Sunday, September 4, 2011

Filed Report of Torture for Inquiry

I don't have much to add, but I filed a report for inquiry of torture and violations of UN joint treaties on torture on behalf of:

Me, my son, my mother and father and my brother.

I stated I was capable of making one for myself and could testify and that since my son was incapable I was including him, and then I added my parents and said that although they are of age, it is my belief that because of torture and threats and possibly blackmail, they have been unable and incapable of making one for themselves. I also added my brother because if we are, then I am guessing him too, but I so far can vouch by witness to me, my son, and my mother and father.

Not only that, I added I believe we are and have been in imminent and serious danger in the United States and that I tried several times to find protection or an investigation and was refused.

It is my firm belief and testimony that my parents have been exploited for use and work in the U.S. against their will and I am able to testify that I witnessed technology used in their house to torture them as I did also in my own house. I also cited a long scar on my mother's face, and other evidence of torture and stated my son has been tortured and the criminals are protected by government workers who also have worked with mob or mafia persons.

It is true. All of it.

I stated that I was the only one who was not willing to lie, so I had been designated as "mentally ill" when I'm not and punished and everyone else knew the same might happen to them if they didn't lie and other threats have been made if they don't go along.

I believe the Avilas might be endangered or hae been and have been unwilling to ssay anything but I couldnt vouch for them directly as I didn't know. However, I witnessed firsthand what was done to my son and the employees all lied to cover up torture.

It is the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I can prove motive for why the U.S. would try to use my parents and the rest of us too.

We are not safe in this country.

I am not safe in the U.S. My son is not safe in the U.S. My mother is not safe in the U.S. My Dad is not safe in the U.S. My brother...I don't think is safe but I haven't talked to him and don't know for sure.

I can speak for my parents because they are not even able to tell the truth. I can see what is going on with my own eyes, and no matter what is done to someone or how great the act is, I know what's going on now.

This isn't a claim of torture by one U.S. citizen.

It's a claim of an entire family that has been tortured by state-sponsored actors. The U.S. government has paid for some of this and they are responsible for failure to enforce the law and our protect our civil and human rights.

I made my report to the UN for inquiry and said I am able to provide additional information. I gave full names of persons who are victims, and I suppose I will have to follow up with an address and other information.

It is the United States of America. There are good people here, but obviously, those in charge of torturing and exploiting people are in control, which is a horrible sign for the U.S.

I have a feeling that some of the things happening extend to other family members as well but I don't know who for sure. I am able to testify with 100% certainty and with evidence, that my immediate family and son are being tortured.

Not "have been" but are being systematically tortured.

I can make a huge list but I'm waiting for a response first. I have a list of things that have happened to my Dad, a list of things that have happened to my Mom, a list of things that have happened to my son, and a list of things that have happened to me. And I can report on all the things that are continuing.

Panetta and other have full control of the military. What do you think is possible? It doesn't matter how many good people or officers are in lower ranks who might protest on our behalf. Guess who is in charge?

I think all of us want to live in the U.S. It's not that we want to move, we want peace in the U.S., to do normal things in our own country. But if after appeals internationally, if they fail to make a difference, I think we will all want to leave if there is another country that promises sanctuary. There is nothing wrong with my mom and dad. They are being forced to work for the U.S. government.

Maybe they worked for the U.S. before, but not like this. Not under this kind of group or with torture of the whole family. Things have changed and gone downhill and the wrong people have taken positions to allow this to happen.

It's bad.

And the UN has a spot, if you go online, where if you are wanting to make a report or add material on behalf of someone, you can. I sent my inquiry to the info and civil offices on the general contact page. I made an initial detailed report to ask someone to make an inquiry with the U.S. state about these allegations and facts.

The next step is filing a formal complaint for individuals. But to start, they can begin asking questions from their committees, to the U.S.

And in the meantime, what you can do, if you want to help, is to submit any evidence you have seen or witnessed or possibly heard of, that will help confirm our report. It could be for any one of us or all of us.

You could
Nice to have some of the torture stop for awhile, in the last 3 minutes since 10 p.m. by the way. ...

Anyway, you could send in any kind of report helping to verify, from your own country (which may not be the U.S.) or this country, that something wrong is happening.

We would all really appreciate some honesty and courage from others.

