Wednesday, September 7, 2011

U.S.Government Drugs Me (through parents & foreigners)

My parents have medicated and drugged me since I've been here. I know that they would not do this unless they were coerced by the U.S. government to do it.

I also know the U.S. got total gangsters and people from England on a few occasions, to dope me up in Tennessee.

Not only have I not felt like myself or been myself since before my son was taken from me, I have only had a few periods of time since then, where I was not being heavily medicated with psychotropic, anti-psychotic, hormonal drugs, and birth control. All against my will and consent.

Some of these drugs were given to me by U.S. employed military, and the first time Inoticed someone giving me something different from what they said it was, was in Wenatchee when they tried out various antihistamines and "cocktails" when I told them I was allergic, or when they gave me half the dose of a medication they told me they were giving me.

During this time that I've been medicated and drugged repeatedly, the U.S. allowed others to torture me and my son, and they tortured my parents if they didn't lie and go along. Not only that, the U.S. deliberately obstructed justice, knowing these drugs made me incapable of defending myself or being able to get my son back, or try to put myself together to get organized and go to college.

I was drugged this last month, and this has been done by a nurse in town, who has even used her daughters to carry out some of the work. I am referring to the "meeting" I went to where a few people who were there, who all seem to be "black site" swingers now that I think about it, were doing other things besides praying. This was when one of them literally released something into the air that was not a flatulence and I could smell it and it was like a cloud and then affected my breathing and body, and it was not completely odorless and tasteless. And they literally released this crap in that house, by me.

They are not the worst at all. But the fact remains, that the United States of America has repeatedly committed the highest level of crimes there are to commit, against me and my son and family.

Did they really expect me to be able to defend myself against ANY of the false charges against me when they were directly or indirectly DRUGGING ME?

What happened first was that in Wenatchee, in 2004, they began claiming I didn't really get migraines and gave me a bunch of other crap instead, but they said, "to try for migraine." So I tried everything. And then a few times I noticed I was getting a half dose of morphine (as Dr. prescribed) or a full-on PLACEBO and I was wondering how they were getting away with lying to me and telling me they had just given me a shot of morphine, but they had not. That was at the federally funded Columbia Community Clinic.

So I made an inquiry about what had happened to the morphine and I found out by investigating, that there was never even a bill for it. No one charged me for mophine, because they hadn't given me all the morphine they were supposed to give me for migraine.

First, someone was triggering excruciating migraines, and then I was being tortured and allowed to suffer, and THEN I found out that they were lying about what they were giving me. I found out with proof that they were lying when I got ahold of my bill and the medications were itemized. I was right. Something wasn't adding up.

Hello mafia.

I finally figured it out, about a half decade later, that the U.S. federal government and the mafia have close ties. But the interesting part, is that the U.S. picks and chooses which family or mafia or mob they want to work with. So if you're not on the U.S. sponsored mob side, you're as good as dead or jailed or tortured.

So, mistake on the bill. How is this "mafia"? Well, first the technician is not giving me the medications I was told I was given. So either I was given a placebo and lied to, or someone was sneaking a little extra morphine for themselves.

I raised a huge fuss about it and all of a sudden, it was around that time, along with when I was trying to find a lawyer for medical malpractice for my son, that my car was vandalised.

You know how the drug system works in Wenatchee and Washington state? The doctors like to refuse to give you the level of pain killer you need to help with your severe pain, and then leave the "extra" to be supported by the mafia.

Some people buy drugs for recreation, and some buy them because someone dirty is trying to force someone into it, while they are desperate and suffering, and then they want to turn around and try to entrap them. "Make sure the curtains are open and that you're facing the window..."

There are all kinds of ways to try to squeeze someone and entrap them, after they realize you have found out something bad about your group. If they are worried about you for any reason and if you are a threat to who they have picked out to be leader (one of their own), they go after you. And what better way to do it than to later torture family members to lie and be involved and to use enlisted military and non-enlisted military, and even extend the invitation to the UK and perfect strangers and gangsters.

