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Seattle Experimentation On Children--

I wrote about how my son has been experimented on by the U.S. since before his birth. His skull was manipulated during our childbirth with the midwife (trained in Seattle, Washington) pressing in on his skull for so long and with such pressure, that they formed a dent and break in his skull.

Her hands were inside of me and she was manipulating his skull for over an hour. The labor was much longer, but her hands were there and I realized a few days ago, I don't know how I blocked it out, or didn't think of it, but I realized she had been pushing against my son's head when she told me to push out. She was forcing him back up the canal and wouldn't allow him to be born. Then after what she did, and after they refused to give me 2 epidurals they said they were giving me (as that was the pain medication I asked for), as my son's heartrate dropped to almost zero, she grabbed a vaccum and sucked his head out.

I don't know if that was to hopefully make the dent in his head come back to normal or for show or what.

My son's head injury was bad enough, and strange in location. It looked nothing like an injury from a narrow birth canal. It looked like a round circle where someone's fingers had pushed in for a very long time. They wrote it up as a hemmatoma, but because they said there would be bleeding in the brain, they put him under bilirubin lights because he was automatically getting jaundice.

Not only that, my son's head injury was so bad that several of the lactation consultants I went to said there was nothing wrong with our nursing form, they all believed his head was hurting from a headache (for over 5 months) because he would try to suck and then pull away crying in pain. The suction hurt his head. As a result, my son was only nursing every few minutes, all day and never got in a normal schedule because it was too painful for him to eat enough at once.

There is a lot more. I took photos of his head injury which scabbed over and said to the doctors several times, "What kind of 'bruise' scabs over?" He had a scab on his head in that spot 3 months later.

It was major grounds for a lawsuit. And the U.S. federal government backed the State of Washington in lying about me, torturing me, and harassing me, to get to my son, call me crazy, and start using my child for mind control and research. And it is the honest truth.

She knew from Day One that I was supposed to have a C-section. Instead, they used an extremely slow birth and prevented his birth, in order to experiment on my son like Nazis.

I found out, the Nazi's did this. Their research was paid for and put into the files by the CIA. This is not only "not new", I didn't realize it was not just practiced by Nazi's in WWII, the U.S. has been implementing that research onto some select American children.

Of course they want me to sound "crazy". They realized I was starting to figure some things out.

So all this time, I knew we had a huge horrible childbirth. I knew it was grounds for a massive pay-out for both me and my son. But I never imagined the injury done to my son's skull, specifically, was intentional until I noticed all the other things they've done to me and my son since. And then by accident, just a couple of days ago, within the week, I was looking up experiments on humans in the U.S. and randomly came across something.

It was a study done in the United States, and published (right in the open), and it was regarding a research experiment done in skull manipulation of children. The reasons for doing this, were because doctors and scientists believed that with some types of reordering, or molding, the brain and its functions could be manipulated to produce certain results. Not just manipulation, but even head injuries, would produce a desired effect on the injured part of the brain.

So when I write about "bone setters" it sounds far-fetched. But the first thing I read, was an actual U.S. study that was done on children and babies, and it was done for the CIA or military. Not sure which agency actually. Maybe NSA. The study was done because they believed certain injuries made people better conduits for mind control research. And mind control research is real. It sounds weird, wacky, and sci-fi, but it is very real, and many countries in the world now do research in this area.

I will put up links to the studies on this post. The first one I read was formal and by a medical journal. I think it referenced the name of Fritz but I'd have to check again. Then, the next one I read I've posted a link to above. And some of the info sounds like it's out there, and is opinion or speculation, but there is also some very good factual material. It references how Seattle, Washington specifically had an interest in "bone setting" or "cranial manipulation" of babies and children. I believe California has an interest as well (at least for this side of the country).

The Nazi scientists did it and their research was bought by the U.S. It didn't go into a round-file. It has been used and more research on human beings has been done in this country, without the consent of parents or children.

Then, it was done again with great interest in the 1970s, and the lecture given in Seattle was done in 1974. (I wonder if they had any of my baby pictures.)

If this research was paid for by the U.S., and used and refered to later, in dozens of U.S. experiments on babies and children in the 1970s, you can be absolutely sure they have only been trying to "perfect" their method more recently.

