Friday, May 6, 2011

New Lawyer For My Son's Case

After the Big Wedding and Osama's killing, I have had some people who mocked me and harassed me to no end, in a very driven way, totally backing off. Not that it's not still happening but I do believe they got what they wanted, at least in part, and a few of them started looking nervous or made suggestions to me that I should occupy myself now, by going back to college or work.

As if that hasn't been what I've tried to do all along. They blocked me from any of that, because they didn't want me to have any standing.

Then I was tortured in my last workplace but I just found out this is coinciding with a notice from a new lawyer in Washington State.

This firm seems to be professional but any opinion is premature. The angle they are taking is to ask for Appeal because I was refused counsel for Termination Trial. However, they haven't contacted me at all until they sent me this motion about what they're doing.

No one has been consulting me about anything or getting any of my input or feedback. I hadn't made a file of what the last lawyer did, but now I have a new one and my email and physical address went to them but why hasn't anyone contacted me?

My workplace fired me just a few days before I got this motion in the mail, which was sent on May 2nd, 2011.

I am not sure that this argument will hold for Appeal and I haven't even been given time to discuss it with the law firm.

Even if it does, how am I in better standing, without employment at this time, and do they really expect me to go back to Washington State?

If I got Appeal and won a new Termination Trial, that would mean I have to go back to the Wenatchee area where they almost killed me. Back to Washington State, where they refused me unemployment, work, housing, and any and every kind of normal ability to support myself. Where the FBI deliberately BLOCKED me from making a report about assault and poisoning.

And now what would the State of Washington say? They had their buddies in the FBI in Nashville and DEA work against me HERE, to have me sent to a mental hospital for evaluation, where these doctors who saw me less than 30 minutes the entire time I was there, declared I was "paranoid schitzophrenic" and made no attempt to conduct an actual psychological evaluation. They even told me I should be on medications and last time I went to local police, they asked me if I was taking the "medications prescribed" for me, which were WRONGLY prescribed. No, I haven't taken that crap, and I've been drugged and medicated with other things in the meantime.

All of this is just more fodder for the State of Washington to work with, in the event of my even winning a new Termination Trial.

I would like to know why I am not getting the INVESTIGATION of KIDNAPPING that I requested.

Now the entire world knows that the CIA and FBI and other groups were on my back, not just for old things they had an interest in, but because I was friendly with a few Pakistanis. Now that we know Osama bin ladin was in Pakistan, this proves I


to the CIA and FBI and they have deliberately tortured me and my son, allowed our torture, and hoped it was getting at someone and provocative.

I had contact (was approached by) with CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, military including a senior Pentagon official, and these assholes try to say I am mentally ill and DENY everything. It is mainly Catholic officials in these departments that have blocked me and my son from justice and every single person on my CPS case was connected to military except for ONE and all of them were either Catholic or Jewish except for a handful that are a disgrace to Protestants and are justification for some people to want to hate Protestants. A corrupt person is a corrupt person no matter what religion you claim to be.

How am I going to get my son back?

I want an INVESTIGATION of the KIDNAPPING OF MY SON and COLLUSION with government officials to commit this kidnapping by fraud, obstruction of justice, and money laundering.

Now I've just entered information into their Contact Form about 8 times and it won't allow me to send the information. It clears out all the fields and says the recipient is no longer available. I tried to contact them through the "Contact Us" form.

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