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Persecution and Hate Crime: NW Bosnian Cable 10/30/1995

Before I write about how I relate, I want to add that as a tutor for international students, I heard a lot of stories and wasn't prejudiced against any country. So, I remember a really great Serb guy and a great Bosnian, and both had been refugees for different reasons, so I didn't pick this out bc of the country. I just picked it out bc it was the first one that came up, in date, that was listed "human rights" so I looked at it. But I wanted to add this first, so that any inflammatory idea someone might have, about whether I personally support one place or another, doesn't become the issue. Because that's not what I noticed. What I noticed was just people going through "hardships".

How funny that I have had to be so careful in how I address anything to a court, when all charges againt me have been false. And I was made to almost beg for mercy when I wasn't even the one who needed the mercy. They needed mercy, but they had me in their power, just because they had power, and therefore, I was "at their mercy". Instead of being able to write: "I have been tortured, poisoned, repeatedly raped, and drugged, and I have fought to stay alive" I have had to lie. I have had to write, "...I have had difficult circumstances" and "this has been a time of hardship for me." It's as if I'm just writing these notes airily, and while yeah, it sounds "very dignified", I think "understatement" is for fashion, not justice.

I finally got onto the cables and am reading them. First ones that stand out to me and then later, I'll go back and try to catch the rest. Some things did stand out, back to 92 and 94 even. And then I clicked on a cable about human rights. Wondering what some of the cables on this topic were like. It's for Bosnia. While at first, it creates a picture that, sitting here now, I feel I can't say I can it happened to me and my family, when I was reading, and while someone is and has been seriously using technology on us in the house this entire time, I think: that's us. But we're Americans in the U.S. The only difference is that most of the same things that have been done to us, have been and are being done behind closed doors or with more secrecy. It's not as in-the-open but it's being done. And I read about forced relocation and thought, "That's me and my son right there. We had a Judge's wife come out, with other people backing her, telling us to move. The police in Wenatchee were refusing to make reports of vandalism and harassment against me and they were saying, "Move." I had said, "But I have already moved. I moved from Oregon to Washington."

We have been forced to relocate, repeatedly, and I've had, on my own testimony, people verbally threatening me and who were telling me to "move" and get out of "their territory" several times. When I refused to move, we were tortured. And since they've gotten away with everything else, they're getting away with this continued torture as well.

I can testify that I identify and relate to being a victim of forced relocation. And then, when I didn't move like they told me to, and brought all these officials out to tell me to do, they kidnapped my son after torturing us first.

This is America?

I had felt, at the time, that I was being pressured to move because of hatred, religious persecution, and because I was already trying to sue for medical malpractice for me and my son, and we had an excellent case and they all knew it. The only State I could sue them in, was Washington State. And knowing what I did and could do over in Oregon state, they tried to force me to move.

When I refused, they tried cutting off my benefits and income, started making complaints about me, and tortured us. They later told me they had given me a "chance to move" and I had not taken it. They said it was my fault because I didn't take them up on the opportunity.

Two different officials in government jobs, directly told me to move:

1. A Wenatchee police officer, who refused to take my report as I stood there crying after another tire slashing. He snarled, "MOVE if you don't like it." And that's when I said, crying, "I already moved. Where am I supposed to go? Why aren't you guys taking reports of what is happening here?" I told him I was not moving and I wasn't going to be pushed out. He had dark hair (not super short), tall man. I could give a name and pick his face out. At the time, I believe I had discovered he was Catholic.

2. Judge John Bridges' wife. Judge John Bridges is one of the longest-term Judges and he hates me. Other Judges do too. He is Catholic. His wife works for CPS. Before any torture ever began against me and my son, she came out to our house. She came out with another woman and said her name and that she wanted to come in. I was polite and said my son was napping and another time would be better and if she wanted to come in, I would like to see a warrant. I did not know then that she was a Judge's wife. Instead of coming back again, I was put in touch with my social worker (for normal benefits--it's not child protective services). This worker was Tina Thornton and her husband was, I believe, a cop. She told me this woman, Mary (?) Bridges, had called her and was making me an offer. I said, "An offer?" She said yes, that Ms. Bridges wanted her (Thornton) to relay to me that she and CPS were making me an offer to leave the State of Washington with my son. I said, "I've never heard of that before." She said it was sometimes done. I said, "Well why is she having you tell me instead of her?" and Thornton said she didn't know but it didn't matter and they were offering me a "relocation package" including the money for traveling expenses, to move to the State of Utah.

