Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama's Daughter Testifies Osama "Captured", Then Killed

I just found an article about how Osama's 12 year old daughter testified her father, Osama, was captured by Navy Seals and then killed minutes later.

I believe her, not Panetta.

Panetta and his Catholic Crusaders are liars. HIS Catholic Crusaders are responsible for torture, persecution, and harassment of me and my son as well. I have had nothing but torture, figurative and literal, since I tried suing a division of the Catholic church.

I would put money on the bet that says the Navy Seal who shot Osama was Catholic as well.

A reporter by the name of David Dayen reported the news on May 4, 2011, that Al Arabiya, a news source, states a 12 year old daughter, testified she witnessed her father being captured, and then minutes later he was killed. The other news sources have omitted the part about her testimony that he was captured first.

I found this on "". I was typing in a search for "Osama's Surrenders" and saw this link and clicked on it.

Then I went to "Al Arabiya" (in English) and there is a story about it. The 12 year old, on eof the daughters, has repeatedly told people that her father was first captured and then he was shot in front of his family.

I'm sure he had an opportunity to say something and that the Seals would have known whether or not he was armed, in that situation.

If anything was said to him, or if he said anything in return, his daughter might not know. Because if she didn't know English and he did, it would be hard for her to understand everything.

I also read something about how they report he had renal failure and I think I had some impression earlier which I blogged about, where I asked if there were any health problems or maybe I got it randomly, and I think I saw a pelvis and wondered what that was about and then something to do with a foot. So I wonder if seeing the bone part of a pelvis was to suggest that it was in that region. It was like lower back to pelvis, I think.

I just want to know what the truth is, exactly. I am not for the death of Americans of course, and I am also not for injustice against others either. I know personally, how it feels to be tortured and I have seen what has been allowed to me and my son in this country, so I have a much better perspective than most.

I took the purple nailpolish off of my nails because I still have evidence, in my nails, of being tortured and military technology used against me. My nails are slightly warped from the laser crap someone has been using, and I have some discoloration in the nailbed from probably both medications and technology.

There is no possible way that the U.S. does not know what has happened to me and my son. And they have tried to lie and deny everything and say I am mentally ill, and have allowed others to illegally kidnap my son and keep him from me.

This is the truth.

It doesn't matter if someone is Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, or Catholic--if their groups are bullying and torturing a mother and child, as they have me and my son, they are evil.
I just looked up "kidneys" to find out where the kidneys are located and it says they are two small organs located near the spinal colum by the small of the back. So this is the same bone region that I "saw" of Osama in an impression. Which is sort of nice for me to know, because I had no idea what it was about. Because I only saw bones (nothing undignified), I figured it might have to do with that are but I didn't know what for sure.

Now, I guess then, it makes me wonder why I saw the back of Prince William's head. I guess there may have been something to that too, even though I don't know what. Maybe not chronic but just at that time, or maybe something chronic. Kind of interesting I guess. I might be wrong, but if it was correct about Obama as it was, and then something was right about what I got about Osama, William might want to get it checked out. If he doesn't know of something already or that was temporary, there may be a problem to catch and it should be evaluated. I wrote about it on a post and what section of the head, neck and brain it was.

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