Friday, September 2, 2011

Virgin Queen

History says (some history), that she wasn't really a "virgin".

But ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Queen Elizabeth the most. The idea of her independence and willingness to push away all of the suitors in order to do what she alone felt was right.

I think, as a little girl, I probably also liked her because she had red hair, like me, and I indentified with her.

Now that I am older, I have seen how modern history tried to trash her. She really wasn't so great. Oh, she was lascivious. She was a shrewd mastermind. And usually, it's the Catholic version of history that tries to bring out all the dirty ideas.

I think it comes down to competition. They didn't want a Protestant Queen to compete with their "Mary".

They didn't want a Protestant Queen competing with their Catholic Mary, sister to the Queen, and they didn't want anyone competing with the money that went to their Marian dogma. They wanted their "Mother, Mary of God" to be "Queen of Heaven." And as such, if she is to be found only within the Catholic (or sometimes Anglican or Orthodox churches), the money and indulgences flowed to that church alone.

Queen Elizabeth was a threat to the income of priests.

Not just by what she stood for, and her religious beliefs, but by what she herself represented.

How dare that woman call herself "Virgin" or "Virgin Queen".

Time to sully a sister, men.

Even when she was dead, and books had been written, and earth covered the bones, they still couldn't let it go. "New evidence suggests..." and on and such, about what a tramp Queen Elizabeth was.

She was no "holy" person. Queen Elizabeth, the honorable and courageous woman, was a low-lying filthy slut.

It's funny how purity or virginity or integrity all are such incredible threats even today. Especially when the person possessing the admirable qualities, is not of the same mind and beliefs as those who want to control the world.

I didn't think I was writing about Queen Elizabeth this morning. I woke up thinking about how many assassination attempts there have been on my life. Since I was about 16 years old. And looking through the embassy cables, I see more into what kinds of machinations others will resort to, if they want something badly enough.

And then I prayed this morning, thinking, no, I cannot always "do" what I am told to do or "say" what I'm told to say. Not even for my parents, even if I have it in mind to honor them. And I thought "Who is like God?" So funny.

That's what the name "Michael" means. I remember when I first had the name "Michael" come to mind, and I'm not so sure it was a good Michael now that I look back on it.

I was going to look up a sermon with "torture" and "who is like God" and then after scanning through, I thought about the verse and I mixed it up with NIV and KJV text. For me it came through: "Who is like unto God? fearful and majestic in all thy ways." Then I tried to look up the reference for it and the closest is possibly Exodus 15:11 though there are other verses I'm sure.

What I recall, is great hatred of me for looking up some of the Catholic dogmas. That hatred has never gone away. And I recall great hatred by some who were Jewish and wanted their "pure shine" and tried to hush me up when I said I didn't wnat a boyfriend and I was a virgin. Lorraine Rose. I wondered even then, why would anyone try to hush over me and not want me to be a virgin or not want me to say I owned my own house? She was always trying to make me smaller than I was. The English Jewess. Whose sister from England then came over for a look at me. "Is she really as sweet as she comes across?" The Lewises and Roses were trying to trash me and find dirt on me, just in case, even back then and I didn't even know it. The Lewises are who their daughter Laura married into and their son is connected to the Schnitzer family (I think that's the name--will have to check).

It's funny to look at some of the Embassy cables and see how it sparks my memory. I saw the title for one from 1994, called "The Last Gasp From Kaduna's Who's Who" (a cable written by someone from the UK) and remembered how I was sent a piece of mail in 1994 from Whos Who which told me I had been added to their list and included in their book. It was 1993 or 1994.

Just things like that. What mail I was receiving, who was saying what to me when, and...I am able to look back and see things in a whole new "light".

I defended the Roses. I defended them even when people were commenting and trashing them. I know for a fact they did not do the same for me. In fact, I have had problems with some Jews ever since, which is why my son is where he is.

When Jews and Catholics agree on a joint motive for hate, and use all their resources in government and the justice system against me, how is it even possible for me or my son to have a chance? And then they bring in a bunch of Muslims or Eastern Indians or whoever they can bribe, to do some of their dirty work for them and make it look like they are not involved.

There is something wrong with the Rose family.

When I worked for Lorraine, I remember her telling me to get a boyfriend. Over and over. I had told her I was a virgin and she didn't like it. It made her nervous. I didn't even want to listen to the Bill Clinton/Monika Lewinsky business on t.v. because I didn't watch even R-rated movies and didn't want to hear about it. I was this way with the Reform Jewish family from Livingston, New Jersey in 1993 too: The Kargmans'. Who the Roses seemed to know or wanted to underline.
Lorraine was always anxious for me to get a boyfriend and have sex I guess. And whenever I said anything that might have reflected well on me, she was covering it up or making it small. For example, I said once that I had to pay my mortgage bill for my house and she said, "You mean your rent." And she was so nasty, and quick to try to downplay my mortgage of my own house to "rent". As if the ears of the world might listen and she wanted me to be made out to be a "renter" rather than a "homeowner" at age 21.