I wasn't being accused of being a bad mom. And I wasn't being investigated. My son and I were not even being tortured yet. We were being asked to MOVE. All expenses paid, by The State of Washington.

I thought about it and told everyone..."How am I supposed to find a lawyer for my medical malpractice case if we move out of State?" Both I and my son had a solid case. If I was to recover any money for our damages, I had to file a lawsuit in the State of Washington. My lawyer or law firm would have to be State of Washington.

So I told my counselor, who I didn't know was best friends with Thornton--I'm staying here and I'm trying to find a law firm. Everyone knew I was looking for lawyers.

And after we refused to move out of Washington State, Washington State allowed others to torture us to the point of almost death. I was blacking out, it was that severe. Or, almost blacking out, and having to call ER. If anyone was subjected to the levels of torture we endured, for about 10 minutes, and then tried to imagine a child and woman enduring this every night and part of the day, for months, how do you think we are even alive and in our right minds today?

They are still torturing, just not to that degree. Not to the point of blackouts and screaming children and cats having uncontrollable explosive diarrhea and having their bodies warped for life.

So one theme I see from this cable is one of religious persecution, torture, and forced relocation. I can relate absolutely. Just because I don't have scars on my face from a beating, doesn't mean we have not been, and are not still, victims of horrific crimes of torture. You have no idea. We have suffered almost all of the same things I read about in this cable.

After I turned down the relocation package offered by the State of Washington, I was then faced with being cut off of benefits, kicked out of housing, and had my ability to drive to Seattle blocked when DSHS (the State) refused to reiumburse me for my mileage like they promised.

Which is why I had then looked up forced relocation movements in history at my house on Methow, online. I looked up Ontario, Canada and saw how whole populations had been forced to move and frozen out of work and the powers cut them off from everything. I read about Ireland. I was especially interested in hate crimes and religious persecution.

Not only was the "offer" made, and pressure applied, but the contact had already been made in The State of Utah. Is this a bribe? Or is this good reason to question how someone knew I should leave the state before something else happened? Because it kinda sounds like someone knew what might happen next and yet WHO have they told? Did they tell someone while they knew we were being tortured? Don't sue, and our deal will be...shhhhh...we won't torture them...sshhhhh.

My mom remembers Deanna Elliot. She was one of my mother's best friends. And she died of cancer. While married to Judge John Bridges. I guess his new wife is a reeeeaaal winner.

Kinda reminds me of my good Uncle Jim and Aunt Ruthie. Ruthie was amazing. And she died of cancer. Then, right around the time I was blabbing my mouth about my poor Uncle Jim who was our family millionaire/billionaire (by marriage) the next thing I find out is he's been married off again. A honeypot entered the picture, right after I was telling tons of people about him. I never meant for it to be a harm. I was too young and didn't know what some greedy political parties and religious groups will do just to get a man with money in his pocket. I had NO idea. I said to my Nana and Great Aunts, after meeting this "new woman" (socialite), "She is definitely not Ruthie." and I said there was something hard and steely in the eyes of this other one. I believe I even looked her up at a later date and found she was connected to Catholic Charities or something like that. There was some odd connection to a group that was later a huge adversary. I unwittingly tipped a bad group off about a millionaire-billionaire and she just "showed up". Right time, right place. My Nana and Great Aunts (smart, smart women) sat there watching The Young & The Restless and invited me to join and we just talked about Ruthie and how I remember Nana's eyes snapping with fire to think of the hooligan socialite that took her place. It was politics. I didn't know I was psychic sometimes, back then, but I picked up on something instantly and I knew something was very political and very wrong. I had found a bad woman in a good man's house. She knew how to decorate. And how to put out the right plates and entertain. And that was about IT. I sized up the Devil woman in about 15 minutes. She didn't like me either. She stared at me with these very sharp and calculating eyes and I knew, "She is worried about me for some reason...and I don't know why..." That was in...hmm, about 1994 I believe. Right before my big Who's Who's entrance into a later "last gasp" moment with my auto accident in 1995. (love zegeb consulate title from UK). Go ahead. Check out the rich bitch in Naples, Florida. Oh, my Nana. She had a good eye. She had this firm lip and didn't say much but her eyes said everything. Ruthie Howard. She married Lebious Garrett. But her maiden name was Howard. Her eyes lit up when I gave my estimation of Jim's frau ho, and then they were just dancing and later crackling with fire. And the other women-an unspoken look around of quiet agreement and firm "yes. that's right. we know. and you picked up on it so we know you are intuitive." My Nana ended up dying without being able to tell one aunt a huge secret. She said she couldn't say it over the phone or in writing--it had to be in person. But she passed away before they reached her. I wonder if Jim's wife was around the corner. I saw several of my rich family or other friends being greeted and approached by a lot of people later, after I stupidly said something to people I thought would never say a word. Now I know, if there is a single billionaire out there...single? forks drop, groups rush together to find out where they live, what they do, and if they can think of a good friend to introduce them to. We've got a reeeel swordfish from Florida. With all the related Bradley trappings one could ask for.

