Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Emily: CIA Kidnapped Oliver Garrett

The CIA is responsible for what's happened to my son. They allowed events to take place and assisted the FBI and local authorities, and worked with Canada, to smear me and take my son from me. They involved Department of State personnel, and then the only way they were giving my son back was to get something out of me. If they got their desired man into this country faster, Alvaro Pardo, they would make things work to return my son. They negotiated with people and actually, we could probably say it is on par with international negotiations and bribery.

I was nothing to them. They wanted him, and to do something nice for his family and friends. To them, I was a piece of shit to babysit until they could dump me. They tried to make it look like it was all about another country but it wasn't or all of the rules wouldn't have changed just for sweet little Alvaro's baby faces.

They made things happen, all the way through Washington state, and talked about setting me up with a normal psych eval and turning things around...for what?

Because the United States of America used ME as a pawn to get what they wanted. What my enemies wanted actually.

They first wanted me to go to prison. When that didn't happen, they wanted to get something out of me one way or the other.

This country is corrupt.

They kidnapped my son from me, and Obama knows intimate details about ME. Guess who was in his chambers talking to him? The man I left the bar with. His right-hand military man.

You people had better figure out your Plan C, or D, or E, or whatever you want to call it, because you STOLE my child and DESTROYED my life.

Alvaro sat around the hospital just for show. He thought if he made it look like he treated me okay, when I was basically held hostage by this country, that the hostage would report she was well-cared for. And then he was always emphasizing how did I think he treated me okay.

He had photos on his computer showing men from Thailand and another set of photos showing hiim with a bunch of friends, wearing a bright clown wig. I used to say to the Bullivant Houser Bailey firm all the time, jokes about how I was going to wear a clown pin to court.

They gave me Alvaro. He was supposed to be the clown pin I took to court.

There are only a couple of options. I was either groomed to be the mistress for someone in the English royal family, or Obama. There are no other possible explanations. And knowing what I know, that is the only possibility. But I think that while someone thought this is what the plan was, the real plan was to figure out a way to just move me into prison, or into a padded cell.

Alvaro was an enemy. He showed himself to be an enemy when he drugged me up with birth control, or allowed others to do this, when I was with him. He showed himself to be an enemy by looking my son in the eye, and claiming he cared about my son, and then dropping out like a COWARD, to mumble maybe I was crazy while he and his people knew me and my son were tortured.

Whether it's the White House or Buckingham, how does it feel to sit where you sit, knowing you ruined and destroyed someone's life and the life of their child, because you're too chicken-shit to speak up. Then, you watched and allowed all of this incredible crimes to happen to me, knowing it was crime. You knew. And to save yourselves a little "dignity", you stood by while others tortured my son, and all the time knowing I was innocent all along.

Alvaro. Pretending not to understand English and laughing out loud to Sex & the City.

He worked with some group that wanted me in prison and lied to another group about what he was doing. Which is what a lot of people did. They lied. And while I stood there holding on and in my right mind, these cowards fell one by one like "toy soldiers". Cowards.

If you're not cowards, where is your report to the UN on behalf of me and my son.

Alvaro had to be in Washington D.C. because the Pentagon, CIA, or FBI needed him there. And I guess he missed seeing his own kids.

I know of another child that is raised by a family that is not her own biological family and she had short blond bobbed hair and rain boots. She was being raised by what appeared to be a Jewish family and I know who the father is because I saw her reflection in his eyes. Emily.

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Try torture for half a decade.

For the last 2 days I've woken early and had a sad feeling or feeling that something isn't right. And then it improves around 8 or 9 a.m. I found out today that my son has been sent off to school.

My only son, in this fucking country called "America".

You robbed me of everything. And then you even dare to try to force me to work for you for nothing, or minimum wage.

You've allowed people to lie about me, falsely arrest me, use me sexually and non-sexually, and dumped me off, ugly and mocking me and saying I'm past my prime, and try to use me still. And my own son.