I look back at all the things that have happened to me and my son and can say for sure that the Rose family is a problem.

The Roses had a son, "Josh", who went to Harvard. They had an older daughter who made a porn in California, and then another daughter who is a lawyer in California. And then Laura was the youngest daughter and she married a Lewis who was from the Arlene Schnitzer family in Portland, Oregon.

I told the Roses I was going to college and Lorraine didn't like it. She didn't want me to be educated. She was satisfied with the idea that I might always be a moronic slave to the Jews. Do you know what they call their slaves and servants?

"Honorary Jews"

I wonder if English-born Lorrraine and her sister in England knew the Goldsmiths. Something says "yes".

I went from the Thebault's house, with their French connections and Italian stuff, to the Reform Jews house in 1993. Then I had people stealing from me and trying to kill me off again.

So an "Honorary Jew" is one who picks up the Jews crap. I had to flush her crap all the time because she refused to do it herself. And an honorary Jew is someone who works on the Sabbath because they are too special for work on that day, but you're not. You're going to work on the Sabbath because you're not a real Jew, like them, and holy. You're a crap flusher and an "honorary" Jew. And let me tell you something. The Catholics that hate you and the Jews that hate you, WILL work together to ruin you. And then, because they don't want to make their religions look bad, they try to blame it on someone else.

I remember the day that Lorraine first bought her bottle of "Hask PURE Shine".

Shine on Catherine. We'll see to it.

You have no idea how much I remember.

And this "Koch" firm is no friend to my son.

Less than a year after I worked for Lorraine Rose, I was raped by a Jew who sought me out to rape me. I guess I wasn't moving along fast enough on the "Slut track" they had laid out for me. Instead, I was a virgin, prettier than their pick, smarter, owned my own house, and I was going to college for a degree in English Literature. Time for a strategic move. Let's rape her after treating her like a doormat.

Was I as sweet as I seemed to be? I was, actually, though I had a joking dry sense of humor side. But um, yeah, after being raped, after being used and mistreated, I didn't feel like taking it lying down. I guess that's what they wanted.

Shine on Catherine!

The legions of American Jews with British contacts stand behind you!

Do Jews believe in torture? Um. Yes. They do. They tortured me and my son. They even got Mossad out against me. Daniel. While the Catholics hated me over my questions about dogma and things, some of the Jews hated me because they felt I might be a threat. And since they were also able to see into the future and saw things they didn't like, they tried to sabotage me early-on.

We'll "save" you, they maybe said, if only you will get out of the way.

I know they bribed some Muslims and Eastern Indians. But that's NOT who is behind controlling the torture. They might inject me with a drug or chase me around and put up hidden cameras in the YMCA and target me with smaller hand held or other devices. But they are not the ones controlling the big picture. Though, I can say, even Muslims are not all on the same page. Those from Saudi Arabia are not always friends with those from Iran, for example. I wonder if Jordanians and Saudi Arabians get along with eachother?

The Koch firm is not helping me because everyone in this firm is Jewish and Catholic.

Almost all of the psychologists who backed out of doing a psych eval for me...who promised they would and then held onto it and backed out last minute to stall...I have a list and they are all Jewish and Catholic. The people who have harmed my son and I are predominantly:

Jewish and Catholic.

There have been horrible Protestants, yes, but they mainly joined in later, after hearing a lot of lies. The people in control of my custody case, including the public defenders assigned to me, in every single instance, are Jewish or Catholic.

I have not yet had an independent Protestant lawyer.

Maybe that's the problem. That it's not about me not liking lawyers as much as a major conflict of interest with the religious hatred coming from the lawyers that the State has knowingly assigned to me.

Where is my Protestant lawyer?

I've had ZERO.

1. Paul Cassel--Catholic
2. Woman (can't remember her name right now)--Catholic
3. Justin Titus (Jewish in fully Catholic law firm)
4. Tanesha Canzeter(Catholic)
5. Koch firm (Jewish and Catholic)

NONE of my lawyers have been without conflicts of interest.

I wonder why I'm not getting anywhere.

Huh. It's really weird, cuz I have all these problems with persecution and religious hatred and torture, and then I don't know why none of my lawyers have been helping me. I wonder why they don't want my evidence in the court record?

Who wants to rule the world?


And it's been Jewish and Catholic who have tortured my son. Why? because he's nothing more than end-game product to them and they hate me. They don't want me to have my son because having anything that looks like normal is the opposite of what they want. They want revenge. And they used a child as a pawn, and me as a pawn.

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