From Wenatchee "placebos" I was tortured with my son and then when I was in Blaine, Washington, after being in Canada, I was told to "eat this". Here, eat this..

I refused to take medications the RCMP border guy tried to get me to take "for anxiety". And then I was in Blaine, Washington and I don't know what was in the stuff I was given to eat, but I had a feeling then that something had been added. And I don't know what it was. I had a strong idea and feeling and now that I know I'm intuitive, I know I was probably given some kind of medication.

Then I was on the East Coast working at The Post Pub and they medicated me through the food I ate there. We got one free meal each day. I was birth controlled and you-name-it.

I guess after I had gone out with the 2nd in command of the entire Pentagon, someone decided that they would drug me with one thing, and put me on involuntary birth control too. And that's what they did. I started wondering where my periods were. Lo. What's happening...I did not even know that the man I had left the bar with, was Chief of Command, or what that meant, for at least 1 year. I never looked it up and never cared. I guess someone hoped that part of my memory would be blocked out. Even if I had known, it wouldn't have mattered to me. I had never made a big deal about anyone's position before, and it didn't ensure I liked you or not. If I liked you, I liked you. And if I didn't feel attracted or interested, it didn't matter how good looking, smart, or monied you were--I was not interested.

But I was medicated the entire time I worked at The Post Pub. And then I was staying with a bunch of military and who-know-what spy guy aspiring types, and one of the guys gave me something that was totally doped up. And this guy was a Marine I believe, or military, and he's the one who always seemed pissed if I was sleeping with Chris Dabney and would crack the door and try to check and see if I was there. And he sat on the porch with me and gave me some kind of matza ball and he said they were "Greek" and said, "Here. Eat these." They were pale green matza/falafel balls in a white bag.

I was so stupid, I ate whatever someone offered to me. And then when I figured out something was wrong with what they were adding to my "free meal courtesy of the CIA sponsored Post Pub" I quit eating there as much. I started buying prepackaged foods and had people, professional idiots, following me around to take stock of what I bought. I was followed around EVERYWHERE.

And by the way, these people in D.C. knew that my son and I had been tortured in Wenatchee, Washington. They knew.

So I started buying other food that was sealed and packaged and whaddya know. My period came back and I got pregnant. And I didn't get pregnant because I was sleeping around. I knew exactly who the father was because I was NOT sleeping around. For some weird reason, I even knew the time of conception and it's the only time I've known a life was born, or just knew something and one week later, I was 100% positive and I hadn't even missed a period.

So what does the U.S. federal government do with a pregnancy of unknown origin? I guess they kill the kid. They killed my twins. First some group started harassing me again and they began harassing me at work, at The Post Pub. I guess if they couldn't drug my food, they wanted to say I was sounding crazy again. So they quit being nice. They started lying and saying I was forgetting things. They fired me. At that same time, some group in the U.S. began jacking up my cell phone communications again and fly helicopters up to my window at my apartment in Arlington, VA. They refused to let me get in to see someone for prenatal care. I finallly got in to an appointment with an Army connected clinic, and they refused to investigate what I said was bothering me. So I ended up at some other hospital where they fried my twins when at least one was well-formed, healthy, and would have been extremely smart. And then they wanted me to bleed to death and die.

What has the U.S. done to atone for what they've done to me and my son? Nothing. In fact, they went on to continue drugging me and allowing mobsters to poison and drug me and then they falsely arrested me and threw me into psych wards.

After this I met my fiance who was from Colombia. I was drugged again and medicated with something (I don't know what) but I know for sure that I was given birth control without my consent. I ate whatever food they handed to me. Here, eat this. I didn't have a period like I normally do when I'm not medicated, until 3 months after he had left.