Finally, if anything is happening to you or your own family, you should make a report. So far, for some reason, there have been zero reports made to the UN from a U.S.. citizen. I am not sure why that is. I will be writing out 5 separate reports of torture in the U.S. against me, my son, my mom, my dad, and my brother. I suspect there are others but I'm not totally sure. I think it also may include some older people.
It's the 5th of September and I'm adding to this post. There wasn't anything going on at my place last night, but today, while on my laptop, they haven't quit.

It is my belief that while my family may have been used by some group prior to the 2nd term for George Bush Jr., which means whatever changes in the administration that took place at that time, in 2004 or 2005, there was no possible way for us to be tortured until some of the men who took power at that time, took power. I should say, men and women.

Never in my life had I been tortured before then, especially not with any kind of U.S. government involvement, and things seemed to be okay with the rest of my family, in general, though I did notice that things about me began to disappear from our house in Sherwood after I was a nanny on the East Coast and sent a check to the IRS to make up for the taxes that were not paid. I never heard back from anyone from the IRS, even though I gave the government a check made out to the IRS and sent along with a letter explaining what it was for. It was never credited to any account, and it was never returned to me.

It was at this same time that things began to disappear that belonged to me. I had been to the East Coast to work for two families: The Thebault's (protestant french I guess, and Italian catholic, though the kids became catholic I think), and The Kargman's (reform jews and she was a converted catholic).

So I guess the first "odd" thing that has ever happened, that involved a U.S. government office not even responding to something I sent, was at that time. I did not make a complaint against anyone, and I don't believe I even gave out their names for at least a couple of years until I started wondering what was going on.

But I sent the U.S. a check, written and made out from my U.S. Bank account, onto a check, and I sent it to the IRS in 1994. I sent it to the IRS, made out to the Internal Revenue Service and enclosed was a letter that had my signature and said something about "I worked as a nanny from ___ to _______for a family and didn't receive a W-4 or W-2, so I estimated how much my half should be if I had to pay taxes and it came to about this much. Please credit this to my name." I can't even remember if I maybe just paid the entire thing, but what I remember is paying for the amount I had figured out I would owe. And it was over $1,000.

I never heard back from the U.S. IRS so I figured they got it and entered it into the system. Later, I tried to inquire about it and it was "missing" as in, supposedly not there or had disappeared.

I guess we don't know then, to this day, if it was the U.S. government or the Italian or other mob that decided to keep my check for themself or hide it, or not enter it into the system. But I'm sure if we talk to U.S. Bank, they will have a record of where it went and I had checkbooks with copies underneath (which were stolen, but it was on the record).

It wasn't cash. It was a handwritten check made out from U.S. Bank and it was sent directly to the U.S. IRS on the East Coast. And I know for a fact that it was $1,000 or over the amount of $1,000 that I sent in.

After I mailed it, I had a number of thefts occur to my house and vehicle, and then I was almost killed on the way to Nashville in 1995. I remember before this that things with photos of me were disappearing from my parents house and no one knew where they went.

Christopher Dabney and Brian Thebault. I don't know why, but it just came to mind: they have the same smoking style. I have no clue why that came to mind, but I suddenly recalled the way Brian looked when he was smoking a cigarette and then I flashed over to Christopher smoking a cigarette. Somehow, they have a similiar mind. I just saw it, by the way they smoke...they think the same. It's just a cigarette, but they have something in common with why they pick up an occasional cigarette and what they think about when they smoke, and there is something in common. I've seen a million smokers. But Brian Thebault and Chris Dabney smoke on the same level. So weird, because my memory of Brian smoking from 1993 was decades ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. It's weird, because Brian was a CEO, and I knew Chris as a server. Brian drank occasionally and Chris drank a lot. But, disparities aside, something about their minds is a match.

If I'm right...if I'm good...let me know.

So anyway, I never reported the Thebaults when I paid my taxes back then. I didn't say a word or their name to anyone. It was more like a year later when I was wondering why I never heard from anyone and I started having things stolen and break-ins. A year or two later, I mentioned the name for some reason, or actually...I just remember that then I worked for Ed Israel at this computer place and as a nanny for others and things were fine in general until I worked for the Roses. Then they refused to pay their taxes and really didn't treat me well even though I constantly defended them. Working for them was a test I thought, of how it felt to be a slave and after then when they didn't pay taxes, I went ahead and said something discreetly, to ask an IRS guy and then a private accountant (oops, stupid was a Jewish accountant) what I should do in order to be legal and honest, but not get anyone in trouble.

