Friday, September 2, 2011

Devil's Kitchen Owners Refuse To Pay Employee

I sent these owners a letter with my address and request to be paid for my work with them. They have not responded.

So now, I'm asking for the W-2 and the check.

I think they figured they could withhold my money from me and help the U.S. Department of State with keeping me from getting my passport stuff expedited in time.

There is no excuse for an employer withholding payment from an employee. I worked for them over a month ago and mailed back their menu with my address and request for payment and they've had plenty of time. At least 2 weeks.

So, I'm still sending my passport information and it's going out today.

I thought it was really interesting, because I called the New Orleans, LA Dept. of State passport people and they lied to me and said they were not able to tell me what date I had to have my "additional information" sent in by.

They lied. They said there was no supervisor to help me either.

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