Saturday, September 3, 2011

Infrared Distortion

Looking up infrared this evening. I am sure I've looked it up before, but for some reason the word "distortion" came to mind and then "infrared" and I have no idea why.

I just read about it though and I think that's one of the monsters. I think that's the "heating" I've been talking about with regard to something heating my body when I am at the laptop. It's invisible and it doesn't burn the surface of the skin necessarily but it can penetrate and cause harm and heating to the body by going deeper and yet no one could even tell from the outside.

I think there are some criminals in the neighborhood possibly. But at least now I have a better idea of what this one thing is.

Not crazy honey.

But you might go crazy in jail.

So it's either something built-into this laptop specifically, or it's been done with a current and there is a list of the kind of wave or whatever but I don't know that much about it. O, E, S, C, L, U are some of the bands (and I thought L was for love...huh.)

So, I looked up infrared but I am not positive of the origin yet, but oh yes, it's a match. What I'm wondering about though, is why it began when Chris Rozollo was around. So, he checked my computer out and then passed along certain information to others to figure out how to torture me best?

I mean, why else would it just start up then? I mean, that particular form of torture at least. I know of a few, believe me. But this one started up with him.

So the part I don't understand, is the bit about distortion so I guess I need to read a little more while I'm being burned.

I am about 70% positive the infrared is what is being done with the laptop heating thing I've been talking about. Might be able to upgrade my percentage later, but that's what I think. What seems strange to me is with all these technology-minded men, why did none of them think of this and pass along the idea to me? It's not like we don't have military around with experience in systems and technology, or other guys (or women) who know about this kind of thing. So it seems reeally weird that all these people would keep their mouths shut.

I also found some interesting material with the topic "energy" when I typed in a search for form of energy that creates movement in cells.

What's really sad is the idea of impact of a lawsuit.

What would be difficult for any jury to understand, is the level of pain in order to even imagine damages.

You could get a lawyer or law firm up there, to describe in minute detail, the physics of what happens. They could describe energy forms and what they do, and go on about thermodynamics or any number of related ideas, and a jury would get a better picture, but they would still be wondering.

Then, you could get the firm to move from talking about the form of energy and what it does to matter, and have them describe the actual changes that take place in a human body when that body is targeted. You could describe changes to DNA, or cell, or movement, or heat and temperature increase, and heart rhythm changes and all kinds of things. You could then give the jury an estimation of what kinds of health problems that person will have.

The jury would have a much better idea.

However, unless a jury member actually felt what I have felt, or my son, or family or anyone else, unless they had even 5 or 10 minutes being told what to expect and how long it would be to sample it, the jury has no clue at all what the word "torture" really means.


And how many different varieties of "torture" will we have a jury member experience for themselves, firsthand?

If we give them a number to describe the level of torture and then show what a high level and low level is, they will have a better frame of reference for imaginging how severe the torture was.

But how many different types of bodily torture would we be asking our jury to understand?

Let's not even include the fact that being repeatedly drugged and medicated without consent, when it is unnecessary, is torture and used as a weapon of war in the United States of America.

So if we were going to court, and we start with this incredible list of heinous forms of torture that cause bodily harm, and we talk about drugging, and then we include false arrests and detainment for the faciliation of these things, and rape, and a whole number of matters...

What kind of case is that?

I mean, what is the tort, exactly?

Is it a tort?

I know clients ask their lawyers all the time, "Well this ________, this _______, and this_______ happened, so what kind of a case do I have?"

Or a lawyer will say, "Okay, just give me the facts and I'll figure out what kind of law we can apply."

I would like to know exactly what kind of seriously crazy case we are talking about.

I'm not crazy. But the kind of case I could bring before a court of SOME kind, somewhere, is up there with the Addams Family strange.

It's obviously a criminal case. Torture cases are. But with so many different elements and so many forms of torture over such a prolonged period, and involving this many people, and other violations of normal justice to premeditate and facilitate these things...

I hardly know what kind of case it is.

Is it all summed up in one grand kind of claim? Or are they separate cases?

I'm thinking a lot of this can be summed up in a grand claim, but I can't think of what title it would be.

What would I be describing to a jury, court, and law firm, and Judges, to make such allegations of this magnitude?

Is it RICO? or Human Rights violations of Torture protocol and law? Is it a massive lawsuit against the federal government for experimentation and use of human subjects for research projects with the NSA?

It sort of sounds like something a group would kill people over, doesn't it? or if they can't bring themselves to do that, bury them alive as mentally ill and dope them up repeatedly.

I would think people would be killing to cover up this level of crime. Or maybe it's true that this would draw more attention and the plan is to get ahold of anyone who might "tell" and try to make sure they are brain-dead or believed to be absolutely nuts.

And then the entire course of that individual's life is monitored. If it wasn't already being watched, from the time of birth.

It's like treating people like leftovers and coming up with one more meal plan after the other. They have to keep torturing forever, to keep the person sounding crazy, and then they develop new and inventive ideas for new things to research and use for experimentation.

They might even want to keep the person alive to see what natural disasters set in after they've tortured and medicated the person. Follow them to find out what the natural damages will be...

You can't kill off a person that you need for your study now can you Doctor?

Then after writing up this persons entire life and how they related to others at various stages of life, and what happened to the body they tormented and used for research, the person dies. Cause of death?

One copy of the file going to ___________, one copy going ___________...

I just submitted 3 copies to court and parties to demand the return of my son.

How many copies of your research on our lives have you distributed around the table?

You are going to lose your specimen and be held to criminal court if you do not return my child.

I am giving you an opportunity to find a way to correct what you've done and then you can all move on to better things.

But if you don't, your specimen is not going to live long enough for you to find out how I died after what you've done.

I am more than prepared to go out like the thermonuclear fusion or implosion I hear described now and then.

I'm giving you a chance to return my child to his mother.

Take it.

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