Friday, May 6, 2011

Timing on this blog--2 hours behind

I finally went back to see if I could remember about what time I had the image of Osama's face and went to the days when it happened.

I noted my blog posting times are totally off. My blog is posting as 2 hours later than the time it actually is. So this post landed at 10:21 but it is actually 12:21.

The one I wrote about "stork" and "irrelevance" I wrote late in the day, not at 1:04 p.m. as it came out. In that post I even write about how I'd had an impression of a man doing a backstroke at about 2 p.m.

I think the 2 p.m. time may have been right still bc I may have looked at my phone clock and this has nothing to do with time blogs post.

But that's why it wouldn't make sense, if in the "Stork" post, I am saying I might have had this impression around 2 when I was sitting there writing at about 1:00 or so.

I believe the timing of when I saw his face was before the separate swimming impression that I had because I think I...

It says 7:42 a.m. on the post about Colombia and I read that post now and I sound like I'm tripping on something but who knows. I am not lying when I say I've been drugged and medicated a number of times and I'm sure that has thrown me off.

But I do remember the energy was real and that part wasn't drugs or being doped up. So if it was then 7:42 a.m. it was actually posting at what was 9:42 a.m. my time, which makes sense, because I made the post and then walked over to the gym, but it was Sunday morning and the Y doesn't open until 11 p.m. on Sundays. So I probably made my first "publish" for the post (it will print the date of the first time you save) at about 9:42 a.m. my time. I left the place and sat on the steps across from the Y until it opened at 11 and went to the sauna for awhile because I was cold. I may have the impression sometime between 11:15 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Y.

I am trying to recall and remember if it was possibly while I was still at the hotel typing about Lucia and Colombia and Brazil.

I know I had the impression during the day, on Sunday. I remember it was light out and I didn't have the image when it was still nighttime and I was up all night. It was during the daylight hours sometime on Sunday. I might be I'm checking. I remember I saw the muslim women out after and I don't know if the farmer's market is open then.

One thing is sure, my blog is posting 2 hours earlier than the real time here. The other stuf I'm figuring out for a minute. It was Saturday over here, not Sunday, that I had the image, I think.

Because I am going back to Saturday and that is when I wrote about transplant, about seeing someone taking a small tree or plant out of the soil. Let me look to be sure though.

Okay, it was Saturday, April 30th, that I wrote about "Enemy of the State" and good energy I'd had from talking to this man and people on the bus. I was starting to realize on that day that I was being treated like an "Enemy of the State" and thought about others too. I then blogged about this idea, "Enemy of the State" and when I published this post it said 7:07 a.m. but it was actually 9:07 a.m. which makes it 7 p.m. Pakistan time. for Saturday. I wrote about this on my post "The Rock" or about the rock.

My post about "Transplant", about a garden and other things, I published at what was actually 12:07 p.m. so it was 10 p.m. Pakistan time.

I saw Osama's face on Saturday (I think but will double check) because then I was walking by the women past the Farmer's market to go back to the women's shelter and that was the night I was assaulted so I left and stayed up all night, into Sunday morning.

I saw his face sometime between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m., my time, on Saturday. It was earlier, closer to lunch than it was to afternoon. It may have even been earlier than that. And then I left the library at 5 p.m. and walked to the Farmer's market and had a bad feeling that I'd been having for awhile and something felt wrong until I walked past the kids and the women and then there was a sudden rush of the good energy again. I remember I saw his face earlier in the day because I was thinking about him and then I was suprised to see these covered Muslim women after I'd been thinking about him. When I saw his face in an image, there was light. It was light enough for me to see his face so it was either daylight over there or there was lighting in the house. Or possibly a light on his face I guess, but I didn't see darkness around and then a flashlight just on his face but I don't know. I thought he was wearing a turban, that's how I saw him in the image.

Then I got to the shelter and was assaulted so I left and called 911 and then went to a hotel where I wrote about my mother having been poisoned and other things that had happened to my family. The post about "More Crime" and then there was strong good energy off and on that night and next day. I do remember that I wondered why I sensed the strong energy when I walked past these women, and how it picked up after I'd had a feeling of it going down or something weighty or wrong. I wondered then if it was a connection between something else but wasn't sure.

And then later, it was just up and down, like a LOT of people praying or feeling very close to someone and feeling the Holy Spirit. My next post was "More Crime" and written at about 8:42 (actual time) p.m., after I left the shelter to find a place to write. And I started to feel the good energy again at some point and then into the next day when I wrote about Diana.

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