Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dreams and Impressions

Someone is editing and deleting my work this morning. I am having to start over. I just published something and then they deleted the entire thing.

I wrote I am not sharing my dreams anymore. I have very vivid and descriptive dreams each night and I have no reason to share them with you anymore. I might share a couple of impressions here and there if I feel it's right and that's it.

What I will be doing is strengthening the list of Expose of U.S. Govt. Psychic Govt. Workers that I've already made and add 2 more to that list. I already said I was going to do it and I am committed to that. I am considering adding an additional number of people if needed, but I will wait until the court hearing on the 14th or until consideration of my motion first.

This morning I woke up and thought about the impression I had with CIA's Laura Ingraham. I had wondered about seeing this child in a hole and I don't believe it was figurative. I think she really did and has seen a child in a hole, that looks like my son, and did nothing about it. And since I saw the Dryden River right after seeing this child in a hole, I can say Ms. Ingraham comes across as nice, but maybe working for the CIA just automatically means you're an actress-analyst. If I saw her walking up stairs with both hands on the railing when I asked to see her, it was her. I have enough experience to trust at least some of my impressions and know they are real. I saw going up a ladder that looked like it was going to a cockpit or something, but just the ladder or stairs, and I saw her in a plane overlooking bombs and fire later. She saw them from the right side of the plane. I saw her viewing a child reaching up his arms from a hole in the dirt earth and it was through her eyes. She didn't pull him out and it wasn't this adopted son she has. Right after I saw that hole I saw the Dryden River and that's what it was. It was The Wenatchee River in Dryden. Power to the People? Sounds like something my Ex Alvaro Pardo would say.

So what's the deal with wanting to adopt a kid from Russia? Better negotiations?

So Ms. Ingraham, when you raise up shaky parted fingers to your brow is it for tears, or a splitting headache?

I think Mr. O'Reilly is maybe the real problem. "Real" as in IRA real? He was the one making all kinds of comments and references that reflected what was happening to me, my family, and this girl. So what is his interest in some girl, that has been put ahead of my own son, unless it's that she's just white and special and my son is only "half-special" because he's half Mexican? Is it that O'Reilly and friends hate me so much they are just happy to try to find out what annoys me? Are they that afraid of me? or is it that they just like to support terrorism roots-up on homeland soil. What's even funnier, is that Christine Gregoire's offices then joined in.

I thought, "Right. I have people saying I'm not a big deal but look at the level of people who hate me."

I wrote a post about the tip-toeing or stepping on toes (which I haven't even finished yet) and the next thing Gregoire's offices does is put up a 4-panel slide show, highlighting places of note in Washington, and NEWSFLASH to Gregoire, "Steptoe" is not one of them. Maybe it was her assistant's idea...the Italian woman.

I haven't forgotten about the Italian woman because when I called, she was so hateful and rude to me and then I found out some kind of connection between her and the Italian owner of The Coast Hotel where I was told I was "banned for prostitution". I haven't prostituted in my life. I found that Italian owner lived in Seattle, Washington.

You see, when the mob is involved, they don't half-way. They support half-asses but they don't go half-way. And even if they are trying to hold your entire family hostage, they try to turn it around on you when you get out with your dignity and say you stole from them and robbed them of THEIR dignity.

There is a deep cover mob and mafia that works hand-in-hand with the U.S. Government and when I didn't join my own hand in marriage, they threw a fit.

I opened up this other tea package last night and read what it says: "Dignity is better than a silk dress." I could have gone the Monica Lewinsky route, or I could have said, "You're not holding up your end of this relationship and you are smearing my dignity in the process."

For retaining my own dignity and taking the high road, the low-lifes in high office wanted to strip me of everything I had. They knew I had dignity and integrity. And that's what they wanted to take from me. No, they said, you either marry someone we feel will control you and do something for us and what we want, and we might have him even take guardianship and throw you to the psych wards, or we find a way to put you in prison. How do you put me in prison for marriage fraud if I don't get married? Even if I cared about him, these people wanted to find a reason to put me in jail for a long time. Not a short time. A long time. And they didn't think their case was strong enough in MD so they tried to have me take some deal for "a lot of money" and you don't have to sleep with him, and when I didn't, Pardo was negotiating on how to dump me since their prison uniform for me wasn't going to fit as planned.

What was one of the last places Diana visited before she was killed?


And who didn't want me visiting the archives in D.C. for mines and land mines? My Colombian boyfriend.

If my Ex was so great, where was he when I was being tortured? and where were his friends and where was he and what was he thinking, when he sold out, sold out the woman he slept with for half a year, who he joked with and talked to, whose son he visited...

All that to mumble into the phone like a coward:

"Maybe you are crazy."

And maybe you are a coward and a liar. Where are you are now Pardo? I was supposed to take the name Pardo of all things. Cameo Pardo. Like I'M forgiven.

I had everything stolen from me and then my dignity too because no one could stand the idea of my being an "available" single woman with dignity, in her right mind, and free. I was handed a crust of bread to keep me quiet if they couldn't detain me for some reason, right before important events. Oh. We have an heir. She can go home now. Heir can mean anything. Take it however you want to take it.

I haven't had anyone tell me I need to take riding lessons lately. I wonder why. Must be my allergies over here.

