Friday, May 6, 2011

Ramirez & Kate Middleton: House of Catholic Horrors

Someone deleted a whole post I made about some of the people I was being abused by in the workplace.

What I find interesting is who someone decides to select and omit from publication. I had written about a hispanic woman by the last name Ramirez and someone deleted the whole section about her. I will keep looking to see if I'm wrong but I don't think so.

This bartender who assaulted me, and who was giving others who assaulted me tips on when to leave, may be connected to the local Catholic diocese.

Which may be why someone hacked into my blog to delete her name.

I was looking up some statistics on things, and not even trying to, stumbled across a website for the local Nashville Diocese. I didn't mean to, but once there, decided to scroll down out of curiosity and I found that there is a "Ramirez" on one of the top Board of Directors.

This is the same woman who was showing me her cell phone and wanting me to read something about "Easy" and "Abbey Revenge" or whatever it was. I am not kidding. This is also a woman who is talented in psychic work, like Joe Monogan and who was pro Middleton. She had a bona fide interest in Kate Middleton. Which is something I wrote about and maybe this is another reason why it's missing. ((I keep trying to add to this and someone keeps deleting it))). What I am trying to write is I kept wondering why she would be going out of her way to harass and track me, and then several times I saw her covering for both Jewish and Catholic customers that were in the store and a part of torturing me while I was at work. I am not kidding. At almost the end of my work there, she exposed herself and her psychic abilities as well as her interest in Kate Middleton. I wrote down and saved some identifiers of people on one occasion, that this woman Ramirez was trying to cover for. That was when Logan's Roadhouse decided to write up 2 warnings that they were about to fire me. They even tried to claim it was write-ups for things in the past, but they were worried because they were concerned I was going to expose people they knew who came into the restaurant to assault me, who their own bartender was covering for and tipping off to leave quick.

After this happened, I looked up the name "Ramirez" in connection with "Middleton" and found a journalist for The Washington Post in Washington D.C. Her name is Elva Ramirez and she was covering news about Kate Middleton in a favorable way, i.e., "She Wrote 2 Promote".

THEN, today I noticed my posting about Ramirez had been deleted by someone when I accidentally stumbled across a new fact--that one of the head leaders for the Catholic church diocese in Nashville is a "David Ramirez" who may or may not be connected to M. Ramirez (the dark haired buxom bartender at Logan's on West End in Nashville, TN). I will look up his title but it's something like one of the Counsellors or directors for all Catholic affairs in Nashville.

The other thing I discovered, was a possible connection with Catholic church hierarchy and my harassment, with the last name "Kurtz". I was looking up Chatanooga and some other things and found one of the Diocese leaders' last name is Kurtz.

So I kept thinking over and over, "Why does this name sound familiar?" "Where have I heard the name Kurtz?" and then I found out why it was familiar--when I realized Kurtz is the Abbot or Priest running a diocese in a different part of Tennessee. Janice Kurtz was the "Sales & Marketing" woman who told a security guard to arrest me if I was in the hotel again, when I did nothing wrong. They are connected to the designer most likely, that I also worked with there.

These people went out of their way to humiliate and degrade me, and torture me.

I feel good energy when I write about these things, because the Holy Spirit tells me I am right.

And I know there is much worse that others know about.

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