Thursday, May 5, 2011

Surrendure by Bin Ladin?

This is very interesting because I just read an article about the killing of Bin Ladin.

It questions the legality and what I thought was most interesting was something that had come into my own mind.

I had an impression, that God gave me, of Osama's face. I didn't really see too much else. I didn't see any violence or gunfire or anything. Which was why I had no clue that this same day there was an attack planned. I left the library that day thinking about him and wondering why I had seen his face and this expression and everything. The only other thing I told my mother that I saw was some kind of a shadow or possibly a person who was thin and wearing darker clothing though not necessarily black clothing. Something long but I wasn't sure because the main thing I saw very clearly was his face, about shoulders up. And I also thought he might be thin at this time in his life but don't know why.

My Mom and I discussed how some things we get in impressions might not be accurate. In our beliefs, we try to "test the spirits" to know if they are from God or from some other source. Because in my family, we disregard the power that may come from spirits of any source that is not from God, no matter how impressive or powerful they are. It is said that Satan is the prince of darkness and that his realm is this world. God can conquer all but this doesn't mean evil isn't allowed to manifest in magical and wonderous ways that are astounding.

So sometimes we pray and hope to know and find out which prophesies are from God and what is from another source. Which miracles or seeming miracles are from God or from witchcraft.

I try to always be discerning because even good people who love God can have visitations or attempts by bad sources, on them, because these are the people they most want to attack. Evil powers don't mess with those who don't care about God because they are never a threat. Which is where I agree with some of even the Catholic and other churches teachings in one regard, that even holy people or those who try to be, can have battles with supernatural realms.

But what I was going to say is that while I saw his face, and while I'm glad Obama isn't going to release photos of him killed, I later wondered if Osama had thrown up his hands.

I didn't "see" this. What I saw was his face and him leaning back and I thought it was probably a real-time impression of him, but I later wondered, on my own if he had thrown his hands up to surrendure.

He was unarmed and I don't think he was stupid. He had a wife there with him and they were unarmed. Would they rush and attempt to fight off armed military? Or would they put up their hands?

And then I read this article from CNN by Alan Silverleib where he quotes someone from the conservative Heritage Foundation saying, "If someone has his hands in the air, you're not supposed to shoot him."

I just wonder if he did raise both hands to head level and maybe not straight up completely, but only got so far, and then was shot.

I also wonder how close up the person got to Osama before firing. They must have taken their time, because they managed to discern who was in the room first. They didn't run into the room blasting away left and right with some kind of machine gun. They were careful enough to know where they were aiming and who they were aiming for.

I just wonder. The little girl is probably too traumatized to remember how it happened but I wonder how many Seals were there and what their testimony and witness is.

I also think it is possible that if an Iranian man can be held hostage in Arizona while appearing to be free, and knowing what my situation has been as a hostage in my own country and deprived of basic rights and my son while being tortured and defamed, it is also possible that Osama and the families were held hostage in that compound. The children wouldn't know but adults or men in particular may have been instructed to do certain things a certain way up until the killing.

Things may have been set up for some time, to appear a certain way. We will never know about that though.

My idea is that if he raised his hands, they came to as high as his head with his palms cupped and not straight out.

But I never saw this. I only saw his face before he died. I guess I'll go back to my blogs and try to figure out about what time I must have had this image.

Yeah...I'm now looking up stuff online about "Osama surrender" and there are all these arguments from U.S. officials about how Osama could have only surrendered if he had been naked because they wouldn't acknowledge any other surrender.

He most likely put his hands up, and tried to surrender.

And he was deliberately shot over the left eye and the heart as a result.

The only reason someone in the U.S. would make defenses and say it was only possible for him to surrender if he was naked, is probably because they knew information would surface about how he tried to put his hands in the air.

I sense good energy writing this post. Not tremendous energy, but a little flicker of something right and from the Holy Spirit.

I think he was illegally killed. He may have recognized the person who was in the room to help kill him too, or someone present. I have a feeling someone was there that he recognized.

If he had tried to have last words and surrender, they shot him before he could probably say a thing.

The "forces", if anything, shot the woman to provoke a protective reaction from Osama.

This woman and Osama, with this 13 year old daughter in the room, would not have "rushed" the U.S. military Seals.

We have been lied to by Panetta's "forces" which look more and more like Darth Vader dudes.

Imagine. You are Osama and you have your youngest wife with you and your sweet daughter whom you protect from seeing any kind of violence. Your room is broken into by U.S. forces, armed military men with guns. Do you "rush" them when you know they could shoot your wife or little girl? No, you don't. And he didn't.

Do you know what Panetta? You had better start squaring with God, because God sees everything, even the people you order to have killed. And God will reveal the truth and you are not The Most Important Person In The World.

God saw Osama and Osama's family. With His own eyes God saw exactly what happened. And you had better be honest, and your Seals had better be honest, before God and the rest of the world, about what happened.

God also has watched every instance of inaction when me and my son have been tortured. God has never had to have his "vision" repaired or healed. He has seen everything and He doesn't need the Pope or someone in the Vatican to "help" him with his vision either. He also doesn't need Mossad to "heal" his vision. God sees JUST FINE, thank you very much.

And with that last paragraph written, a rush of very good energy. Amen, it is true.

My recommendation to the U.S. officials is to collect the information from witnesses about what Osama's reaction was, from start to finish, and relay the truth to the rest of the world.

