Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Osama: Traditional American Fighting U.S. Communism

Here one for ya.

What kept coming to my mind, after bleeding, and seeing some things, or thinking, was not Obama, but Osama. Osama bin ladin. And I had been thinking how wrong some of the leadership has been, esp. that's recent, to turn potential friends into enemies.

And that's what they were: potential friends. In fact, when the CIA was helping them in Afghanistan decades ago, and armed them and trained them, they were friends.

For all of the talk the media gives us, and official statements, we are led to believe the militants have such a crazy zealous religion, nothing will convince them not to kill us. We are told they hate all Americans.

That may have been said later, but that's not what the truth was. The truth was that they liked the Americans and we were friends. Maybe not best friends, but friends.

We were supposedly working together to "fight communism". I guess the Catholics are all for that, and supported that, until a few of them bombed Catholic churches later, after Catholic intelligence allowed them to be used for mind control research and torture, and took their autonomy and land from them.

One of the things that supposedly sets the U.S. apart from communism, is the idea of the value of the individual. Well no one is thinking about the value and rights of "the individual" when they are taking certain individuals and torturing them and subjecting them to research. Research on human beings. Taking U.S. citizens to "black sites" or torturing them or allowing others to use them is not "democracy". It's communism. And the U.S. claims it hates communism but that's a lie. They only hate communism if it's coming from a country that's bigger than they are.

And what is the result of taking an individual and torturing them, or forcing them into relocation, harassing and mocking them, and taking their kids away to turn them into child soldiers? If a "friend" does this to someone they called "friend", what do you think the psychological result will be?

The U.S. deliberately turned "friends" into enemies. And actually, some smarter U.S. officials, knew what the real situation was and didn't turn on them to assassinate and torture them and try to rally citizen support by claiming they said they wanted to destroy America.

How do you destroy something that's already ruined, by the way?

There was NO reason that the Taliban or Al Quaeda couldn't have been friends or continued to be on friendly terms with Americans. That's the way it was, until some in the U.S. deliberately provoked them to hate Americans by first turning on them and torturing them, mocking them, after using them. And they knew ahead of time what the result would be. They knew that if they did this long enough, they could turn the militants they trained for operations against Russian invasion, into militants who reacted in such ways they could be sure to get funding for fighting against.

Not only that, even after all of the fighting, the Taliban and Al Quaeda had shown a window of opportunity where they had said they were willing to talk to the U.S. about trying to figure out a solution. What did the U.S. do? Under Panetta, the minute a Catholic church was bombed, Panetta went after them with the zeal of a Crusader, and turned it into a Crusade.

Instead of focusing on much bigger threats and issues worldwide, he turned all the attention and money onto hunting down all of the militants who one fraction the threat of other problems in the world, and right here on U.S. territory. I really can't understand why Panetta didn't turn the U.S, into the U.S. to hunt down all of the corrupt government officials that are besmirching the good name of the U.S. and bankrupting everyone.

Just like some in the U.S. provoked me to years, to elicit a reaction from me that they then wanted to use against me for their own immoral purposes, they did the very same thing to the militants. And they got all the U.S. citizens to rally up and think yes, these were the bad people and there was something wrong with them.

When you think about how helpful the media has been, by and large, it has not been helpful. They weren't helpful with WACO, or Ruby Ridge, and I tried to contract them about major things that were happening to me and got little response (someone would get interested and then someone else ran in and blocked it), and then I look at even the irresponsible behavior in not running important stories.

For example: a story on the birth control pill being carcinogenic and linked to infertility as well, is a huge story. It's important and it affects millions of lives. People should have the information and then choose for themselves. But what did I see instead, from CNN at least? a story about how some of the firefighters for 9-11 might have been exposed to carcinogens. Which, is a good story. Sure. But totally ignore billions of men and women and their kids about breast cancer and other fatal connections to bc pill.

So when we get news about what people in the middle east say about us or think, sometimes it's probably true and sometimes, we are not getting the full story.

I had no connections to anyone in Pakistan or Afghanistan or any of the militias. At least not to my knowledge, and I never even talked about politics much with others. But I'm writing this because I was thinking about it last night and I think possibly that Osama was shot in the back. Or he tried to surrender as his kids said, and that wasn't good enough for someone.

I was praying last night and I had my hands on my Bible and just prayed and prayed, and asked God to show me something from all the scripture, that might be something Osama bin ladin could say had hapened or that God would show me what God thought and how he had been treated. I thought about the verse, "And the word of God is sharper than a 2-edged sword..."and maybe I got the right thing and maybe not, but I thought I got something right.

I had opened up to the Psalms. And my eyes were going to look onto the right page and read but then my left thumb stuck to the left page with blood. I had thought I had stopped bleeding. But I hadn't and my thumb stuck to the page with blood so I pulled my thumb off and looked there where the blot of blood was and it was at Psalm 109:5. Verse 5. The blot of blood only marked that verse and wasn't larger. And it said:

"They repay me evil for good,
And hatred for friendship."

I think Osama bin ladin had some major traitors.

The verse immediately above says,
"...but I am a man of prayer."

Which is what I had thought. I had thought, I'm sure he's not perfect and maybe he's done some bad, but there is statement after statement about how he liked America and Americans and felt we were friends. And I had thought he must be a victim of mind control or used in some way and maybe they don't touch him bc someone remembers training him in the old days and thought he was a good person and that his group was trying to defend raped women and combat "communism" and he must be a man of prayer.

I also think he possibly knew something about those who killed Diana and I don't know why I think this, but it has come to mind. That he knew something about people who were willing to kill over it perhaps.

I think it's strange that the same people who say they hate communism, which is about sacrificing the rights of the individual for a group goal, support communism practiced by some U.S. funded groups that take people and use them for human experimentation and who allow corrupt officials to ruin the name of what the traditional flag was about.

Osama bin ladin was probably more of an American than the man that took the shot. With the entire Executive branch watching.

Who was the American?

How strange to get to heaven, and find Osama bin ladin there.

I guess 1/3 of the angels who went to Hell with Satan like it better where it's hot.


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