Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Be Sued

Someone decided to wait until I was fired from work to send me a bill. The Mental Health place in TN that illegally assaulted me and researched me while I was there, sent ME a bill for the abuse they leveraged against me.

Not only that, Vanderbilt is responsible for illegally admitting me without going through normal and regulated protocols (i.e., I said I had been poisoned or medicated and they didn't even draw blood or take a urine sample to see if it was true or not first; I said my knee was injured and they didn't even do a physical).

Brad Uhl knows Chris Rozollo. He defamed me and Diane Harsha and the FBI in Nashville, TN.
defamed me.

For some reason, I called both Vanderbilt and the mental health place, several times to get my records and they refused to respond to my email or call me back.

Then, over 2 months later they decide to mail me a BILL. Because, I guess, they didn't DARE do it the first 2-3 months.

These assholes are being sued.

Meanwhile, I got this bill, charging ME for what they did to me, which was total abuse, and it's over $5,000.

I need to finish writing about the Jewish and Catholic assholes that were responsible for torturing me and putting me in that place.

The Jewish only cared about Kate Middleton having a secure slot and so did the Catholics who already hated me. They tortured me. Not only did they try to set me up numerous times, to be arrested, they tortured me. I don't think the Jewish tortured my son, but others did and Jewish didn't speak up about it.

The United States USED me, tortured me to get at some man, or more than one man, and then tries to DENY everything.

Everyone has already figured it out and they still deny everything.

I had my voice ruined by Jewish and Catholic criminals. That blond woman who was there at the cafe--I want her charged and convicted for criminal assault and the Seattle FBI did NOTHING. I was poisoned there and bleeding almost to death and they tried to BLOCK me from making a report. She looked Jewish to me but she could have been something else. She had her hair bleached out blond.

The FBI got worried that I was going to say something that might tip someone off, when I blew up about the Middleton marriage criminals and the Pentagon man and they had the FBI defame me to be involuntary taken to a mental health place and assaulted.

They did horrible things to my SON, too, to get at someone else. They tortured my son and then the U.S. moved in and started using him for their own research.

There is NO way I will ever pay such a bill and they know it. They also know I have grounds to sue the shit out of them. This is another reason why I couldn't get counseling when I asked for it for almost 5 months. I tried to, over and over, and no one wanted documentation and the feds got involved to block it.

I don't care what kind of delusional fictional tale someone gives me about how someone is working things out and God is working behind the scenes. Enough is enough.

I am not staying here and that doesn't mean I won't come back but I'm not going to get help in the U.S. for abuse done by U.S. officials. I am also not leaving TN until someone here is sued for what they did to me at the Mental Health place and I'm including the FBI in the lawsuit.

I also have proof that they falsely documented what they gave me because I kept track and wrote it down and what they wrote down they gave me and how much was not what I actually took, which they forced me to take. I wrote down exactly how many pills I was given when I was there. I wrote it down everytime they told me to take something, I went back to the room and wrote it down. I wrote down their names, and what they wee forcing me to take, what they said it was, and what it looked like (in case what it looked like didn't match what they told me to take).

Chris Rozollo can pay this bill.

He's the one with the buddy at that place, that knew him and ordered I be injected and he's the one who is in with the DEA and police and Florida people.

THEY can pay this bill. He is the one who first started torturing me after Alvaro left. He got into my computer when I left it unattended at the hotel taking a shower and I knew he was into my laptop.

This is a bill that I am sending directly to the Nashville FBI and they can either pay it or they can be sued.

Why am I even here?

I don't know why I am even in this country at all.

Where are the good people?

I don't see any and I haven't met any for too long.

None of the good people work in the U.S. government anymore. They all got pushed out and taken over by politically minded, greedy people who protect their own and no one else. If anyone is good and working in the U.S. government, they must be undercover good, because the only ones who are climbing the rungs are the corrupt.

I think Obama is trying, and Michelle, but he's blowing back and forth like a candle in the wind, and bullied by the Vatican pushers.

I didn't think it was right to invade Libya for some reason. Definitely to help them and the civilians, yes, and for peace-keeping reasons, but not to go out and kill Ghadafi's kids. In Egypt I thought it was successful because the Muslims there did attempt for peace with eachother. They revolted and were activist but they didn't kill the main leader. They got him to resign and they did it with more peace than killing.

I feel like we are in the middle of The Catholic Crusades.

I know that most Protestants agree with it too, which is sad to me because I think they are misinformed about what is really happening in the world.

Today is National Prayer Day and I started it out by reading the news that I am being charged with a bill to PAY the people who abused me. Which is exactly like the $40,000 lien the Mt. Angel Abbey put against me. I had to withdraw because their friends, i.e., Judge Warren, head of Catholic Charities in Wenatchee, colluded with Abbey lawyers to have my car towed and a false suspension put on my car. He then jailed me illegally. I was abused by them and then they want me to pay THEM for the abuse.

This is just the same old thing over and over.

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