You keep a lot of your fucking CIA brats safe. How are Panettas kids doing by the way? How about Mullers? But you steal and destroy lives, picking them out bone by bone, to rearrange them into macabre projects, to keep YOUR kids 'safe'. You have no problem keeping kids safe whose parents voluntarily have them adopted out, for identity or other reasons. But you TAKE what isn't YOURs.

Oliver Garrett is NOT YOURs.

He will never be yours.

And if you want to keep your own families and the other kids "safe", you would have returned my son to me. Instead, you jeopardize the lives of others just to stubbornly hold onto my son and in refusal of returning him. You have already jeopardized lives. People have already died and been found out. And there is more to come, all because you thought you could take risks with the lives of other people and it would never affect you.

There might be some people like the "Hersha sisters", who refrain from talking about things, because of National Security interests. But in my opinion, anyone who keeps their mouth shut about something like this is a National Security threat. National Security means that U.S. citizens have a right to believe their own kids are safe in this country from being abused by U.S. officials. Security? How much security did my son have when you allowed the worst of the worst to do all these things to him?

You drugged me, for laughs from my enemies and to keep your secrets safe.

People like "Cheryl" and "Lynn" are weak. It's not their fault. You kept them weak and trained them to be weak, as you do most victims of mind control. Including those who work in the UK for the "royal" houses. Which is really ridiculous, because what it comes down to, is some dogs have pedigrees with papers and some dogs have pedigrees without papers and they take the papers away from some of the dogs, claiming it's to give them "a good home and not be used for show" when really, it's to eliminate competition.

You take these victims of mind control for government use. And some of them don't even know they're victims of mind control until their entire lives have been used and wasted. If they don't do what you want, they get turned over for abuse by mafia or the mob. Or killed.

You start young with them, because the entire objective is the hope that if they ever do figure it out, when they do, they will be trained not to defect. You make sure something keeps them from leaving or revealing what's happening. You either blackmail them into it, early-on, to secure their secrecy, or you create forced bonds to keep them from divulging secrets of "national importance". You have them bond to family or the government.

According to one of the "Hersha sisters", Lynn, she still works for the U.S. in counter-terrorism. She feels she cannot say everything she went through because of NSA interests. Which is what the U.S. wants. They trained her to react this way. And they tell her she's a patriot and reward this and try to scare her into thinking that if she says anything, she's putting more lives at risk.

Thanks Lynn, for putting the lives of countless other American children at risk, because you think it's a good idea to keep your mouth shut.

They told you you are saving U.S. soldiers and American citizens by keeping your mouth shut and the trade-off is that to "save the adults" you sold American children into slavery.

All because you think you're being "a patriot".

They told you there would be an international risk and border issue, you would weaken the border if you said too much. So you keep working for the U.S. and believe yeah, you're making lemonade out of lemons and helping the American people, while kids like my son are tortured and held hostage from the mothers that love them.

My son was only a toddler when he had adult and teenage men literally pissing on him. He was told to "dance" for people in the middle of being traumatized by a separation from his mother and they played the feedback and the noises he made, back to me in Washington D.C. from a Seattle phone number.

The United States is in on it. You, Lynn, are so brainwashed, you hear your own sister talk about crazy things that happened to her and you shrug. I think that's what suits you best. The shrug. Which is kind of like a "wrap" but goes by another name. When you're out of uniform and talking glibbly about when you're activated or not, do me a fucking favor and put on a little article of clothing called a "shrug". Just wear it. Actually, you probably like the fact that I talk to you like you're a piece of shit, because that's what you've been trained to like.

Yep. Exactly right. Go to "shrug (article of clothing)" on wiki and find the laughing woman with a doll of a soldier with one eye resting on her back.

And you, Lynn, can say it's "amazing" while little kids get fucked, literally, in the U.S. with the CIA thumbs up. You can grin and think you're a hero while U.S. citizens get tortured to the point of death, and have their eyes going cross-eyed from their brains being lasered, and have their genitals turn blue and black, and be thrown in cages. Maybe you think that if you lived, they can live to.