They picked out my son to be a victim of mind control and it is the federal U.S. government that is involved. There is no possible way the other criminals who have done such horrendous things to me and my family, could get away with this if it were not true. The level of lying and using technology for torturing, and allowing my enemies to just abuse and exploit all of us...it's not possible that someone in high levels of government didn't know what was and has been going on.

What's very sad is that they combined letting enemies and the mob and gangsters ruin us and torment us and then threw U.S. government officials into the batch to intimidate and prove to us no one was ever going to help any of us. They took this to the highest level. I don't believe everyone intended for things to turn out this way. But when I didn't leave the State of Washington and was going to pursue a lawsuit over this, they then allowed us to both be tortured. And that began on Methow St. when someone decided they were worried about how I might raise a smart boy to think for himself.

They didn't want a smart boy to think for himself. They wanted to control him and use him. With his level of brain power, looks, and good sense of humor, and with a family history of having some good character, determination, strength, and brains and talent, they were worried about what kind of man I would be raising and would he work against them?

They, afterall, had already picked him out for cranial manipulation from the start.

So do you believe their intentions were all "hands-off"?

They tortured us.

Around 2002 or so they began torturing all of my family members. I just didn't realize that I was not alone. What was done to me, I thought, was the worst, and most extreme, but now that I have been back to see my parents, and seen scars and other weird things, I know a lot more. I know this country failed us. Used us. Some people hated us. Some knew about the gifts a long time ago and were trying to keep all of down forever. I can look back and see the jealousy now. I was naive and blind for the longest time.

I'm sure things were fine for awhile. Under certain administrations and leaders and officials, we were not tortured, at least I wasn't, personally. I don't know though. I remember some things, but I don't think I could identify everything when I was a child. What I do know is that we were targeted with severe violence after a certain date, and it escalated and for me, the violence began in 2005-2006. Someone came into power, or rose up, or took office, around that time.

And when they did, a lot of other criminals and officials knew they were "safe" to do whatever they wanted, and that they would get protection from this group too. The violence, before it was torture, began escalating in 2001 or a little earlier. That was after things happened to me personally.

Right now, I don't know where my Dad is, and I'm concerned.

I think someone should find out where he is and go check on him. I have noticed in the last few days that the health of my parents doesn't look good. And I know for a fact that they were being exposed to torture in their house, and it is likely to be worse somewhere else. They have never made a facial expression or anything to indicate this, and we don't read eachother's minds either. I wish I knew how but that's not happening here. I take that back...At least for me, I can't read minds.

But I know pressure has been put on people to lie to me, lie about me, the works. I've had my own parents drug me and then lie about it and I know it's because someone told them to do it. Here, it hasn't been major, from what I can tell, but a few things stood out to me. They say no, but how could they admit it if they did? It's not usually them, but someone is involved in trying to manipulate a lot more than skulls.

Seriously, after reading about bone and cranial stuff, I now wonder if some things made to look like "accidents" were never really accidents. It is not a far-fetched idea. Skull manipulation at birth, and maybe a good whack on the head later, just in case. Sometimes it might even be done to really smart parents who know about this kind of thing and it's done just to "get to them", knowing if anyone suggests such a thing, esp. when it's an "accident", they will sound "paranoid."
No. Not paranoid. Smart.
I've put up a few links. It sounds really weird, but it's happening and while it sounds so interesting in books, having a doctor and midwife conspire together to do something like this to your own child, is unbelievable. My son suffered and was in an enormous amount of pain. And to know they did it on purpose!

It's exactly what the Nazi's did.

Which is why anyone covering up for all the lies and cover up stuff, surrounding all of these things and my family, is almost a Nazi by association. Helping others get away with crime is complicity.

There has been no investigation by the FBI from Washington D.C., for the record.

Both Dr. Malcolm Butler and Stacey Stubblefied were from Seattle, Washington and got their medical education there (though Stubblefield was possibly another place too). Butler's father was one of the head doctors of the entire University of Washington hospital so he would have had access to research. Like father, like son. (He never should have tried to say I was mentally ill in retaliation for my asking questions).

Stacey Stubblefield went on to open up her own practice after she had her friends take my son away from me so I couldn't sue for him as his guardian. I was the only one who would do it. She did a midwifery course at one college and got a nursing degree of some kind, separately, she told me, through University of Washington I believe. It was in Seattle from what I recall and she did a practicum there first.

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