Monday, September 5, 2011

8:40 a.m. flight simulator (or something) & MOLE

I had an impression at 8:40 a.m. of a man gritting his teeth or setting his jaw while he was in either a flight simulator or something else that causes an increase in some kind of pressure. I thought it was something moving upwards too. It was shaking or vibrating all around, so I thought maybe it was some kind of flight simulator but I don't know. I mainly saw the face and teeth.

Today I cleaned house and organized and I threw out a lot of food and condiments and jars. I don't believe that's how I was medicated, but just in case, I threw a bunch of things out.

Then I made black beans and decided to add cocoa powder (chocolate) and jalapenos for a recipe. It's the first time I've thought to add cocoa, but I smelled them cooking and chocolate came to mind and then it smelled to me like it needed to be balanced with something spicy so I added jalapenos.

I'm out of some ingredients and don't feel like going to the store so I'm making do with what I have.

I just read about mole on wiki. I think whoever wrote it is not Mexican and it sounds ridiculous. How dumb to classify mole as either "upper" or "lower" class. That is really stupid. That's like saying bananas were once imported to England as a luxury food but now that they are commonplace, they are a lower-class food. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And the history written about it is dumb too. I can tell, by using my own natural intuition, that the history emphasis is wrong.

First of all, I wasn't trying to make mole. I've had mole before too, and haven't cared for it. I like other things more...however, I was making black beans (plain, with just water) and then I could smell them and my natural intelligence said: "These would pair with chocolate". I didn't look at a book or recipe. I used my brain.

This whole nun story about how nuns came up with the idea might be true, that they put something together like that, but they didn't get the idea anymore than I got the idea in 2011. Then, this author tries to say maybe it came from the Spanish or Europeans and really makes the indigenous Mexicans (indians) sound stupid. Like they are so dumb, they have the cocoa plant right there and no one ever thought about adding some of their cocoa to some beans or something else.

The S. American indians knew how to build the Aztecs and the Mayans and all kinds of great things, but they were too stupid to think about adding chocolate to a recipe?!

It sounds like arrogant Spanish and European pride to me.

Who had the cocoa first? Who had the chocolate right there? The native indians of South America. And maybe a few other people, I don't know...

So they drank cocoa as a drink. Well that does NOT mean they didn't have the brains to add it to beans or meat sometimes, or to marinate with it or pair with it!

I smelled black beans. They smelled earthy and rich, full bodied and flavorful. They had the same type of earthy and mellow smell as the chocolate. So naturally, I might think I could add a little cocoa. Then, you have 2 more bland alkaline foods paired up together and you need something to pick them up and cut through the bland...Add chilis.

They were doing this from the beginning of time, and anyone who cooked a little and knew their kitchen ingredients and spices, who was a little creative, would have made this on the 8th day that God created the earth. Or, maybe they would have gone a few years and then decided they were bored and needed to try something new.

I hate it when other people try to rob the original inventors of their ideas.

Talk about Mexican oppression.

Oh, and guess what? One thing I read is that they didn't call it mole. The writer did write something that makes sense and said it was called, by the FIRST Native South Indians, "Chuli".

Do you know what that sounds like?


Which is what I just made with chocolate and black beans.

Get some brains you moronic "upper class" Euro-Spaniards. You steal from the real brains and then try to downgrade the idea later after the real history comes out of the closet. Well, it's like it's everyone or anyone's idea, not just belonging to one person or group.

I have maybe read about mole before but I've never made beans and added chocolate and jalapenos before.

I think, based on the little I read, and using sense, that the first "mole" was actually "chulli". Chili. I think it was used in chili. Chocolate and chili. And I just ate the chuli I made and it tasted great and I thought, "Yep. It was chuli/chili."

I think the idea of mole came from maybe someone making chili and having leftover sauce or it was bean originally with black beans or something.

Mine was really simple: black beans, purified water, cocoa powder, and diced green jalapenos. But it was really good. I added the cocoa after I could smell the beans cooking and the aroma was in the air. I only added cocoa later because that's when I had the idea, after I smelled the beans.

And then! I read a lot of people add their cocoa or chocolate to mole sauce at the end. I think it's maybe because someone back on in the stone age (or you know, way back when), just ended up doing the same thing with what they had available. They smelled the beans cooking and thought, hmm...I wonder if I added some cocoa...and then it just became a tradition to add it later. I don't know.

But I believe it was chuli, not mole. So, a bean concoction before it was just a sauce to go over meat.

After I ate my chuli and made a second batch, I went outside to pick some blackberries and eat them. It was the perfect compliment after having the chuli. And I wondered if they ate blackberries in the old Aztec/Mayan and other Mexican original places so I looked it up and they do have blackberries! and did!

My next ideas, which I haven't looked up yet, which I put next to my variation of chuli, is the regular salsa (diced tomato/onion), or stuffed tomato, or probably the vitamin giving the compliment is Vitamin C so blackberries are fine, and then I wrote down pheasant or quail. But I think pheasant for some reason and yet I don't know if they have pheasant over there.

I looked it up for a minute.. I started seeing guacamole and wanted some with my pheasant, but anyway...It says the pheasant was introduced later and the turkey is what's mentioned in early Mexico, but I still have an idea that there was some other bird like the pheasant and it wasn't turkey. I haven't found any history on it yet, but that's what I think. And I don't know why pheasant comes to mind, but from my memory, it sounds right, from what I remember it tasting like. I actually haven't even had pheasant since I was 11? I had it one time at my friend's birthday party and I've never forgotten the taste. I loved it. You can have a strong food memory and be able to incorporate it into ideas, just like anything else...if you have a good imagination, that is. It was freshly killed pheasant, lying there in the sink even. I have always listed it as one of my favorites meats because even though I had it only once, I already know it's one of my favorites. It wasn't an acquired taste. It was, "Yes, I like this. A lot."

So I was remembering how it tastes and then thinking about my chuli and the blackberries, and thought, no, not turkey, not chicken either, and I don't even think beef...Some kind of wild game like pheasant would be perfect.

So I might look up Mexico's other birds of origin and see if they had anything like it back then. I'm going to finish listening to this sermon by Kevin Bolls first though.

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