So what is it you're fighting for then? Freedom?

The freedom you don't have? the freedom you robbed from the other kids when you decided to keep your mouth shut? You're doing all this for "freedom" and National Security for "freedom" and you have never seen one bit of freedom in your entire life and you think you're a hero too. Because that's what they tell you. They need you.

They're abusing other kids just like you, and stealing them from parents and torturing them and then calling the parents who complain "crazy". And it's all for "freedom".

What is leadership.

Do you like dictatorships? or do believe people follow leaders that set good examples.

Follow me to "freedom" while I chain your hands behind your back!

This way! to freedom...March! March! Follow the man who just poured acid on the child's finger and follow the Judge who blocked any evidence of government sponsored terrorism in visits! This way to freedom! Shut up before I wrap this belt around your mouth. Climb this rope. Get under that fence.
I thought I would add that this morning there was no problem with technology or someone trying to burn me with infrared or anything else, and since I've written this, someone started it up. They tried a little bit until I wrote about use of training military to do things, and then they started it up again.

I am marking the time. It was around 11:20 that it was started up higher, but someone was doing it a little bit before while I wrote. Turning it off and on and causing heating and cooling of my body.

Which is something I consider to be "torture" Obama. I don't think Obamas friends are who they say they are, frankly. I think they want him to do what they want, shut up, until they get him out.

Obama's chance to make a difference in history is to go out with a bang, not sit arond with piddlers. I wonder who he's sitting next to right now, or was sitting next to when I wrote this at about 11:40 a.m. I guess I'll go to the White House site and see what the schedule is.
I do NOT want my son in the Dryden or Wenatchee schools and I WANT to be part of my son's life. That does not mean half of, or a fraction of. I want MY CHILD with ME and if you don't do it, I will not stop what I'm doing.

I've made a similiar suggestion before, and usually, for about a week, someone stopped the crap. I remember. Like when I first said the mob and the government military work together. I noticed some seriously raised eyebrows when I next went to the grocery store and all of these men surveilling me to assess my threat level I guess. That was before I even said anything about who I dated or whatever.

I didn't follow through, because I was weak like Lynn. Thinking that if I did, I might be exposing the country to danger.

I don't really feel that way anymore.

Because, you see, I believe it's more dangerous for criminals that I've had to deal with, who ruined my life, to walk free. It is not "protecting national interests" or "freedom" to keep your mouth shut when U.S. officials and corrupt lawyers laugh and collude to block a child's freedom, or use the mafia for muscle.

I'm not rushing into what I say or write because I am leaving a small reserve if I need it.

In the meantime, I've only gathered more intelligence that I can use against you if you do not return my child.

You can sacrifice one child from your program and give him back to me, or sacrifice several highly trained positions. If they are all looking for early retirement, then maybe that's what they really want anyway.

By the way, did you know Vladimir Putin passed a bill in 2005, for Russia, outlawing any use of technology of any kind against their own citizens? Not that their not doing anything over here, but that says something. It says, "We (Russia) know that it is possible to use technology to torture others, long-range, short-range, infrared, electronic, non-electronic, magnetic, ultrasound, ionic, non-ionic, lasers, et al. Because we know this kind of research and punishment is being used in other countries like the United States of America, we are making a public law to ban and outlaw the same thing in our country. We are doing this because we know that over in America, it is being used by the rich with connections against the poor. We know it's being used to punish people. We know it's being used to force people to work against their will. We know it's being used for government research. We know it's being used to manipulate activists. And we know it is harmful and ruins lives, and we also know it is torture. We desire to be in compliance with the UN convention protocol that states signing as a party is agreeing to not doing such things. We do not support terrorism and torture of our citizens. We KNOW it's out there. We are signing this bill, in 2005, because we have HEARD what the U.S. is doing and we know. The U.S. has done this to Cameo Garrett and her whole family and her son, and Russia knows this. Russia knows about other people the U.S. is doing this to. And ironically, Russia is, at least in writing, taking higher ground in this regard than the Americans."

