Thursday, May 5, 2011

Assaulted by Messianic Jews on Prayer Day & Ontario

I don't know for sure that the persons responsible were actually Messianic Jews but I'll write what happened.

By the way, I gave out some license plate numbers of suspicous persons from Ontario, Canada and also New York.

I went to the National Prayer Day service downtown. It was good. I enjoyed it and for such a christian state, I was sort of suprised how few people were there. I mean, of the people even there probably half of them were not even christian. Which is cool, I was just suprised. It was a little hard to transition from calling Panetta out and thinking about how Osama died to going to worship, but once I was there I was glad to be there. I sensed some people there really do care about God.

Afterwards, I was waiting to cross the street and going to go to a lunch that was being held but ended up walking next to this woman and I asked how she had liked the service or program. She said she liked it and that she was going to a prayer service next. She didn't tell me it was a Messianic Jewish prayer service. I just thought it was part of the events so I thought about going to lunch and then decided to sacrifice lunch and went with her to the prayer service instead. I just figured it never hurts to pray a little more with a group of people.

So I went with her and she said it was at the State capitol building. Okay. No big deal. Then we had to go through security and it was a black woman doing security. I don't think she's doing a good job because I was assaulted by someone using technology in that room, twice. There was a woman standing to the side and she asked me to tell someone there that she was outside and forgot her ID and wanted someone to come out and pray for her. I said I would and asked what her name was and she said, "Christine" or "Christie". I gave the security guard my ID and when she checked my bag she didn't give me back my ID and I forgot about it. Usually someone will return what they asked to have from you. I had people staring at me and waiting for me to follow them to the prayer thing so I went with them and then we were going inside a room that said "Supreme Court".

I thought about Charles of course, Prince Charles, because the impression I had which I didn't have time to write about yesterday, was of him. It wasn't really of him in an "image" sense but more of a wondering and then got an impression.

On the night before Prince Charles went to The Supreme Court, I was in a hotel with all these framed paintings of "The Parthenon" and I thought "What is a Parthenon?" and then I was staring at these paintings and thought, "It looks like the Supreme Court" and thought "I bet Prince Charles would know what kind of architecture that is" and then was reading about the architecture of buildings and thought about him again. I had no clue he was already in Washington D.C. that night.

The next morning I saw a very short clip on the news and it was of CHARLES being accompanied to The Supreme Court.

I thought, "Why is he going to the Supreme Court?" and it didn't register to me at all that I had just been thinking about him the night before, very randomly.

Later in the day, it clicked. I realized, oh my gosh, the Parthenon looks like The Supreme Court and I was thinking of him and then that's where he went.

I had been thinking that he probably knew how to describe all these different kinds of architecture and bridges and buildings. Why in the world Charles came to mind with The Parthenon, I've NO idea.

So then I end up, today, following some woman out of the blue to a "Supreme Court" room in the Capitol, not knowing ahead of time that I was going to the Supreme Court.

Then, to my shock, it was a Messianic Jewish hand-out and I wasn't sure what to think. For one thing, Channel 4 news was there so I was trying to hide my face or look down. I stayed after being handed a hand-out for worship songs. I thought it was strange and was going to leave but wondered why I was there so I stayed. Then I ended up having someone fry me, and when they left, and it quit, I looked to my right and some smartie had a plastic bag with her with the words "YFR" and a number below it. I thought it was odd that someone wanted me to notice and could tell they wanted me to notice. The person left and no one was doing anything to me with technology.

It was then prayer and things and then they were going to have communion and first this woman spilled crackers all over the floor and then offered me the plate. I saw the cracker piece that had "No" or "On" on it and picked it because it was closest to me. Then this weird thing was made of it and when I was offered wine I said, "No thank you" quietly and put the piece in my pocket. Then, someone came in and decided to fry me again.

I had a long time with no problems and then someone just started it up. I am never free from this assault and harassment.

There were also talking about "The 4 spirits and 4 winds" then I was sitting across from this great white horse painting on the opposite wall. Yeah, yeah, I get it...the 4 spirits and the 4 horses. Duh. Zechariah 6. I knew exactly what they were referring to but didn't see the point.

After someone started frying me again, I left in the middle of some song called "Adonai" and just couldn't believe someone was messing with me AGAIN and STILL. This is a state government building and how did someone get in with that crap?

I left and then it just started to look like head games combined with military research again. And I have to say, I didn't feel the Holy Spirit really strongly in that room. I thin a few people were sincere, but not all of them. After I was there for about 5 minutes or so, I thought about this woman who had asked me to send someone to her for prayer. I thought about "Christie" and then looked behind me to see if I could find someone to go to her and I ended up looking right at her. I said, "Oh! you're here!" and she smiled and handed me my ID saying, "You left this behind."

When I left, I went outside and walked to the right and there was someone behind me and then she ran past. Then I thought I just want to sit in the sun awhile and smell the iris.

So I went back, under the Andrew Jackson statue of the man on the horse and sat by the iris. I was sitting there and I pulled one iris next to me as I sat cross-legged on the grass. It was purple and yellow with a hint of fushia. I breathed in the scent and then I looked at the one next to it which was white and purple and took ahold of it and smelled it and it was even more fragrant. Then I noticed something sticking out a little bit, tucked into the undergrowth of the iris. It looked pink from where I was and was folded and some kind of scrap. I never could have seen it if I hadn't sat there and smelled the iris. I pulled it out and looked at it. It was red and white and then clear plastic scrap and had "Y 11 3 on it" and it was arranged the same way the words on the plastic bag in the room had been.

So I am sitting there, still burning from technology and thinking these people will never quit using me for research. And I'm tired of it. I went to a prayer service only to be used like a monkey.

I don't see how this is bringing peace to the world.

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Hi, You talk about technology hurting you sometimes. What do you mean, specifically? Does your head start to hurt? Do you get pains in your stomach? Please write about this, maybe people can help you fix the attacks.