Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stubblefield Experiment Prevented Birth (Bone Setter)

I was making a complaint to a human rights group and as I wrote, it suddenly became clearer to me and I think it was an answer to a prayer I made to God this early morning. I said, God, please give me clarity into something that others might not expect and that I haven't had and I just got it as I was writing.

I realized that I have been telling the testimony of the traumatic childbirth a little bit wrong. It was actually even worse than I've reported in the past and it didn't come to me and wasn't clear until now.

She was pushing AGAINST my son's head when I was trying to push out. No, I'm not joking.

I had some weird automatic idea that her hands were inside and pressing to allow my son to be born but it was the opposite until she did what she was told to do.

She was instructed to push into my son's unformed skull.

And for some bizarre reason, it didn't click with me or come out naturally until I was writing an account and it just ccame through like the sun breaking through clouds.

This midwife had literally been pushing AGAINST my son's head and preventing his birth. She wasn't stretching me to allow for his birth. She had her hands there for over an hour to keep him from being born and then when she released, and decided to let him be born, or told me to wait a moment and relax, then she got the vaccum and maybe she thought using the vaccum...I don't know.

This is partly why she tried so hard to cover the whole thing up. It was premeditated illegal experimentation on an unborn-being born child.

No, I'm not joking.

This is the weird part...I was looking up experiments that the U.S. has done on babies. One of them is recent and it involves "reshaping" the babies skull to encourage a certain kind of brain to develop. It's done intentionally. They push down on one spot or area, to reshape the skull and brain when it's still moldable.

I read this experiment and didn't think anything of it until I realized oh my gosh, the same part that my son had injured is the exact same area these other scientists and doctors targeted. They aimed for the same spot.

I was thinking, then, "Yeah, and it's the same location and everything which is weird when his head was turned...."

But it didn't occur to me that to do this, instead of simply having ones hands there, and pushing in, she would also be telling ME to push down and when I did so, she was pushing back the other way, right into my son's head.

She pushed my son's head IN.

And that is the door.

It was opening OUT, he wasn't allowed to be born OUT like normal.

SHE was pushing IN.

And then at the last minute she ran for the vaccum.

Oh my gosh. I would bet that's why I had the bladder prolapse. She was pushing in when I was trying to push out.

And that's why it became such a huge huge deal.

The U.S. tried to cover for the fact that they were experimenting on my son from Day One. Not only that, even though I specifically requested an epidural, she didn't give me one. They didn't give me an epidural like I asked, even though they poked me, because they wanted me to be able to push when they pushed on his head and they didn't want him medicated.

Right after this, immediately, she started defaming me, saying I was an alcoholic and I needed to have my son taken from me. They tried to pressure me to leave Washington STATE

figuring out what I FIGURED OUT.

If a doctor, law firm, or court, had seen the records, for a birth injury trial, they would have started looking at where his injury actually occured and why. And as soon as they got someone looking at the physics and location, they knew someone might start questioning what was going on in there.

So they started torturing me when I was trying to find a lawyer. And they haven't quit since because they have been too busy using both me, and my son, and even my mother and father for research. They don't care how long they call me crazy or torture me, they picked out a new "plum" .

They targeted my son from before he was born.

There was NO excuse for the injury to his head. It wasn't even in a location that should have been injured. His heart rate started going crazy and then died down to almost nothing because of what she did. I heard it. She tortured my son from the first.

And my son HATED Dr. Butler from Day ONE.

Dr. Malcolm Butler is more than a government doctor. He's a criminal and he does research for the federal government. That's going to be my Expose #12 and he might not be psychic, but I know more about him than he wants others to know.

My son knew Dr. Butler was bad. I went to appointments with him and when Dr. Butler made this mean face at him, he started to cry. And he was 1 month old or so. He was super young and I remember Dr. Butler jerked back in surprise when he saw what happened. I just knew I had a bad feeling about Dr. Butler's intentions with my son.

He took my son from me after birth and I said I wanted him with me. So they brought him back, but I regretfully let him out of my sight once or twice and that's when they took a photo of him without my consent and he looked sad and miserable. Why? I will tell you why.

And if the State of Washington does not return my son to me at once, they are going to be sued __________. I'll erase that last part for those who don't like swear words...

They stalled this entire time to run out my son's statute of limitations for a lawsuit on his behalf. They terrorized my family and threatened everyone and said if they sued he would be taken away. My son came to one of my visits telling Anne Crane, the fat lipped liar, "I won't sue you. I promise. I won't sue you!"

My son might not sue you, but I sure as hell WILL.

Here's the other thing...Dr. Butler kept trying to get my son away from me, before they started torturing me.

When the nurse he had an affair with (Stacie Stubblefield) didn't manage to defame me enough, he kept trying to have me WEAN my son. And even back then, before I realized I was intuitive, I knew why. I knew that he was trying to wean my son to take him away from me. I don't know how I knew this, I just did. I knew, "As soon as I wean him he's wanting someone to take my son from me."