I was the one always looking out for others.

Funny how the honest person, who abides by the law on all points, is the one who is dragged through the mud and even falsely arrested repeatedly.

Then, do you know what? all Alvaro wanted to know, and he kept picking at me about it, was my "tax history". I thought it was so odd. First he had to have known someone tried to set me up for marriage fraud with some guy, over at the MD courthouse. Then, he kept asking questions, over and over, about my tax history. Taxes. And I thought, "This is like someone from the Rose family or the Thebault group trying to get something on me out of revenge for what they think was a slight by me over taxes, when I never even tried to get anyone in trouble at all." I mean, when Alvaro was constantly asking me about taxes and my tax history I thought, "Who is he? a cop?" And I told him, over and over, what my tax history was.

There was not one single thing wrong with me.

I had never committed a crime. I had never comitted tax evasion. I had never been arrested for good cause in my life. I had NO criminal history.

And all someone wanted to do, was try to create a rap sheet for me, and then try to call me crazy too.

Who cares that much about my taxes? Alvaro claimed it was for when he filed for his green card or whatever, but it wasn't. He was digging for something else and I don't know anyone who would even care unless it's the FBI tryiing to nail me on something, or the CIA or some mob group that wanted dirt on me.

I had NO criminal history.

I never took money or other favors, even housing, for sex in my life.

I never assaulted anyone. I did not go out of my way to harass anyone.

I never committed one incident of tax evasion of any form, and instead, I tried to stay on a good record with the U.S. government.

I was honest.

I never agreed to do espionage in any form for anyone.

I did not commit marriage fraud.

I did not kidnap my son or run from the law at any time.

Instead, what happened is a bunch of corrupt U.S. officials went after ME and my family.

Not only that, I was a loyal employee.


I defended employers that had no defense, and it wasn't until I was being tortured that I thought maybe I should make something public because I don't know what's going on here.

I never sold drugs. I had the heels of shoes all destroyed in TN. About 5-6 pairs. I didn't sell drugs or transport anything to do with drugs at any time.

I have NEVER committed ANY kind of crime.

I did not steal.

My "violations of law", in my entire life, have been 2 things: speeding tickets (when I was speeding some of the time, but not all the times on record), and a short and minor use of marijuana. And if Bill Clinton can go so far as to admit he "inhaled" and still become President of the United States, I have one up on him, because at least I'm honest enough to say "I tried marijuana, period."

The same man who qualifies smoking illegal drugs with "...but I didn't inhale..."

What the heck did you expect from him in court? The truth?!

"I did NOT inhale!"
"I did NOT have sex with that woman!"

Do you notice what I call..."a pattern"?

You made Bill Clinton a President and he was himself, all the way through. He didn't pretend to be something he wasn't, because he showed himself to be a liar and qualifying liar from before he was even elected. So if anyone thought it was really cool or clever for him to say, "yeah I smoked marijuana but I didn't inhale" and then wondered why he qualified having sex as different from "sexual relations", what did you expect? You could have impeached him before he ever became President. Instead, he trashed a woman's reputation and made her sound like a slut and lied, true to form, or qualified, to the American people.

So guess what?

I'm honest.

I have said flat out that I have tried marijuana.

What do you want? an honest person? or a liar? And who are you going to believe?

Because I had some unsavory government connected officials trying to trash me along with torturing me and my family. And I have not lied and I have never committed any crime.

So when my fiance is asking me over and over about my tax history, when no one was able to entrap me for any kind of crime in my life, because I didn't commit any crimes, it seems strange. All he had to know for immigration purposes, was what I told him the first time, and I told him the truth. But he kept asking and asking and trying to dig for more info when I told him what he needed to know the first time. "What happened from __ to__? Why don't you have any taxes reported? Did you make money? How much money? Why didn't you report your TAXES?"

How about You Mr. Muller, how about YOU get back to ME. How about YOU tell me why your department has allowed and encouraged torture in the United States against my family. How about you explain to me why this many government employees have been allowed to trash me, on the record and outside of the record?

I'm going to pick up a peach pit now. It's been lying in the middle of the road and I want to look at it for awhile and see what comes to mind by "association".

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