How totally BIZARRE that the only laws against this that I've ever seen in the U.S., were in Knoxville, Tennessee, and they were laws to only protect law enforcment, not the public. "Thou shalt not laser a corrupt law enforcement officer but thou shalt have freedom to fry the Americans you don't like."

2005. Anti-technology torture bill passed by Russia.

2005. Year torture against me and my son begins in earnest (they did it earlier, with triggering migraines in me, but then they really go full-fleged).

2004. Who came into power?

I just looked up Congress. I looked it up because someone was deliberately sending the word "congress" to me this early morning around 8 a.m. and then I randomly turned my radio on hours later and the word congress was there again about a speech. So since I looked up the schedule of the President, I see there's a speech tonight.

Is this the big one where he spills all the skippyjohn jones beans? I wonder if this will be the one where his mother calls to him ghost, reminding him, "You are not a chihauhau, you are a Siamese cat." Jumping up and down he sees his reflection in the mirror and says, "I'm not a cat! I'm a cHIHAUHAU!" and the ghost gently reminds him, "Skippyjohn jones, you are not a chihauhau." Is this the day he confides to us about the Don Diego? holy guacamole, maybe it is. Let's see what ear he wears the ring in. jumpin' jellybeans! You got some gelato for the mullato? how about some spin for my span.

How about my son back.
No, they're not going to kill you if you tell.
Why don't you write out a report, send it to the various nations and branches of the U.S., and claim the whistleblowers' protection that you can claim by law?

How about, if you want to be really big ballzo about it, you do it while you're still in office.

Dear Fellow Americans,
I am here today to share with you a secret that's damaging the credibility of our great nation. At this point, I would like to enjoin the protection afforded me through the Federal Whistleblower's Law, as I am about to become the first-ever Presidential Whistleblower (aside from Kennedy, but let's not talk about that, oh, and Lincoln, but why stir dissension to the level of civil war). Fourscore and fourty hours ago, fleet footed ninnies crept into my closets to murmer in my ear.

But before we proceed to the secret, how about those jobs! Ya got one? Because my advisor and VP here gave me a plan and it's to enlist your children to be soldiers without their consent! We are going to create 1 million new jobs this month, through recruitment of children, selected by random lotto in some cases (so keep your fingers crossed!) and we are going to create special slots for low-level dirt slinging CPS workers to high flying fingers in their ____ CIA!

My big secret, one of them, is that there are things even I don't like to do in the bedroom. (Please commence Whistleblower Protection now) But folks, I do it anyway. And now, I would like to have my back scratched with a large bristled bathbrush for not sharing anything that is of National Security interest...Ms. Garrett, I recommend you contact the UN.

Yeah, and I have someone torturing me again by heating me while I use this laptop. So I guess Obama is going to need to start thinking about what "National Security" really is.

Because if you don't protect the U.S. citizens from torture, and you know they're being tortured, that's treason and cause for impeachment. If you decide you need to impeach one of your own that is creating the biggest problem, it is time to impeach.
In response to the Nuremberg Trials, Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram begins his famous Obedience to Authority Study in order to answer his question "Could it be that (Adolf) Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?" Male test subjects, ranging in age from 20 to 40 and coming from all education backgrounds, are told to give "learners" electric shocks for every wrong answer the learners give in response to word pair questions. In reality, the learners are actors and are not receiving electric shocks, but what matters is that the test subjects do not know that. Astoundingly, they keep on following orders and continue to administer increasingly high levels of "shocks," even after the actor learners show obvious physical pain ("Milgram Experiment"). Learn more:

Researchers at the University of Washington directly irradiate the testes of 232 prison inmates in order to determine radiation's effects on testicular function. When these inmates later leave prison and have children, at least four have babies born with birth defects. The exact number is unknown because researchers never follow up on the men to see the long-term effects of their experiment (Goliszek). Learn more:

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