Tuesday, September 6, 2011

U.S. Blocks My College

I knew someone would try to do this. And like I thought, someone did. I sent in all application materials on time and had correct information for everything, and some people lied and stalled to keep the process from completing when it should have.

They then told me they were given a "notice" on Sept. 1, 2011, after they stalled and delayed on sending out letters when they should have and had all the information, to "stop all processing for one month" until basically the college deadline for where I was going was over.

Making it impossible for me to get my financial aid funding for college as I should have received it.

They drugged me, tortured me, forced relocation several times, kidnapped my child, tortured several of my own family members, have forced my parents into slave labor for the U.S. government, allowed their officials and law enforcement to rape me, hypnotized and raped my son, cut the faces of my family members with razors and knives, and blackmailed them.

Then, they wanted all of us to lie for them.

And if I tell the truth even, it sounds like a shame or undignified, to even think my family has been subjected to this. But there is no shame in being morally superior to people who operate in your own country. There is nothing to be ashamed over, when all they've wanted is to try to take our pride and dignity. What's bizarre, is that they've done it not because we're lesser people, but because we were smarter and sometimes, morally better. They've used and bribed and tried to corrupt my entire family to be like them and even today, at every single turn, they were trying to squeeze out just a little more from us.

I can't go on the phone with a federal agency anymore and just talk to someone about my account. I have to talk to people who were waiting to talk to me, who want to make predictions again and try their skills out on me and see if they can do something, or they want to work out a prediction involving my Dad or someone else. I could give examples but I don't want to right now. They get people on the phone who are not even who they say they are half of the time. And they do the same thing to my mom and dad. They have to squeeze every single thing they can out of my parents or they're not satisfied.

I filed my inquiry to the UN and some of the torture against me quit after I did, but I have no way of knowing if this is true for my parents because I'm not around them all the time and can't tell. I don't know about my son, because I can't tell. I know enough to make a solid UN argument though. I'm filing complaints on behalf of several persons who are not able to file for themselves. And I'm supposed to be the crazy one, but I'm not. I am just the only one who won't lie to cover for these people or who hasn't been blackmailed or told people will be killed.

My own parents have put medications in my food, but I know now they are doing what they're told to do. They know I'm not crazy. They have done things because if they don't, they get a big slash down their cheek or across their neck with a knife or razor. The U.S. is supplying law enforcement to act as buffers for the criminals doing this to my parents, just as they used their own U.S. employees to commit crimes against me by torturing me, falsely arresting me, and then drugging and using me for research, all on government property. Because I know the federal U.S. is involved, I know that they have been just like the Iranian man kidnapped and forced to work. They don't want to let my son go because they've already tortured him and invested in how they want to use him. They were trying to mold his skull and depress his skull bones, from the time he was a baby, for their future plans.

They have just decided here is a family they've been able to use in the past and that they can use in the future. They figure our genes are what they need or look for, so they go after us and force us into being projects or working for them.

And then, at every single turn, they do incredible things to try to punish even one of us, or block us from being able to do anything normal or that we might like to do. I have no doubt that they are probably trying to force my parents to pay one of them money. If the U.S. government wants to keep you in their control enough, they use their own back-up mobs to help.

So for no explainable reason, someone in Washington D.C. decided to put a hold on all processing of consolidation loans, to delay and stall and keep people (namely, me) from being able to get into college on time and have money and something productive to do.


Anonymous said...

Your parents know you are crazy. Oliver is safe and happy you need to spend time in a mental hospital not a college campus. I dare you to look your parents in the face and ask them if you are looney tunes. Also dare you to print this, you won't because deep down you know you are nuts. What a pathetic life you have

Mama said...

You're an idiot and I would keep your military plans to yourself or someone is going to "out" you. What's sad is that people like you who can't even put together an interesting paragraph are enlisted by the Army for human research. Oh...yeah, I forgot, that's why they need people of all kinds...Which "looney tunes" character were you hoping I'd write about or think about today?

Next thing you know you'll have Russia on you. If I were you, I'd quit blowing your own cover and trying to do favors for others.

Mama said...

And for the normal people, who have no clue what I was just talking about, no, my family does not think I'm crazy and I would bet someone out there has some photos of the indentation done to my son's skull, which I photographed 3 months after his birth and was still visible. It bled over and was scabbed for 3 full months.

The U.S. is using my family. They are so sick, or have some people who are so sick, that they get away with it by claiming it's in YOUR best interests that they do. They don't want to return my son. They imprinted him with their signature from birth and had plans for him before he was even born.

Start doing some research.

If you think even claims about 'bone setters' is weird--it's not. They have literally been practicing this and doing this on kids in Washington state. I would like to hear from other parents who thought it was odd there was such an impression on their kids' skull. They probably thought it was normal at first, or just something random from childbirth. Maybe it was. And more likely, if you start looking at the experiments on children the state of Washington engages in, you might realize "the communists" are right under your own nose. And they wave American flags. They're the ones whose kids get the flags when they die, or for anything else in life.

There are photos that prove what I am saying and I hope they go to the UN and other human rights groups.

Anonymous said...

You say you have a law suit here, there and every where you say people owe you. Get a job and pay for your self stop trying to get something for nothing you are a crazy stupid welfare rat no way is Oliver ever ever EVER going back to you just so you know these blogs get read and saved by cps and the da office to show you are crazy.

Mama said...

If I sounded like I had an 8th grade education, as you do, I might be worried.

But I'm not, because instead of having a little grocery aiale world as you might, I know more than this country wants me to know, and I'm one of few who is willing to talk about it.

It really doesn't matter if criminals convince normal people I'm crazy. What matters is what's at the top, and I know what's there and who wanted me in their chambers.

They know exactly what I'm talking about and they know my son was wrongfully taken and that my family has been used and tortured.

So who cares what you or anyone else tries to say or do to keep me down. When I backed down on the truth, I sounded crazy. I'm not backing down anymore.

It's my way or the highway, and I won't be the one giving the thumbs up.

I wouldn't waste your time trying to repeat yourself