Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nasty Online Ads...Good Sign

I love it when my online ads that are customized for me get nasty. I take that as a good sign that someone is worried I'm not in the crazy category or that I might be getting out, and they need to harass again.

It's the low-life way of trying to get back on top when they were not ever on top to begin with and are not now, and have never been at any time.

It's the bad foundation syndrome.

Any group that has it together, doesn't need to torture and brutalize people to prove themselves. They don't need to stand by acting innocent while others do the dirty work either.

I had so many bizarre and horrific ads all at once, during one period, when literally, money was spent just to try to freak me out through all the death threat ads I had coming on my computer. It was basically like being threatened with death or suggesting someone in my family was going to die. Then, while I was being fully drugged and tortured the whole time, the ads died down. It was like, "We got her. She's being tortured and medicated and we got the go-ahead so we don't need to spend money on ads." No, they didn't, because they chased me around everywhere I went instead, and committed crimes and ruined my reputation. I haven't had very strange ads for a long time. But I always see them cropping up when I hit on something raw.

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