The U.S. has repeatedly medicated and drugged me and allowed others to do this, and while this has happened, they allowed people to poison ME, my mother and father, my brother, and my son. I don't know who else. I know these ones for sure, even if the adults will lie to protect themselves and others from worse harm. Poisoned. Not just drugged and medicated, but poisoned as well. What did the FBI do? they laughed at me in my face. They threw defamatory materials to try to claim I was nuts. THEY did. After I had first reported them for misconduct long ago. And they lied to my son's face and abused him themselves. And let others know, they could find muscle and you'd better keep your mouth shut and put on a good act.

Whoever came into power in the U.S. government and elsewhere, around 2004 or p9ssibly earlier, they made sure that others knew they'd get away with it. So it became not just something U.S. officials and the mob got cover for, it became a free-for-all. Whoever hated us and wanted to abuse us for any reason, go for it. You won't get in trouble. Look, has anyone gotten in trouble? and they did ______ and the U.S. helped them, they didn't investigate."

I was then visiting my son and being documented up with my son as lab rats. They wanted to see how the two mind control victims interacted with eachother. They seized my son before he was 2 and traumatized him with such excessive torture, to split his personality and create a mind control victim. They followed their own manuals to the letter. My son went from an excessively loving and secure mother, who encouraged and supported him on every level, to isolation, torture, and an abrupt separation so severe the U.S. was sure to have inflicted permanent harm.

What do you do with a mother who knows too much?

They then drugged me in Wenatchee, and tortured me on every possible level. The people in Washington D.C. who knew there was nothing wrong with me mentally, stood by and did nothing. Instead, I had people trying to entrap me to go to prison again. One attempt to entrap after the other.

The entire time, I was fighting for my son and trying to figure out what the best idea was for getting him back as fast as possible. And people in D.C. colluded with people in Washington.

I was out from under suspicion of being schitzophrenic and then back in Wenatchee, they picked up the ax to grind again and refused to release my son to me. They used us and turned us over to people who operate out of Virginia. And Im not really sure if the mob owns Virginia or Virginia owns the mob.

I came back to Washington, finally, after someone decided they'd "fixed me good". They got several things they had wanted to happen in political spheres, they had my family bound in silence or straightjackets, and after discrediting me and ruining my entire criminal history sheet, which was clear, and ruining my mental health reports, which they knew was clear, they thought I might be of use at a black site in Coquille, Oregon.

I got home to what seemed to be normal surroundings. And then after realizing I'd been drugged and medicated to be incapable of thinking clearly or defending myself from false legal cases and to help my son, and to sound like a maniac, I thought things looked okay at first. And then I realized all this time that I had thought I was the only one being tortured, I wasn't. I had been tortured and I witnessed with my own eyes what CPS and State and law enforcement officials were covering up about my son Oliver.

And then, I had been angry at my parents, and maybe some of it is right because it was their free choice to do some things, but more than anything, I realized some group had been tying their hands. And the U.S. federal government allowed it, and contributed, knowing the entire time what was going on.

It's called "top secret."

I grew up not knowing why I was the only one wanting to play at being "a spy" in the tall grass of the wheat fields, thinking why doesn't every kid have this great idea. Or, why don't they have an imagination. They had an imagination for making a "fort" but they didn't have any imagination for pretending to be a "spy".

And then I realized I've been a top secret project all along, and the U.S. intended to make use of my son, without me. So I guess what happened, is that when the good people in U.S> government became outnumbered by bad people, and someone came into power in 2004, it was no longer just a sidekick trying to assassinate me or keep me down, or harass me and vandalize my cars, or trigger migraines that I didn't have naturally. It escalated to full blown torture and kidnapping of my child.

The bad people in the U.S. government decided to take what decent people started, leaving most of our lives to free will and whatever we wanted to do, and this other group went in to destroy us and used every angle they had in the book, to do it. They not only wanted to make an excuse for torturing us and destroying us, they wanted someone else to be a leader. They wanted one of their own. All this time, they were afraid that I would become a leader of some kind and that is why they have tried to kill me repeatedly, and then used more discreet forms to destroy me. They put the people THEY wanted in a position "to receive", because they wanted a leader from their own people--their own group, even though those individuals were not naturals, and were highly underqualified.

