Saturday, May 7, 2011

No Rest On Laurels: A Counterfeit Country

First it was going after me full force, with all the resources and collaboration possible, and then it has been trying to subdue me as I start figuring things out.

The criminals love to show white flags, like peacemakers, after they have acheived victories for themselves.

Some of the most hateful people who harassed me almost every day, trying to get at me, even at the Y, with words, now sliding in and out hoping to remain unnoticed and unreported.

Are you now returning my son? no, you're still covering up for your crimes.

But now they have backed off and set aside their resources for some other triumph. If anyone thinks the devastation that has been wrecked against me and my son is ending with their own personal victories and superficials claims of peace, they are wrong.

They want peace after they have waged war and tortured and persecuted me and my son.

God is not telling me that you deserve your own self-declared peace and covering for yourselves.

You have not confessed your sins or crimes and repaired or paid the monies necessary for your forgiveness and absolution. That means, you have not made any attempt whatsoever to pay any kind of compensation to me or my son.

And now you are trying to conceal what you've already done, and hope to do it by using slicker sources now.

This is how "peace" works.

"Peace" doesn't work where criminals steal, torture, rob, defame, and kill to their hearts delight, and then after getting what they want, pass out a few trinkets and smiles and wave a little flag and hope that someone is just content to not be tortured as badly as before.

That's like waving your shitty flag over a mountain of rubble after you destroyed every single thing there was to a mother's life and her child's life. I know now, that it was not just my life you were destroying, but the lives of others as well.

You are waving your victory flags at your private parties and then in public, put up a big show of peace and reconciliation.

That is how this looks:

You ruined my singing voice, a gift given to me by God--not by man; you kidnapped my son from me and tortured him with and without me; you spread slander about me to every corner of the earth; you lied to have me put in jail and wanted to do worse; you so tortured and drugged and medicated me half of my hair fell out, my body was ruined, and I then DID start acting like a crazy woman out of the sheer response to what you had done. You sat in high seats, in government positions, and looked down on me and my son while you worked out your machinations and schemes against us, and laughed as I was deprived in my own country of every essential right and guarantee this country was founded on.

You have PERVERTED the United States of America and ruined the integrity that this country stood for.

It is not America that I can no longer pledge allegiance to. It is the hierarchy running the lobbyists and high houses. It is the loud money and the quiet money that support plutocracy and push down the common people.

This country is not backing its own money anymore. It is counterfeit and "We The People" are bankrupt.

Not only have you destroyed my life and the life of my son, you have shown me who runs this country and revealed to me how bad this situation is. What is the triumph in capturing Osama bin ladin when you cannot even administer justice to the people in your country, and capture the criminals the have infiltrated the U.S. government and justice system?

You took all of our resources, to wage war on a small group of people that never once admitted or confessed to the 9/11 bombing. In fact, Osama bin ladin never once claimed responsibilty for this. He could have, and I'm sure he had some plans, that's true. But if he organized and did this, why wouldn't he admit to it and want the glory?

He NEVER took the credit for 9/11. There is not one single document of his confession. The REAL criminals needed a scapegoat and someone to rally against. They wanted a figurehead to go after and they picked him.

And not once did he ever admit to doing this. At the time it occured, instead of putting out proclamations to KILL Americans, he admonished his own people to have restraint and to think about what Allah and Islam were really about. He wrote statement after statement, to say he did not agree or support the killing of innocent people or civilians.

And, there is not ONE example of torture by anyone in their group. Give me ONE proof. I want to see some evidence of sadistic behavior by their people. Just show me ONE example of how they tortured others the way Catholic zealots and others have tortured me and my son.

Then we turn 360 degrees to look at Panetta, and some of those in the U.S. administration, who have sanctioned waterboarding and not just waterboarding, but a whole slew of forms of torture that the public will NEVER hear about. Things that are difficult to describe, by those who have been victims of the torture. Things that I and my son experienced firsthand.

When I look at who the real "evil" people are, I look at those who are harming children and who express sadistic and bullying behavior. It is one thing to kill someone in a war and it is another thing to torture a mother and child.


Show me the faces of those who have tortured me and my son.

These are the evil people. These are the people who should be killed off on-sight. The evil people are threaded throughout this country and congregate in knots to wreck havoc on others who would never think of doing something similiar to them or their kids.

Many who are in the FBI and CIA have protected the evil people. They have protected some of the most vile and disgusting, God-hating and greedy people that live in this world and many of them live in the United States and get the most incredible protection, all the way up the chain.

When the women and men who have harassed, persecuted, and tortured me, back off a little bit and leave me alone, after they have stolen everything I ever had and know it is unlikely for me to ever recover--after they have accomplished what they wanted to accomplish and have retreated in order to save money because they have already spent so much money going after me, when they then smile at me and suggest I go to college or pat my back or act like they never had a problem with me to begin with...

Do those who retreat in victory imagine I am not coming after them?

If you think, for one moment, that you can pacify me and fool me with your fake olive branch, you are seriously mistaken. As you retreat to your comfort zones, I have friends and angels who are going with you, into your comfort zones, to find you out.

You are going to be infiltrated by my supporters and married to them and when they find you out they will divorce you, bringing not just what you stole from me but more than half of what your group has accrued in interest from your crimes, with them.


This country backs its claims of human rights and liberty and "justice for all" with fraudulent holdings. It's like wondering what is backing your paper it faith alone or is there something actually backing your money? Is there anything in the treasury or not? This country has a lot of great paper and the good people that used to back the paper and what is written, are now at less than 10%.

Which is why what is true in "theory" and "in practice" are at odds. Which is why it was possible for people to torture me and my son and others with zero accountability. That is incredible, to get away with what you got away with, if, in theory this country is one that is founded on law and integrity. What happened to me and my son is reflective of the people who are now in control of this country.

I don't mean Obama. I mean some of the people in intelligence, law enforcement, and other forms of government.

How many times have I asked for peace, knowing it was possible and within the means of the U.S. to establish and maintain peace for me and my son? Knowing it was within U.S. control to start taking my reports seriously and responsibly and to quit the torture against me and my son? I asked for peace and no one listened. Instead, they further defamed me, took me involuntarily, held me against my will, used me, allowed others to use me, lied and denied everything, and encouraged people to shoot me up with medications and drugs.

The U.S. hasn't done anything about the people I was forced to live with who tortured me and knew about my son being tortured.

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