanne was a woman I worked for who lived in "the hills" (the best part) of Portland, Oregon. She had lived in Hong Kong for several years or almost a decade. She is the first person I recall working for, who had a significant interest in Diana. She was an American citizen who was relocated to the U.S. from Hong Kong, where she had lived with her husband and children. She was newly divorced and was a nice looking very tall blond woman with 2 blond daughters who were unbelievably bad. I didn't work for her for very long but I took a temporary job as a nanny and then quit because I was going back to college. She was so picky about everything.

When I first met her to interview, she had a book about Diana on her low level glass coffee table. I never thought about Di or had any interest but because it was there, I picked it up and looked at it and noticed everything else was Diana. Other books and things. She left me alone in the room for a long time and during this time I just looked at photos.

I just got harassed while waiting in the lobby of a hotel and minding my own business. These guys had specifically put out a book that was the exact same size and shape of the book I had read about Di, and had it next to a coffee table that was exactly like the one Suzanne had. And what I knew and can't describe how, is that these guys were imitating this.

Who would do this other than intelligence or the mafia? I hadn't thought of it until now, but Hong Kong is a British state or formerly British state. I worked for her in 1998, right before I was raped when I was 24. She was still connected to Hong Kong on international business and described herself as "A consultant". I took this job right after working for the Rabbi and Lorraine Rose. They fired me claiming I couldn't have a second job with them and had to be available 24/7 when I had newly signed up for college classes. This other woman said she would work around my college schedule. She had printed calling cards with just her name and telephone number and ironically, I did too. I don't know why I did, other than I was tired of tearing out pieces of paper to pass on my phone number so I had small cards made up by Cranes stationary. Her cards were like mine but she had more information on them than I had on mine. I had my cards and stationary made up in 1998 and it was on solid cream colored paper with cards and black type.

I don't remember if she was Protestant or Catholic but she could have been either. I knew, but right now I can't recall. She wasn't overtly religious. She had significant contact with Hong Kong and I had always wondered what she did there. It was some kind of business and she spoke the language.

On the day of the interview, she talked to me about Diana. I had never had anyone talk to me about Diana in my life. I didn't really care and didn't know what the big deal was. But she went on and on about how she related to Diana because she was a divorced single woman who had been through some "verbal abuse" is what she said.

Why, do I have people trying to set up a repeat of this meeting and then harassing me at the same time?

To me, there are not many people who would know what her coffee table looked like, or the size and kind of book she had. I guess the only other time someone had a similiar book was when I stayed with a Pakistani man, in D.C., for a short time and he had a coffee table like that and a book about Diana.

It was far more reminiscent of Suzanne.

Why people are playing head games, still, I have no idea.

When I left the hotel, several cars were milling about, late at night, but the traffic was quiet because it was before 3 a.m. I wrote down some plate numbers: 404 PRL (TN) and X52 8765 (Illinois). The illinois one stood out to me because they were from out of state and tracking me and then the TN plate belonged to some blond woman who was by herself but absolutely all over me.

I thought, "I need to write about the rest of the people who have tortured me." I talked to my Granny today and said to her, "I don't know if some of the people who are enjoying these games so much would feel the same way if they fully understood what has been done to me, literally, and what is being done. It may be interesting and amusing, but if someone actually knew that I have been drugged and medicated repeatedly, as well as poisoned, and then tortured literally on top of everything--if they knew the extent, would they still enjoy the games of others who make interesting predictions? If I have the gift of prophecy and speak in the tongue of angels but have not love, I have nothing." (I repeated corinthians to her). If these people have a God-given gift but they are cruel, who cares? and who can trust them really?"