You can dress up a house with no solid foundation, but it's going to take a lot of money. And then you have to hide the fact that the one next door with the foundation that will hold up, is the better house. So you point out the fact that it needs paint, and if needed, vandalize it and trash it to look like a dump on the outside while the dressed-up house is a fake.

I would also like to add that while the last couple of days have been pretty much torture-free for me since I wrote to the UN, today has not. Today, someone began using technology again from the point in this post where I started writing about Washington D.C. Right about the point where I wrote about being drugged at The Post Pub and then meeting the chief of staff.

So did anyone check my cigarette personality theory out, about Brian Thebault and Chris Dabney? INTJ. With an ability to go E. And I never thought about Brian Thebault because I only worked for him for 3 months, he was hardly ever there, and it was over 1 decade ago. And I remember the look in his eyes when he had an occasional cigarette. I was 18 years old. I saw him only a few times after the kids were in bed and then for a short time at the beach house on the Jersey Shore. And yet I can recall the smallest inflections and expressions of the eyes and face, and things said and done.

I remember tiny little details with photographic recall in some cases. I could profile all of you. By the way, I wasn't into Meyers-Briggs then. I am just able to extrapolate what I need to from the past and find out where it fits now that I have more experience and education.

I would just lay off of the torture, if you know what's good for you.

I never hear about my son. Ever. My own parents do not even speak of him to me. I don't see photos, or hear anything about him and my guess is that it's the U.S. telling others what to do because they think they own my son. They have already tortured him and spent money doing it. They don't want to give up their next victim and research project and that's part of the reason they've had people drugging and medicating me all the way through.

I guess my mom felt worried enough that she refused to even sign a statement about the printers breaking down when I was trying to file something for court. She came up with all these excuses and then refused to sign something simple just confirming yes, printers broke down. It wasn't asking much, especially when I already knew someone had me deliberately drugged again so I was not myself and unable to respond as I might have earlier. And tortured, because they go hand-in-hand.

I was extremely upset. But then later I remembered, oh yeah, they've raped and tortured my mom too. Maybe she doesn't want to be raped for signing a statement that makes WHO mad?

Let's make a wild guess at what groups or people might get MAD if my mother shows support or confirms things are not okay over here. I guess the only group that would be affected by my making a motion to Washington state court about corruption, withholding of evidence, fraud, bribery, torture, and collusion with Canada, would be, and then the lawyers and firms who refused to put the right records into place...

WHO might get "mad"? Who is so grossly corrupt that they would make my mother feel too scared and intimidated to even sign a statement about printers breaking down? My mother will let me print out information for college, to a limit, and they let me borrow movies, and my mother even confirmed and helped edit my statements to courts where I was falsely charged with misdemeanors I never committed. I guess it didn't matter, because in that case, we were supposedly not taking them to court, or contesting what had happened at all. We were only asking about paying fines or other arrangments. So, since we were not contesting lies by the U.S. government and their connected mobsters, I guess she felt free to help. What was odd was that someone told my mom to write something that made it sound like I admitted guilt. I asked her who told her to say that, and changed it.

Why would my mother be coaching me to write things not entirely in my best interests legally, or be afraid and paralyzed with fear even, to sign a statement that confirms printers broke down?

I think the reason why is that it was in support of a motion that CONTESTS what the U.S. government and connected mobsters have done and is trying to bring criminal actions to light.

My mother is afraid to sign a statement of truth about printers?

Could it be because the U.S. CIA is involved? Could it be that the FBI has been involved? Maybe a military group...and that they have used mobsters to torture the people they want to shut up and keep working for them? What, some of these people don't want to go to jail or something?