In Wenatchee, there were people conspiring to take my son from me before he was even born. No mental illness allegations...nothing. They asked me to voluntarily. Kind of like, they asked me to leave the whole state voluntarily and were trying to pay me for it.

After I revealed I was having a girl, I told people and then I was in the library at about 6-7 months pregnant and I was approached by a woman who said, "My husband is a lawyer in town and we would like to have a daughter but can't have anymore kids. If you would be interested in letting us adopt your baby, you could work for him in his office maybe and we'd pay all of your expenses too." She gave me her phone number and I never called.

My son could have been a girl! raised by a lawyer!

Well he's a boy. And he's going to be raised by his mother, a billionaire.

After I turned her down, that same day Sibel approached me and I didn't know she worked for CPS and social services. She came up to me and sat down after watching me a long time and then said it was too hard for me to raise a child on my own without a father. Why don't I give the child up for adoption.

Next thing I know, it's people just waiting for the day and I knew I had a bad feeling about Stubblefield and should have stayed with the other midwife. I knew it and I went against my bad feeling thinking it can't be that bad. I can't go back to the other one would look bad. I should have gone back to the other one.

Instead I ended up with The Shag Team for U.S. Inc. --Stubblefield and Butler.

Not only were they doing eachother, they were covered by police and govt. spouses. Oh yeah, and the mafia.

It was Butler who tried to say I was paranoid schitz right away, when torture started. And he was the one trying to wean my child from me so they could figure out a way to get their slimy hands on my son for more research.

Guess what pushing in on that part of the skull is supposed to do? According to U.S. research, it makes children more suspceptible to "mind control".

That is an actual experiment that has been declassified by the U.S. government. They found that it "worked". Good results, the study said.

I had been asking for a C-section for hours. There was zero justification for what happened. I asked for an epidural and the first one ran out after even going anywhere into my body like it was supposed to. After it ran out they put it back on and difference made at all. It was like day and day! or night and night! it wasn't day and night. They ignored my request for epidural.

Maybe what happens when you keep pushing a child's head back into the canal, and refuse to the do the C-section that was appropriate, the child starts to die. My son almost died. All of his stats went up and then they dropped and he almost died.

Afterwards, everytime he tried to nurse he came up crying and the lactation woman said, "He's latched on properly and you have plenty of milk so I think his head is hurting him. I think the pressure from suction hurts his head."

My son came up for air, screaming and crying, every couple of minutes, because his head hurt, because of what The Shag Team did to him.

And then Dr. Butler was the one who knew we had a systemic yeast infection that had to be treated with antibiotics and he refused. He wanted me to wean my son. I refused. I knew breastmilk is best.

Then, Dr. Butler double-dosed my son on a vaccine. My son got extremely sick and his normal stool was abnormal for months. He was sick. I asked for the records and they refused.

Then, right about the time I started wondering why one of the medics at CVC was being dishonest about what kind of drugs they were giving ME for migraine, and how much, I realized they were experimenting with me!

And they just went after my son from there.

It is NOT the first thing that comes to mind, to think of a midwife or nurse actually pushing in your child's skull during childbirth. But it happened. I pushed to push him out and she pushed him back in.

In the study that I read, it was done on babies. They aimed for one side of the top of the forehead or skull.

My son was no longer able to speak after he was visited by Dr. Butler on one hospital visit. We were tortured, but his speaking quit shortly after his treatment.

I'm trying to find the study I've already posted online about depressing a part of the baby's skull to make it fit into a certain mold. I found someone had updated the wiki on unethical human experiments and I hope others will continue to add to the list. I didn't know about Quaker Oats being part of an experiment on children and after reading it, I'm never buying Quaker Oats again. I'll buy other oats, but I'm not buying Quaker Oats. How sad. Here is this nice smiling Amish farmer acting like Joe Camel while they let children eat oatmeal laced with radioactive materials.

I have also come across so many things about Vanderbilt I can't believe it. The "acorn" college. I have an "acorn squash" stamp across my webcam right now. Squash Vanderbilt, please.

And,, fitting in nicely with this post about University of Washington connected doctors, I found something about how University of Washington irradiated the genitals of men in prison to find out what happened and how it affected their offspring and fertility. That was the University of Washington in 1963.

I have known that Seattle has been harboring more than ships. They have some incredibly dirty secrets and they need corrupt officials to back their funding for them. You can't have a governor with a good heart. Or FBI with good hearts. You need bad people.