I see there is a new Wallis movie coming out with Madonna staring. I don't know how it will be. I only found out about it after I had taken this Arthur Wallis book of prayer to my place. I then saw an article about it. Who knows. I know I think I should have gone ahead and given my son the other names I had in mind for him as well: Edward and maybe Henry. Those were the only other two names I had in mind. I thought of Edward, recently, not for Wallis, but in the story of of Mr. Edward Howard. And I wondered recently, "When I was running away from school as a little girl" and draawing pictures of our pastor in prison behind bars in church, I wonder what was going on in the world.

I like speaking my mind and I feel better about myself when I am not trying to curb what I say ...though I think this is partly why someone felt my blog was, at first, damaging. It portrayed me as articulate, and then of course tortured, but suddenly I was myself and writing poetry and things and putting up songs, and I think someone wanted the truth about me to be hidden. They never wanted anyone to notice me. They wanted me to sound horrible and crazy and then when I resurfaced, they just tried a new tactic to make me sound horrible and crazy again. And when I didn't marry off and get out of the way and off of the "single ladies list", they were pissed.

Back to Gregoire, I once had an impression of a woman and just snarling and looking mean and sarcastic and satisfied about something, and I realized later, "Oh my gosh. It was Gregoire." It was either Gregoire without make-up, because she looked horrible, or some other woman that looked like Gregoire without make-up.
The impression I had last night was of a man wearing a flat but round kind of hat and a robe. He was writing at a table. It wasn't a turban and looked more like an Iranian, Afghani, or Pakistani hat. It wasn't a turban.

It looked like he was writing a letter, but now that I think of it today, maybe it was a kind of art.

I thought it was a letter, because it felt important and he had this intention and deliberate way. He was bending over a table with a pen or something and I saw him as if I were standing to his right shoulder. And he was very focused and then the part that seemed like painting was how far or long the line was that he made across the page from left to right...but I suppose he could have been crossing something out with a line.

I thought he was making a new document.

It was like he purposefully sat down to draft something though. I don't think he was crossing out. It was more like a deliberate long line or flourish. But he did it more than once. It was before 9 p.m. I guess it could have been a military person with a hat like that but I thought maybe they were middle eastern.

I also know that before I watched Mrs Doubtfire, someone else was watching it before I did, a day before or so. Someone was "sending" all these phrases from the movie and then I watched it and saw what it was about--it was stuff from this movie. I remember a boy in Harry's voice, saying, instead of "Take Two", "Take Five". It sounded just like Harry's voice and inflection, from the clip of hiim and his mom and brother, where he says "Take Two" and yet I heard someone saying it the exact same way but "Take Five" and then I watched Mrs. Doubtfire and that is said in the movie. And I haven't seen the movie since I was in my early teens. It's been at least a decade.

I heard the "Take Five" on the same day I was picking up other phrases from the show. But the "Take Five" one stood out to me becasue it sounded like Harry's voice, only this voice said take five instead of take two. And, it sounded so much like Harry and the inflection I wondered if another kid was saying this or if Harry was able to mask his voice to sound young or imitate his voice and inflection from his childhood.

I don't know. Then, I ended up randomly watching the show and in the show someone says:

"Take Five" and it was a match but not the same voice match.

I am not crazy and I am continuing to write about U.S. or other spies or workers, because I don't appreiciate being drugged and medicated. You keep drugging me, I'm talking MORE, not less. And I don't mean more about what my impressions are or my dreams or ideas, I mean, more about others and what I pick up on.

I spent the last 2 days partially in my place, going to bed early with migraine.

I don't need your medication and drug crap.

I know my parents are involved and whether they have done some of this voluntarily or from someone telling them to do it I don't know. But I know, and I have marks on my body from the last dose and I'm not going to their church and not even going to their house because of it.

I find it very strange how many people want to block me from getting serious evidence the State and federal govt. has withheld from me, and then keeps trying to medicate and drug me on top of everything.

Which makes it one of two things:

Mobsters, or Secret U.S. research.

There is no other option.

Mobsters hide what they're doing because they know it's illegal and if they get caught, they might go to jail. They will get others to medicate or drug people by blackmail or other incentives: money, or we won't torture you, whatever.

U.S. Govt. crap and Secret Projects, unfortunately, don't look much different: they want to keep their work secret too, just like the mob. Which is why sometimes they work together and terrorize for a common goal. If it's a secret or top-secret project, they are also usually breaking the law. But instead of being worried about going to jail, they know they have immunity.. The people who don't get the immunity are those they blackmail and convince to work for them to help them cover for what they're doing and to ensure the silence of participants.

So this means, instead of getting a legal prescription for a drug to medicate someone with, they use a nurse or doctor or someone who has access to drugs here or in another country, and dope up the food or drink. Then the people doing it, are off the record as having done this.

If they want to slap a "guardianship" law over this they can, and they have to get a court order to do this and keep it on the low, but that doesn't protect any of the parties who are committing additional crimes on the side by withholding other evidence or who collude to falsely arrest someone, or who torture others.

My parents are involved and I know they are. So either the mob and mafia are a big problem, or the U.S. government is looking for a massive lawsuit. And whether it's the mob or whether it's the U.S. govt, it really doesn't matter. If they are blackmailing or commiting other crimes to have people do their dirty work for them, then it makes no difference.

The U.S. didn't want me I guess, if they thought they could get a better deal with someone else. Is that it?

You don't have anything with me, because it's not MY ship that's going down, it's going to be yours.

I have the evidence and I have the testimony and all you hava is a lot of money and power which others already know you've misused.

My son is not going to be your lab rat and since I have proof on my own skin right now, that I am still being treated like a lab rat, your security is out the door.

Your breach. YOUR treason.

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