Maybe my mom doesn't want another knife slice down her cheek. Maybe my mom doesn't want night and day torture by U.S> government that they control or prove. Maybe my mom doesn't want to be raped. Maybe my mom doesn't want to be poisoned with hexavalent chromium or anything else. Maybe my mom doesn't want to throw up from radiation sickness. Maybe my mom doesn't want someone grabbing her hair at the back of her head and beating her or dragging her around.

What would YOU do to not be tortured?

Maybe my mom doesn't want her son to be beat up because someone threatened that's what they'd do if she helped out in any way. Maybe my mom wants her son to be able to work and make money. Maybe my mom doesn't want to see her grandson die or brutalized.

I guess the torture is that bad.

I have already seen it. And it must be bad if a mother is too afraid to even sign a statement about printers breaking down.

Maybe my Dad doesn't want to be fried with technology he's supposed to lie about. Maybe he's already seen his kid's lives jeopardized and one son killed intentionally and couldn't prove it. Maybe he's been poisoned with something that caused weird and abnormal CBCs and then knows no U.S. doctor is helping him. Maybe he doesn't want to die early or go to jail because someone blackmailed him when he was a teen and he's been blackmailed ever since. Maybe he doesn't want to make someone "mad".

Who would want to create fear in my family or torture us? Who has something to lose? No one does this just to do it. It takes time, a lot of money and resources.

At this point, when "the bad guys" already won, what are they afraid of? Their little castle crumbling down?

They made a mess and they don't want anyone putting evidence of their mess into the public record.

I have only had food to eat at my own place, and a couple of small things my parents made. The only other time I had anything outside of this property, it was a couple of bites from a cake at church. That was it. I noticed something affecting me once after eating some pizza sauce with breadsticks, after I had salt after my ascorbic acid flush, and when I ate some remaining fritos that had salt on them. I instantly noticed something going to my head and changing, just like it did in TN, when I ate them. And while I don't have a droopy eye at all this month and felt better in general than I ever did in TN (except when I fasted), I have been medicated. I don't know if some of it was from someone tampering the food inside my place, because someone was entering and not with my permission.

I got a patch on my backside like when I was injected with Haldol, of thickened skin, and something on my rear end which is exactly where I had the reaction when I was injected in TN. I know for a fact I have been medicated and this kind of continual drugging and intimidation of others to drug me, is illegal.

The only reason I am being drugged, is to try to tone me down because they don't like it when I'm "angry" and they don't like it when I'm lucid. They don't want me to have my full brain power for focusing and getting my legal things taken care of. And, if they keep drugging me, they can keep claiming that I am drugged therefore I am crazy, which is the exact opposite of I think, therefore I am.

If the drugging is done on the record and on the table, legally somewhere, without my consent, it's done to hide for what criminals in this country are doing. It is also to keep me from being productive and having my own independence. It has also been used in combination with torture, which they have altered depending I guess, on whatever they want me or others to perceive is happening. If there is no court order of any kind anywhere, then it is flat out illegal and it's been done for a long time and the only way to keep it going is by threats, torture to others, and for both destroying me and keeping up with research.

The neutral guys think they're getting research and the bad ones, my enemies, just get off on all of it and couldn't be happier that this country has allowed me to be ruined.

And they want to RUIN my son and already have.

I said I knew I'm being drugged and my Dad said "Prove it." I said, "Right. You want to see my rear end?" Which is where the patch is now, that is scaling off and is exactly where the Haldol left a mark in TN.

I can prove a lot of things.

I can prove this country is going to hell.

If someone does not get in and put a stop to this, that's what's going to happen.

Oh, and actually, the torture didn't pick up again just today. It picked up after last night, after I wrote back to someone writing to me from Microsoft, their employer, after I wrote an email about how the people allowing this to happen to my family are communists and yet they claim they fight communism. I said I wasn't enticed by any idea of foreign service when right now what I need is validation and advocacy from other victims of torture. And if there are others in the U.S., I'd like to see them come forward. When someone says, "I want to join the military and serve my country. I am willing to let my life be a sacrifice and I'm willing to be owned by the government for a contracted time" that is one thing. When someone joins the CIA and swears to put the U.S. interests ahead of themself and their families interests, and they sign and consent to this, that's one thing. They decided they agree that THEY are the means to an end. If they make the choice by free will, that's democracy.