I have so many more things I could write but since I at least got an inquiry out, I am going through a list of every college I can find that has allowed non-consensual experiments on men, women, and children. Of course I care about animals too, but the stuff being done to humans is disgusting. All of it is disgusting.
By the way, I found a discrepency between published nutrition books recently. One says one thing and the other says something that is the opposite. I mean, a big enough difference that it could affect ones health. But I'll write about that later.
Of all things, I think the article about manipulating a child's skull is by some Dr. with the last name Fritz. Which is maybe a joke from sick people who thought it was funny to do this to my son after I talked about some woman in a homeless shelter who kept rambling on about some Dr. Fritz. I never knew what she was talking about. I knew she was extremely smart, and someone told me she had been a research scientist and big, and then something happened to her. She was beyond smart. But then she was verifiably not "okay" at least when I met her. And what's sad is she wrote super smart things and then it would trail off with nothing and then have a vocabulary that was superior to that of a rocket scientist (I should know) and then it would trail off to nothing again. Anyway, now after knowing what I know I wouldn't even be surprised if someone decided she knew too much and killed her brain off for her.

I found something about "bone setters" and it was presented in research form in 1974 and 1975 at...Seattle, Washington! It was a study and paper about the ancient art of hitting the skull to depress certain areas for a reason. The doctors who did this were called "bone setters". It is Chinese medicine. It was about how to manipulate skull bones. Seattle, Washington hosted the event and wanted to know more. That was then. Fastforward to now.
OH, by the way, it wasn't Dr. Butler that injected my son with the vaccinations. He ordered them or said what to have and it was routine and then he left the room and a woman (nurse) with brown hair who was white came in and she carried the vaccines with her and she was the one who injected my son with the double dose. I believe she was Catholic, by the way, but someone could check the records for that day and I might be wrong. I remember the entire day and how she stood to the left of me while I filled out forms and stamps were affixed with batch numbers.

Then, they refused to give me records.

Do you know what the U.S. did to ensure funding for their research on children for LSD and other things? They got high-ranking officials in government to perform sex acts with children and filmed it and then used it for blackmail to keep the funds coming in.

The best way to ensure funding for use of kids, they found, is to get high ranking officials to do despicable things to kids. I wonder if part of the reason the FBI has never gone after Catholic priests or other clergy is because they're already covering for CIA and NSA groups that sponsor the same thing. Maybe the government likes to recruit from some of the Catholic colleges because that's where they know to find more mind control and abuse victims.

Has the FBI EVER done a decent job of prosecuting the sex ring of priests and those at the top who have allowed this abuse to continue? I think they're cheating everyone, including the decent Catholic parents, because they are doing the exact same thing in turning a blind eye to adults and children of abuse whom the government uses in projects and research.

Imagine. Bone setters in public hospitals.

Yes, that is what happened to my son. And sure enough, they've been using him. They double dosed him on something wrong, tortured him, and then decided well what use to make of this kid now. How about getting some blackmail material first. They did some of it when I was in D.C. Maybe even a priest or high ranking official knew exactly what was happening to my son and wanted to do something but someone blackmailed them with something that looked worse.

That's how they keep the program going.

We all know it's true. The part that my eyes opened up to today, which I didn't expect at all, happened when I was writing. I felt like God was helping direct my pen because it just came out: she was pushing in on his head and suddenly I knew it. I knew it like I knew what Obama's femur looked like. And instead of thinking of just a finger pressing in on the side or front, I realized that she was telling me to push that hard because she was pushing back just as hard.

And the reeally crazy thing is then she started psychologically bashing me. She said things like "what's wrong with you?" "don't you know what you're pushing for?" and she said worse, and harassed me like some kind of a military director, telling me I was a bad mother because I couldn't push past the pain. Oh sure. And then they torture me and my son.
Do you know what else I remembered? The CAT scan I had in 1998 or 1999, for migraine and to see if anything was wrong, wasn't a CT scan. I believe it was an MRI. And then what did the U.S. want after they tortured me and my son so long in East Wenatchee? And then had me drugged up a little too? It was an MRI. Kind of a clear "Before & After" shot. Then, they tortured me still and I think they want another one down the road...what do you think the odds are?


Anonymous said...

One problem with everything you're saying, you don't have any proof. It's all heresay!

Mama said...

I do have proof.

The proof is right there on the medical records I have and which I told my lawyers about. It even proved I was not "delusional" for my CPS case, but they didn't blocked me from putting it in the record.

Those medical records prove where the injuries were, the physics, and put together, create the evidence needed to prove without any doubt it was an abnormal and highly irregular childbirth resulting in severe injuries to me and my son. The other thing it would explain is how odd the depression in my son's skull was and why this was necessary in that location.

One of the first things stolen from my house was my camera that had...actually, I believe I took those to Canada with me. Canada may have developed the film.

I took photos of whre my son's head injury was and I believe the camera was stolen.

Everything in my car from Canada disappeared. They even had the towing company my car was towed to "disappear" and claimed no one knew where the former people were, what records were, or anything.

It was like someone taking a false license plate off of the car and putting on a different one, or like someone buying out an entire business just to get their hands on the rights to one major piece of evidence:

My car and the contents inside of my car.