Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Son NOW

I need to see my son, in my sight, here and now. I do not believe anything Washington state tells me about his safety because they've lied and withheld evidence and obstructed justice on this entire case. I don't believe everything the federal people tell me either.

I know what has been done to me and my parents and I want to see my son. I want my son in MY guardianship where at least I am able to report to the UN if I need to, if something odd is going on. I should not even be having to make an inquiry to the UN. Everything should be handled by the U.S. and should have been corrected a long time ago. It's not a CPS case. It's a criminal case and it needs to be investigated.

I just filed a motion that clearly lists facts which, with my declaration, are sufficient grounds for an FBI inquiry (from a different region besides the NW) and investigation into crime and public corruption.

Someone should be able to see that, and of their own initiative, bring it to the attention of a group, and say, this is grounds for an investigation. It should be automatic.

It is not just about state withholding of evidence. I list so many forms of evidence that were withheld, that to any normal person, it would be clear the entire case is a sham, and that this was not an accidential oversight on their part. Not only that, it involves kidnapping a child in another country with NO cause and deliberate collusion to have me arrested on false charges.

It is not a civil case. It is grounds for an investigation into public corruption. A crime. It is a crime to offer bribes to citizens and try to push them out of town. It is a crime to collude with another country and set someone up for false arrest. It is a crime to kidnap a child from his mother without cause. It is a crime to hide all the evidence that proved the motive was MALICE.

I want to see my son, and I do NOT believe he is safe outside of my care. Even if I am in the U.S., he is better off with me, and the fact that I report if something is happening with technology or someone is trying to harass him, than with "the state" as his "guardian".

I want my son returned to me NOW. I am going to post the motion I made, along with my declaration, online again. It wasn't very good and it only lists 1/3 of the horrific crimes committed, but if this is not enough for an investigation, there is something severely wrong with this country.

And already, we know this! so FIX it.

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