Sunday, September 4, 2011

Adding 5 More Exposes to List Bc of Drugging

I have decided today that I am not only filling in more about the other Exposes I've written, I'm adding the last 2 to my list of 10 and then I'm adding another 5 to the list, for sharing. There is plenty more where that comes from too.

The additional 5 is for drugging and medicating me this month and for the crap on my shower stall. I don't believe that was from my parents. I believe it's from the same idiots who got into my place, moved my things around, stole my library card, and did a number of other things.

My Dad tried to cover for whomever and suggested I did it myself when I was sleeping and no, I did not. And after they asked me if I'd cleaned it up they said this even more, and I finally said a day or two ago: "No, it wasn't me and I saved the brown hair that was smeared in with it."

In fact, I saved the very blond hair, the brown head hairs, and some of the crap and I picked it out with tweezers and kept my sample secure.


I niight not have the money to analyze anything now, but I will, and when I do, you're going down for either putting that in my place or smearing someone else's headhairs and stuff in there when I wasn't present.

What this means, is my samples of crap like this, are going into a safety deposit box with all of my other evidence of U.S. government CRAP. And yes, I can keep a crap sample sealed in a plastic bag in a safety deposit box. It dries, which was what made it easy for me to flake it off.

I am also cutting my nails and keeping samples of the warping in my nails that I have, which is not from the crappy meds you try to give me or have others give me.

The brown hair I saved is medium brown and curves with a slight wave and is thin and is about 1 inch long.

What it looked like was that either someone put it there with the poop, or they smeared the back of someone's head into the wall and a hair come off when they were rubbing the back of someone's head into poop and putting it on the top wall of the stall.

However, they maybe just put hairs in the crap because the other sample was on the other side and it was a short shaved off kind of blond hair and thicker, or small cut, and it wasn't my mom's from what I can tell, and it was put lower in the stall on the right wall.

I saved all hair samples.

KEEP YOUR HANDS off of me and my family, and if I were you, I would be encouraging others to be nice. Any attempts to convince my parents to drug or medicate me, will backfire. Do you have this straight?

I should also add that someone is trying to do very strong and severe lasering or heating of me right now. I guess they don't llike what I have to say? I wouldn't blame them because the problem is, they're getting caught.

My mom used to have a gun. I'd like to know where it is.

The reason I ask is because it seems to me that the use of guns and threatening with guns has been involved with trying to intimidate and silence my family. It's an idea tht came to mind-not an image or impression or anything, but an idea. Bad move whether you're a cop or a cop killer.

I just went back and looked at the height of whwere the brown hair and the rubbed in smudge was. I estimated where one would have to be standing and how tall. It would have been someone who was taller than me but not super tall. It was someone more like my Dad's height.

Someone is going to see a lot of pornos in prison aren't they?

It was either a man who was my Dad's height, whose head was rubbed into the wall, or if it was a child's head, they had to be lifted up to that height. It wasn't a hair inside of poop, it was a hair that had stuck to the wall after a head was rubbed into poop in the back.

I had the impression while writing this, of a woman asking out loud if I had taken pictures and what I'm wondering, is who wants to know?

It's a funy thing how some group doesn't want me in counseling, isn't it?

Just a little too much information to share maybe, and in her right mind when she's sharing it too, which any normal person or counselor would see.

What the U.S. thinks they can do is "alternative psychotherapy" where they try out even more experiements on you and how you react to this, rather than allow you to go to an office and talk.

They like to screw you up and allow others to exeripent with psychological torture and harassment and constant bullying and verbal bashing, and then try out their warped ideas about how to treat people with PTSD and think maybe they should be exposed to more of it. They like to work out their plans on desensitization. They like checking in on how their grooming and Stockholm Syndrome approaches work, first by beating you to a pulp and abusing and exploiting you and then they smile and give you a look as if to say, "Sorry. Wink, wink. You know I had to do it for this little secret game and really I'm on your side and I'm smiling to let you know."

I've actually seen a lot of that. Like they literally think I believe we are on the same page and that I know it has to be done and we're working together. Inject me in the arm, harass me, drag me across the room of men in a folded blanket, to look like the white towel I wore on April 29th when I peeked around the corner to see the wedding news, yes...let's repeat that for you Ms. Garrett, and this is what it looks like from the Knoxville, TN facist jail. It wasn't a mistake. It wasn't a randomly grabbed white blanket. She folded it up into a rectangle as small as the white towel I had wrapped around me at the Y on the 29th, and this woman wrapped it around me that same way, small enough to show my thighs down and top of chest up, and she dragged me, after they broke my hands after first handprinting them, across the floor.

Then she yelled at me to "KNEEL!"

After she did all these things, with another woman there watching and everyone else besides, she came back into the room like no big deal and smiled innocently at me.

Why was I being handprinted?

Who did they do this for? England? or is it that The Middletons are not really as "English" as the English would think them to be. "Hail Hitler."

These people and groups in the U.S. and whoever they work with, are no different than Gestapo.
Then they had me in there and played songs that Alvaro and I used to listen to. From a CD he gave me.

It's called crime. Every single thing they did to me has not been a civil issue, they have been the criminals and they've tried to hide their crimes with the idea of immunities they don't have.

So I guess I was talking about the U.S.'s "idea" of counseling.

That's it. Right there.

I'm not sure what they call it in other countries. It might be a whole new technique for something.

I guess that was their way of taking something I had blogged about, and a day in my life that I had reflected upon, and wanting to recreate something so it fit their own picture of how things should look.

Don't tell me that marriage is not about mobsters winning.

The Middleton marriage is a disaster.

If it were not a disaster, the number of horrific crimes against me and my son would have never occured. In the name of people who are not even from the United States of America, Americans have committed crimes and gross, gross deceptions.

I like the part of the Wallis story where they leave the corrupt or those who say they can't do what they want to do. That's the Wallis story I read about in D.C. that I liked.

The Middletons can have their Hitler allegiance. I don't want it, and it seems to work well for them. It doesn't matter if it's Catholics or Jews supporting them, Hitler is Hitler. Hitler can be Jewish just like Hitler was Catholic, or of any other religion.


In a U.S. jail. It wasn't normal procedure. They had it all staged out. It was to humiliate me and for no other reason than humiliation, to make some of them feel good about themselves, and to mask the use of me by U.S. for research.

Something good somewhere happened because I sensed it about 15-25 minutes ago. Maybe less time than that. Someone or something decent somewhere.

I'm still being tortured with this laptop burning crap, but I could tell there was something else.

I am taking a break and then getting back to my list.

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