Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Caught My First Snake: Bullivant Houser Bailey

I just caught my first snake.

I was thinking of my son and decided to look up support groups for victims of mind control. And then I found the Veterans for Common Sense site and looked up MK Ultra related lawsuits. I found a firm in San Francisco and emailed them.

And then I decided to heat up some lasanga, and put a little spinach in it and then took a handful of spinach to take to the deer.

And I came across a snake, within seconds of sending out my email for a lawsuit against the U.S. for allowing torture to me and my son.

I looked at it, and I wanted to pick it up by the tail and I could have, with one hand. But I was worried it might be some poisonous kind so I got the garbage pail and I caught it. It took a few tries, and they are SMART.

People think snakes are just these pea-brained, mindless serpents winding through the grass (and yeah, it was winding under the grass that had just been mowed today), but they're not!

I couldn't believe it. This snake anticipated my every move. And watched me from a distance even! It knew when to be still and hide, and then it knew when to run. And all the time, it watched me. If I took steps backwards, it didn't move. If I moved towards it, it moved.

When I finally got it, I looked at it and I care about animals, so of course I'm letting it go and it's not the snake's fault it's a snake. And snakes have been demonized too, when they're usually harmless. But I can see how a shifty person or slick person is compared to one, because it's not the movement that inspired the idea as much as the intelligence.

Oh, don't get up from your seats just yet gentlemen.

So the other thing I noticed, was it's head and its head reminds me of the fake crocodile briefcase/purse I used to carry legal papers to court in, for the lawsuits I filed. It's just a legal-beagle sign all over again.

I saw the head of this snake, which I'm releasing in a minute, right after emailing a law firm. And it looks like my old legal bag. I remember taking it to the law library, and to various courts, and federal buildings, and to Mike Tanzer's house across the street from the Roman Catholic diocese. I remember taking it with me from Oregon to Washington state.

I remember taking it to my grandparents house where I tried to help my grandmother, and I remember picking up the letter from the Bullivant Houser Bailey firm that was left with my Uncle Jay.

My Uncle Bob or Jay just died recently. No explained reason. Sudden stroke or something. Both Jay and Bob lived right near the road. They both knew a few things but I'll have to find out which one died. He had looked through the mail because he thought it was for him. It was a letter threatening to do something to him if he didn't "stop your granddaughter from pursuing litigation against us". It threatened, on Bullivant Houser Bailey stationary (the law firm for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon) that if I did not quit sending email to the firm (which was how I submitted some motions and notices to them) and if I did not quit litigation, there would be trouble for my family.

It was a letter of threat.

It was pretty bad, when you consider it looks like intimidation of witnesses or other family members.

In fact, it looks a lot like the same thing that's done with torture, to try to get people to shut up and do what the others want.

"If you do not control your grand-daughter we will take action against you..."

My Uncle Jay and his wife were visibly shaken and I told their daughter about it. Then I took it and said I was sorry, and I kept it. My grandparents wanted to have it but I kept it.

And then I sent out an email to John Kaempf, to his firm, stating they had crossed the line and now I was filing for a restraining order of anti-harassment against him, for threatening my innocent and elderly family members over a legal action that had nothing to do with them.

I had the date and time on that email that I sent to Mr. John Kaempf.

And a few minutes later, to a half hour later, Mr. Kaempf rushed out a complaint against ME, to Judge Gerald Warren in Wenatchee, Washington.

In it, Kaempf claimed he needed an Anti-Harassment order against me. He was lying. All he had done was receive my notice that I was filing against them, for threatening my grandparents, and it was a real threat. It was the kind of threat you can probably take to the FBI (if they're not corrupt) and say, "I have a problem here."

What was even more concerning, is that it was plain paper packaged. It was sent in a manilla envelope with no return address. It didn't say "Bullivant Houser Bailey". It looked like the kind of package someone sends when they work for the mob. Just secret, trying to get to the intended person who is rich and older and might be scared off. No return address. Inside though, it was on Bullivant stationary.

So after that, I got this notice to appear for court and it was with Judge Warren.

I did not know then, that Judge Warren's wife was director of Catholic Charities (how charitable). And I didn't know that John Kaempf was on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities in Portland.

And yet, for some strange reason, within minutes, he had it in a Judge's hands and the order issued without delay. Judge Warren.

The same Judge who drove up and down the road late at night, in Wenatchee, in a dark jaguar car, smirking at me and mocking me when I came back from Canada with my son taken from me. He was then followed by a Wenatchee police officer that did the same thing. And that was right after Canada, before I went to the East Coast in Washington D.C.

Usually, if someone files for Anti-Harassment, it goes to a clerk or someone sorts it out. But not for John Kaempf. Kaempf faxed it directly to his contact, Warren.

And then when I tried to contest it I was drugged with marijuana or someone said it was in my lab at least, when I ended up in the hospital. After this, the Wenatchee police came out and said they were arresting me for assaulting my grandmother when I had done no such thing and no one said I did. I had asked for a police assist to help me get some of my belongings.

There were people in Oregon who knew people in Washington, and all they wanted was to ruin me.

Right after I tried to contest the restraining order, I was falsely arrested by the same Judge Warren, who, incidentally, first had my car towed in Oregon by putting a false arrest alert out on me. I was in Oregon, Warren was in Washington. He reached across state borders to have me slammed, and created a false report to do it.

I was still in litigation with the Bullivant firm at the time, and he and Kaempf were clearly contacts for eachother.

My family has been tortured and threatened ever since. And that's not to say there weren't cooperative Jews, because there were, for other reasons. But that is how my perfectly clear record and normal life, was targeted. And they have used their contacts in the FBI to cover for them.

Who is going to take my claim for U.S. government involvement with my family? The San Francisco firm? Um, no.

My Dad told me I should "forgive the Catholics" and made it sound like it was just the right thing to do. Like dropping my cases against them (which I did). But the only reason, after seeing what I see, to forgive them, is because they are the main ones responsible for the torture, along with some Jews (for other reasons, like I said). Who did it start with? Who has handled the entire case with my son? Who gloated when he was taken from me? Who tried to entrap me through FBI contacts? Who terrorized my family and allowed related mafia and mobsters to do it?

I have a Hilton pen lying here against my sunglasses which have this tortoiseshell design on the side but after seeing the snake, I think about snakes and how close the Hiltons are to them. Kaempfs? Y'think? or Whittemore? And Lady Gaga? I had complimented her work, and then I saw one of her videos and saw that she had used people who had known and met me, to parody me in a disgusting video. I thought, "That's why they cancelled the concert in D.C. when I was there and about to go to it." They ran in the same catholic school circles and what they've done, is spend money to ruin me and my son. I remember I was blogging about Kevin Federline at the time that we started being tortured, and I was concerned about what was happening to Britney Spears. Suddenly, I have a helicopter over my property in E. Wenatchee and worse torture.

They're all connected.

It was Warren, Warren, Warren, 3x in a row and making a black mark on my record and keeping me out of money and college. He didn't do it for himself because he had never personally met me. And at least once I was able to prove a collusion, and in the other situation, he was causing trouble for me in Oregon! My torture started after 3 false legal incidents with Warren, who knew Kaempf and the lawyers in Oregon and people in Wenatchee.

This is why I feel I am a victim of religious persecution and hatred. And that's just one small sample.

This is also why it looks impossible to get my son back. They all hunched over this case and worked on it while they had their mobsters working on me. Drugged and tortured me and my son even. Maybe some of them later felt sorry about it, when they realized how bad it was for my son. Some probably had no idea how many lies were told about me. But others just kept pushing.

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