Most likely, being surrounded by military with guns and their little girl, the wife and Osama froze up and tried to back off or surrender. How do we know that the wife "rushed" the military? Could it be that she rushed over to her daughter to protect her daughter? She had no weapons or gun on her but the Mighty Seals claim SHE rushed them.

Where was her daughter?

I also think Osama was shot at close range. I don't think it was a hasty shooting.

What I don't get, is why it took "40 minutes".

If Seals are ambushing and making a sudden burst into the doors of the room, it takes less than 5 minutes to kill.

There is no excuse for it taking almost 1 hour.

What this says, the fact that it took "40 minutes" is that the U.S. Seals did not shoot out of "self-defense."

This was a small room. The U.S. already knew the entire layout and had already seen where the people were by surveillance that detects persons in a building with heat recognition. There is technology that can determine exactly how many people are in a building and what they are doing, and their posture.

The Seals went in and they took their time. They had time to know absolutely that these people were unarmed before they killed Osama.

What we want to know is what happened in those 40 minutes.

I personally don't need to see a photo of a blown up head and the idea that anyone had to put that onto the news where kids could see such a thing is a total idiot.

"What do you want my dear?"

"I want John the Baptist's head on a PLATE and I want the whole world and all the world's children to see what a real blown up head looks like."


I cringe to think how his own kids turned out. This is a man who wanted to put a bloody and blown up head on the international news where any child could see this. And that's the message he wanted to send out to the world about the U.S. That was a VERY STUPID idea.

We have Stupid running the country.

If you want to show the troops and adults who want to see for themselves, that's one thing. Releasing that kind of an image to the news, how does that even get past the FCC. What were they going to do? Put a patch over the blown out eye? I mean, this is CRAZY.

THIS IS CRAZY talk coming from the guy who led the CIA and is now at the Pentagon and HE is trying to convince Americans that I'M the crazy one.

I know that my own father would never want me, as a little girl, to see such a groteseque thing. What were Panetta's kids doing? blowing up frogs in microwaves? Learning how to laser the hell out of people from their dorms?

Like I want my kid to see a blown up head on T.V. All this talk about how such an image might incite violence from the Middle East and not a word about the kind of nightmares it would give children around the world. Which shows you how much the U.S. cares about kids and why nothing has been done for my son when I have made report after report.

I had this verse come to mind and looked it up and it's from Luke 18:10-17. It's from A Father's Day by Bob Stone. On website "". It talks about the self-righteous and how they make a show of doing good when another stands before God to say he is a sinner and goes home justified before God. It is not the religious top-man that is the example, but the heart that God sees. Then it talks about the children and how God values kids.

"Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood up and prayed about himself: 'God, I thank you that I am not like other men--robbers, evildoers, adulterers--or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and a give a tenth of all I get." But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, "God, have mercy on me, a sinner." I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. People were also bringing babies to Jesus to have him touch them. When the disciples saw this, they rebuked them. But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."

Which is something Panetta and Mossad should have thought about before wanting to put up Osama's head as a trophy.

Good luck finding your own international support. These questionable men kept coming into the hotel where I was and offering false "good luck's" for my finding work. I said, "Good luck to you."
I am not the liar, torturer, and murderer and corrupt person that tortures little kids or disregards their feelings. I feel just fine. If someone wants to keep me out of work because of my attempt to have a little integrity and not fake being perfect, that's on their heads, not mine.

I had to leave and go to the library and put on Kevin Prosch and predetermined I would click to the 3rd song, whatever it was. I clicked over and it was "I Shall Believe" by Matt Brouwer who is from Canada and has a CD called "Unlearning". Then it went to More Time by Needtobreathe from The Heat. "Come Ye Sinners" by Robbie Seay on Better Days.

The news says the Seals had instructions to allow Osama to surrender.

Then, there is some justification about how "the only way they would have accepted a surrender is if he had been naked."

So what did they do? Spend 40 minutes asking them to strip down to nakedness?''

Panetta claims, boastfully, "They didn't have time to say anything."

He is lying and is a known liar. We can trust Panetta as much as those who put a millstone around a child's neck instead of the necks of those that abuse and torture children.

So we want to know, what did the Seals do for an HOUR in that small room?

Did they hold unarmed people at gunpoint and then just stand there while supposedly, in 40 minutes time, Panetta wants to claim "they didn't have time to say anything at all."


People who are being apprehended, with a little girl present in the room, have time to say something.

What was said to THEM? Were they told they would be allowed to surrender if they took off all of their clothes? what the HELL did they do for 40 whole minutes, which is just short of ONE HOUR.

For one full hour, Navy Seals with full combat gear and guns were in the room. Even if it took 40 minutes for the whole operation, they went straight through a couple of people to the very top and that took maybe 10 minutes at the most. What did they do for the 30 minutes then that they had these guys in their control?

Even assuming it took 20 minutes to get to the room, that's 20 minutes to examine who was there and follow orders to allow them to surrender if they wanted to surrender. How did they refuse to surrender?

They refused to strip?

They would have already known if there was a bomb because technology will pick up on any kind of metal in a room. They already knew. The bomb idea is a bunch of BS. If they had thought there was a bomb, the Seals wouldn't have gone in to begin with. They cleared it and had it set up. They probably knew ahead of time that they were unarmed as well but there is no way to prove this.

What we know, is that if there were orders to allow them to surrender, these order were not followed.

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