Thursday, September 1, 2011

Printer Problems (at my case deadline)

Here we go again. The same corrupt groups tampering with equipment for my legal case.

I am making a motion to extend time for my case. Complete with declarations.

I told my law firm I was doing this and about what time, sending an email. Ever since I sent that email, my mother's printer has been disappearing from her computer.

And then her workplace printer went out at the same time and they are not able to fix it and I guess, they are literally having to replace a large printer or something and it's going to take "days".


Every single court case I have ever had, TO DATE, has been obstructed in a similiar manner.

The "printer problem" is about as old of a move as Margaret Thatcher's ...something was coming to mind, but anyway.

They started doing this when I had filed my lawsuits in Oregon. They fried, literally, over 4-5 of my printers.

Then, I guess that's when frying printers wasn't fun anymore. So they moved on to frying people.

Anytime a potential legal issue has come up, these same people go way beyond defense in "anticipation of a lawsuit" or "pre-litigation protective measures." They have been committing the most incredible crimes. Then they use other excuses for their cover.

But it has always come up and been at its worst, at any possible idea I might sue.

Then, it's not even about what if I sue anymore. They've just committed crimes over possible lawsuits and then, from there, it's crime after crime just to COVER for the original crimes to begin with.

They're not even committing crimes for a reason anymore. They're committing crime because they feel they have to, to intimidate and silence witnesses. They know the first things they did were wrong, but that what will put them in jail is what they did to cover for others.

So yeah, here we go again. Same old story.

I have 14 days before a trial and I've been unable to print anything for over a week. Maybe more than a week. I think it's more than a week. And I cannot afford to pay for printing elsewhere but at the two locations where printers are again being fryed and "disappearing" over and over. My mom will spend 3 hours on the phone to have her printer removed by someone an hour later.

This didn't just happen to me. This also allegedly happened to one of my lawyer's offices when they represented me. All of a sudden their printers and all email was down--their email being rerouted to Mazatlan and Timbuctu.

So I'm not giving up.

I've made out one declaration draft, found some Appellate court rules to use, and making out another declaration and the court will have to know there was no possible way for me to file sooner and I need an extension of time.

I have not asked for even ONE extension.

I am entitled to an extension, esp. when my lawyers refused to communicate with me and didn't send me discovery or even let me know what they were doing when they should have. I mean, if I have additional materials for the court to consider, or need to bring something to the court's attention, I should have the right to do this.

And for another thing, I have ample grounds for why it has not even been possible for me to attend to legal matters, when I'm being drugged, poisoned, and hospitalized left and right. Well, you see, your Honor, they were really trying to get at Osama bin ladin and they believed I was a pawn. And, well, I had intelligence people all over me, just because I talked with some representatives of other countries and was talking about political asylum. And yeah, the FBI gets off snorting cocaine in the FBI bathrooms in Seattle, so that's why I was having some problems even showing up alive. Anyway. So yeah. And now at the end-game, when I'm coming off of some serious medications and crap and still not feeling like myself and still feeling I'm not back to me...I'm at least trying and I think you should see something...

1. Withheld Evidence.

2. Medical Abatement argument for being repeatedly hospitalized for miscarriage problems (no lawyer has touched on this).

3. Punishment over English royalty (WTF?)

4. My son's medical records and health (I've heard he has cancer but DSHS and the FBI don't want me to know)

5. Oh, and here is stuff from Wikileaks I thought you might want to see.

And yeah, they're telling my son he isn't "special". I guess it's because they are calling him a half-breed or something like that. So I've had my mind on a lot of things, Your Honor, like

Stayin' Alive.

Oh yeah. Do you want to hear the song? Because I could play it for you in court and everything but I'm sorry I don't have any pictures because the CIA stole my old laptop after it was given to police by a military idiot. He even came into town "special" for it.

But I guess what I'll start out with is the fact that someone is sabotaging the printers at the same time and we're all supposed to say "things happen!" and "it's a coincidence!"

Right. If 1 dream means nothing but 3 times you have the same dream, it might mean something, how about...

8 times in a row my printers have been sabotaged at crucial legal points (not to mention I've been drugged too).

Oh, and no one ever stole every single cell phone I ever owned after I went out with the Chief Strategist for the military. I'm sure the DOJ isn't rotten to the core.

So while I have the FBI and CIA allowing me to be called crazy, I get away with shooting down all their great psychic spies and stuff, by exposing them to other countries that know I'm not crazy. You sure can't accuse me of espionage if I'm crazy. So I'm going to make the most of that while I have a short lifespan left on the crazy category. Because we all know, heaven forbid I start "outing" people when others feel I'm "back to normal" or "stable" or maybe not being tortured. So this "crazy time" is my Get Out Of Jail Free card for exposing D.C., MD, VA, WA, OR, BC, whoever I want. I think someone really wants me to travel now but I'm going to have more fun here. Not that I haven't been treated like a terrorist or spy already. They treated me worse than a terrorist or spy, and then they want to call me crazy too. So now that I'm OUT of jail, I'm uh..not going back on a false charge again, anytime soon.

I would think the best thing is to return my son and allow everyone to go back to normal.

My son is not going to be a soldier for the mafia, and he's not going to be a soldier for the WA law enforcement, and he's not going to be a soldier for the CIA either.

Hmm. Diana the loose cannon. Nah. I want the title.

"Loose Cannon." I like the way that rings.

I wonder what my code name is. I hope it's not "Stinker".

My mom said she had to show clients a house. I said which ones. She said why, it doesn't matter. I said I wanted to know if they were from out of the state or not. She wouldn't say. They asked why. I said I had a guess and I wanted to know if it was right. They said what's your guess. I said I'm not telling. I asked what state they were from. She said it really didn't matter and I said, going out the door, "Did you let them know we don't have tennis courts in Coquille?" Silence. No one laughing anymore. (Hmm. They WERE laughing. Now they're NOT laughing)....She said, I hardly think tennis courts is an issue with them.

Okay, sure. You say so. Whatever.

I think I have 2 more to go on the 10-down list. Maybe TN people. I'll fill in some things on what I've written already, a little later. I'm stopping at 10 for now.

Then I want my son back. And then I will never have to make another list of 10 again.

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