I think some of the good energy I was sensing might have been...I don't know. I was talking about Diana and also talking about criminals backing the middleton marriage and who was reading about this and praying? I felt the most overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit. I almost wonder now if some of it came from some people in Pakistan. I later walked past those Muslim women and felt the same energy. It was really amazing and I thought, "There it is again." I don't know though. I felt it on the bus when I said some things and I don't know who it was on the bus but I felt it. And then today a man got on the bus and as he walked by, I felt it. He said nothing and was quiet but I felt it the minute he was on the bus and he was this poorer man who was black and maybe it was coincidental though. I don't know. I felt so full of this, that this afternoon when I went to the bank, I started smiling and couldn't stop and then I laughed out loud. I felt almost high but it wasn't from drugs. It was the Holy Spirit but I don't know why. I felt it when I was at this library today and a few people were doing some things that weren't right but then all of a sudden, I don't know if it was someone walking in or what but I felt it. Then I felt it right after I said something to my mom over the phone about how I was discreet and kept some things to myself, in my heart and I felt this flood of that energy again. I also felt this flood of good energy when I was on the phone and heard my son talking today. He was talking in the background and sounded full of love and good cheer. At least in that moment, he sounded happy and it filled me to hear him talking. He was just goofing off but it was nice to hear him. He was saying hellooooooo! and something I didn't understand and was playing mouse trap. I guess some board games too, which is good.

I asked my mom what she thought of my seeing Osama (in an image) and she didn't know. She didn't think he was good at all but she said she was neither cheering or depressed about what happened. We talked about true gifts and images and then counterfiet spirits and how bad spirits are able to counterfeit all of the gifts of the Spirit and make them appear to be true. She mentioned a book by a man that came to my school and church, Mike Warnke (WARN-key). He had written a book about counterfeit spirits.

I just looked up his name and found their website. His wife's name is Susan. He has a photo of himself and his wife, the ocean, water lilies, geese, and other things. I clicked on his "about the ministry" and he writes about a river, from Ezekiel, and how this river was of life and flowed from the altar of God out of the throne of God, a river flowing to the south or from the south and filled with living things. It mentions this in their vision too.

How weird. I just looked up their "vision" and it has comments from people from the U.S. and also from the UK and England. I didn't know they traveled to the UK at all. I had their tapes as a little girl, and listened to them, and then they came to visit my church and school at one point, but I never knew they were also connected to the UK. He's been to Wales?!

This photo of his wife with her hand and arm out remind me of something I was imagining and envisioning last night in chapel. I felt this Holy Spirit very strongly and then I closed my eyes and prayed for people there and imagined my hand and arm over them, just as she is doing. And then pictured the arms of angels over them like this.

I looked at his photos and there is one of him in a red polo shirt and this is sort of how I remember him or how he looked on the tapes I had. I clicked on it and he has an angel wings pin on a lapel. Then I looked more closely at the one of him by the ocean and cliffs and he has pins on that one too. The black and white one looks like something from a tape I had. He's very funny, or I liked him as a kid-teen at least.

I looked at his tour dates and he's going to be touring in the U.S. (CA, TX, TN! and some other places) and then he is going to be in the UK.

I looked at his tapes and recognize "Totally Weird". I had that one. I heard other ones through someone recording them onto a tape for me. This is sort of hilarious because I was just at a hotel where there are framed paintings of a man with a moustache and top hat and then I see this of his characture (aahahggg...need dictionary).

I looked at his books and the counterfeit spirit one isn't listed but that's one he has and must be out of print.

I am now looking at Osama news and all of it is depressing. I don't get good vibes reading about it and don't think I'll read much more. I wonder why he was put in the sea. I wonder if he was dead or still alive. I wonder if he was beat up before he was actually killed. I just don't get good energy reading about any of it.

I looked at Obama's briefing and I don't think he looks very happy. I think he was muscled into this and I don't believe it was right to kill Osama. I think they were already suffering. I cried about it. I cried because I saw his face when I prayed and there must be a reason. My mother said something about counterfeit spirits as to why I got this but I don't know, I think it's something for some reason and it made me sad.

I can't find the book though. I looked up counterfeit and found a wiki thing about it. The photo made me think of...I don't know. I'm tired. I'll write later.

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