Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mind Control of Oliver

I posted a link above. These are some of the things they've done to my son, and with CPS and State and federal U.S. watch and observation. Some of the things done to him were done by their hired visitation monitors, who picked him up for visits (Anne Crane). And they did the same things to force my son not to tell.

They tortured him and the State of Washington employees and law enforcement were involved. I saw it, witnessed it, with my own eyes. They were the ones doing it.

Almost every technique listed on this first link, was done to my son. And they started on him before he was born.

I never did. I am not Illuminati or U.S. government. I nurtured my child. And the U.S. didn't want that. They had already picked him out and they already knew I had enemies who would cooperate with them. And they took him and began torturing him.

If I "saw" Laura Ingraham seeing my son in an earthen hole or pit, somewhere near the Wenatchee River in Dryden, she probably saw some kind of footage of what was done to him. I do not believe I would have this impression out of the blue, if it were not true.

They have lied to everyone, and called me crazy to get away with being TOTALLY crazy themselves.

People like John Kaempf were probably tortured themselves as kids, and trained to be mean and dissassociate any kind of feeling torwards harm of children. Bullied him maybe, until he became a bully himself.


Anonymous said...

To get your child back you need to
1. Get a job
2. Get a car
3. Get your own place
4. Go to parenting classes
5. Get mental evaluation
6. Do random drug tests
7. Geo put on ant psychotic medicine
8. Do supervised visits for months
9. Then unsupervised visits for months
10. Over night visits for months
11. Stop thinking Everyone owes you something and make your own way in life. No more welfare to support Oliver do it yourself. If you really wanted him you would do this but you chose to have the state support you you are a lazy terrible parent and Oliver does not even remember you.

Mama said...

For some reason, you make repeated comments and they're all negative but staged and timed to be at certain moments. I know your family is military connected and that you have an ulterior motive for sending comments at all. I have also asked you not to write again.

Your advice is great for someone who has a real case with CPS. That's what might happen for a real case. The case I'm talking abut isn't a case. It's a fraud and the U.S. federal government knows it.

So when I am not guilty of anything, and have been tortured and drugged in this country and then the FBI is corrupt enough to not even investigate while the state and feds hide all of the evidence that proves the whole thing is a case of malice and nothing more, I have a right to have everything back, and without an argument.

You do not argue with an innocent citizen when it comes to their kid, or you get reported to the UN.

I have given several chances for someone to get in and make a difference and do the right thing, and so far, it's been overridden by a bunch of corrupt and greedy operatives who care nothing about this country or having any pride in it.

So either the "good guys" come out and say enough is enough, and we're turning you over to be impeached if you don't fix this, or this entire country continues to lose.

Great advice for a CPS case that has merit. Did you know there are laws about what even constitutes grounds for a case? They were not MET in my situation, and criminals covered that fact up.

When my SON is kidnapped from me, in a different country no less, there is no "closed door" for me to figure out how to unlock. It's open, and the U.S. sponsored militias and officials need to get out of the way. NOW.

Anonymous said...

You will never get Oliver back because you are crazy you say you have been raped poisoned assaulted drugged etc. A little paranoid aren't you ? I was your friend a long time ago but you have went so far into mental illness I can't see you coming back to sanity I feel sad for your mom I know you have broken her heart

Mama said...

Sometimes the only way to get things done is go gang-busters on the gangs.

See ya "See ya"