If, however, someone forces and tortures someone to do something they don't want to do, or forces them to work for the U.S., or blackmails them, or convinces others to torture that person and say the sacrifice of one person benefits the larger goal, that's communism. Not only that, that makes you Hitler.

All day today, and right now, there has been overheating and torture by the U.S. If it's not some group in the U.S., the FBI and others would have already figured it out and investigated.

So, WHO came to power in 2004.

THAT is the question.

There was something brewing before then, but someone came to power in 2004 and they got full authority to go after my family.

Yeah, they're still torturing my mom and dad. Because my Dad just by on the tractor and it got hot like all around him (close to me at point) something was targeting and following him. It isn't just with laptop but it's easier to target in that way. Today I stood out in our field, watching a deer, and it happened while I stood in the middle of the field. So they are still definitely torturing my Dad. The U.S. is. Someone in the U.S. is. And also, it was happening when he was away from the house or had the dog with him because when they came back, the dog wasn't okay and its heart was racing.

It's not spiritual, so anyone who thinks the technology I've talked about is that, is really wrong. I don't believe any of us deny spiritual influences to different things...not at all! because it's powerful, whether it's good or bad. But this is technology.

People are manipulating some use of animals here too, just like they were doing over in Wenatchee. For Wenatchee having so many churches, they had a lot of witchcraft and normal-looking Catholics and Protestants who went along with it. They let their own dogs be used to do weird stuff and it was like they were happy about it. That's when I felt like I lived on an Alien Planet, to see all these people happy about weird things. Like this one woman who ran over a rock in Knoxville, TN like she was some kind of Illuminati Andretti. It was totally bizarre. I was walking down the sidewalk and I saw this rock near the sidewalk and this woman driver in a sportscar aimed for it. And the look on her face. Unbelievable. She looked like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada or Cruella Deville. So I intuited she wanted to hit this rock just right and sure enough, she hit it and it split and one part went to one side and another part to the other (one part at my feet on the sidewalk and the other part still in the road). What was weirder, were the guys coming around the corner who had been watching and waiting for this. And then, I got to my locker at the gym, and someone had placed 2 pieces of rock there at the foot of my locker, the same shape but smaller.

These people were just doing bizarre things. I had wondered what the original objective had been. To split the rock and hope one piece flew up and hit me? I mean, it was weird. And then to make a point about it at my locker was even weirder.

My Dad says to me sometimes, "Prove it". I started to think today, I think that's what someone told him about his kid. They probably told him to "prove it". Prove it that it was foul play. The government allows some to do horrible things and then they let your enemy say to your face: "Prove it."

I don't mean my dad is my enemy. I mean, that sums up what they do. They have done horrible things to me and my son, but then they break the law (they do) to cover it up and make it impossible to prove. And then say you're nuts to keep anyone from checking out your story.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that possibly your parents were fine until you showed up?

Mama said...

Showed up when? when I was born?

No, I don't think they were fine. I think their little boy was killed by the U.S. and then they were told, "That's what we can do to all of your kids--now get to work."

If you're referring to my arrival recently, I know that my mother's face was not recently sliced with a knife. I realized they may have been tortured, but it was worse before.

What's sad is that while my parents are forced to drug me or say I'm incompetent, I'm the one who is filing complaints on their behalf, because I am the only one in my family willing to talk about it.

I had wanted some multi-vitamins and asked for them and my mom recently paid for them online to be sent and I realized there is no way I'm taking anything them. After being drugged and medicated, I do not need additional "substances" added to my diet.

I know things the U.S.(and other countries) don't want me to know, and I'm not going to be drugged over it.

Not only that, I am owed restitution for what has been done already, to me and my son.