Monday, September 5, 2011

Impressions about Michelle Obama

I asked God today for some insights about someone important, to help me with maybe getting my son back. But what I got is stuff I cannot really share, or do not think it is very prudent to share at this time.

I did not really want to see some of the things I "saw" and...OO...

Well, and some of it might be right and maybe some of it is wrong. I did not care to see her naked body, and I can't share about that. The other stuff I got was just basic stuff, normal things from one's life and day. The part I didn't want to see, was what she and Obama were doing.

To spare embarrassment, there is one thing she likes and he doesn't like doing. And I am NOT saying what that was. Also, she was sort of nude but he still had his long sleeved button down shirt on.?

Anyway, he's tried the princess treatment on her before, down to her feet. Kissing her feet. Uggh. But um, I'm not talking about the rest.

I saw her doing some things around the house and how she appeared at the top of the stairs at some house when someone came home, and just other things. But like I said, I did not ask God to see some of this stuff.

All I asked was something personal so they knew that only they and God could know, and get their attention.

I want my son Oliver back, and he was taken illegally. The case is a fraud and people are blocking the truth. My family has been tortured and we want to live in peace in the U.S. and I want my son returned to me. That's all.

Thank you for your time.

Here is the song that came to my mind after I wrote this and this is the first one I picked out:

I was wondering what the name Dorina means because it's posted by MissDorina. I looked it up and it means: "From Doris" in Greek. The name Dorina means "Gift from God."

I'm wondering if someone besides me, that somebody might be familiar with, drank tea with licorice root. Because I went back to my kitchen after writing this above and bled onto a label affixed to my small package of "licorice root $1.30" . I labled it with a black pen when I bought it at the store. I saw blood on the white sticker and looked, and my thumb was bleeding and drops of blood were spilling down the plastic of the package and it made me think about bloodshed. I stamped my thumb across the label and it turned from white to red. Smudged, red and white now. I set it down on the table where I had cleaned off the table today. Next to my sunglasses and a cup for tea. There is a bottle of balsamic vinegar (manufactured in oak casks) there, and 3 spoons, a sterilized black comb, dried leaves, and I brought in the peach pit and put it on a white plate. After making this post I brought in my tea cup and had set it down and put down my folder for "A New Hallelujah" which I filled with lined paper for notes.

I went to my bathroom where only my Bible, my pair of sandals, and a 50 cent Euro coin lay on the ground, where I this evening had pondered the meaning of the Greek man with the spectacles. I barely skimmed passages, one about not fasting because the true fast is of charity and the other started with someone telling Mary the Teacher was there looking for her. I had left the coin there. It was next to the tub where I took a bath and a spot of blood was left behind. Actually, on the floor there was also a heater and a plastic bag of fingernail clippings for proving torture effects. Inside the tub, are 5 pools of water and blood. Next to them is my "Reach" floss, pink, and face down and a green topped bottle of shampoo half full, standing next to the facedown reach floss. A blue razor with a needle next to it on the side and 2 soaps with my son's name engraved on one shelf and a sealed up razor labled " razor hotel Grand Palace" on the bottom shelf. I went over here after my blood was dripping onto the licorice root label-- went back to the coin, picked it up from the floor where I had been staring at it and reading my Bible, and set it down on my table, next to the small package stained with blood and marked licorice root.

I looked up the meaning of the word licorice after I looked up Dorina. I was wondering what it means and it means "sweet root", or simply, "sweet."

In that clip, I saw the photo of Death Valley 2007. That's where my son and I were in 2007. We almost died. Maybe others know what a "Death Valley" looks like. Not much has changed. Then I saw the next photo, of a rainbow. It would be nice to see one, wouldn't it?

I had a very minor cut on my thumb which quit bleeding right away. But then after I looked up the meaning of MissDorina, I washed a couple of dishes and moved the rags in the sink that I had used for cleaning my floor today, one is from the heart chakra that I tore up, and the other one has a label "made in Jordan" (which I tore up) and the other is a tea towel, with a tea pot and tea cup design on it. I cleaned with the first two and dried with the tea towel. After moving these rags out of the way, which were all wet and in the sink, I picked up my bag of licorice root and that when I bled onto it and noticed the blood dripping down the side. I guess stamping a bleeding thumb across the label is like a seal?

My son's name is Oliver Garrett and he would like to be returned to his mother. He is my gift from God and if God has shown me something true, that is also a gift from God. You have your own gifts and blessings and no one has any right to take mine from me.

Have a good evening.

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