So right after this, I made several requests, in writing, to the AG offices and to the DSHS offices, for copies of all DSHS records about me.

And at that time, there was not one complaint against me, and no investigation.

I made over 10 written requests, signed, filled out their form, and not once did they give me any records. They started torturing me. And it was around this time or earlier that I saw old litigation opponents and lawyers from Oregon, driving through Wenatchee, WA with an interest in me.

My medical malpractice claim was bad enough (our damages were) that it was probably worth close to at least 1 million and most likely, more. I was first forced out of a $50,000 settlement for someone doing a hit-and-run and injuring my knee. How was I forced out? Oregon and Washington opponents of me worked together. They didn't want me to have $50,000 because they were afraid I was going to revive my lawsuits with it. And they knew this by my conversations with Schneider and others. The $50,000 was really low for the damages, and they all knew it, so it was pretty much guaranteed it was all going to be mine. But they put me in jail on a false charge of harming my grandmother, of all things.

14 days in jail while pregnant with my son. On a false charge.

Now, my hearing for Appeal is for September 14, 2011, almost the same date that Oregon and Washington first colluded to have my car unlawfully towed from me, to strand me, and then made a false charge to put me in jail right at the time they knew I was going to file for my money and it was near the expiration date for doing so.

Judge Warren was Catholic. He was the one who put out a false suspension on my driver's license to have my vehicle towed. Worked for Catholic Charities as did his wife and they knew John Kaempf and other old adversaries I had from litigation in Oregon, who were also involved or on the Board of Catholic Charities.

It was around this time that although there were issues with my family, I didn't realize what was being done to them. And this is after I had reported Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza with the FBI in Portland and was told Armando Garza had just made a big bust in Coos Bay, minutes away from where my parents were.

There has been a lot of retaliation.

I know what religious persecution is. I know what hate looks like. I know how it feels to be forced to relocate. And I have felt the effects of torture and seen what's been done to my son ever since 9 months of age or so.

What I don't understand, is why the U.S. has allowed these human rights violations to occur on their own soil. First I was being forced to move from state to state. Then, once they started torturing me, they never stopped. They only stopped for the man from Colombia and the people who backed him. I guess, friends of the enemy, because no one helped me when I didn't go through with a marriage. And ever since, I have thought, it is as if someone thinks that if they continue to torture me, I will ...what? call him up? or what exactly?

Some of the guys involved in managing the torture are Irish. I know this because I know that's partly who has been controlling the technology efforts against us. It was strange to find out much later that Wenatchee is not from the Native Americans. It's from the Irish.

First they tried to force me out of Washington, and I wouldn't leave. So they tortured us. Then they wanted me to marry a Colombian to...move to Colombia?

So they keep up the torture and what is the rationale? That if they torture me here long enough they hope I will leave the country again, like when I left for Canada? And where are they trying to force me out to? I started realizing I get about 1 month in a new place and that's it. So who, in the U.S., is being allowed to even do this? Can't the good people in the government get a handle on it?

I guess they want to use all their crappy govt. psychics on me first and then want to force me out so they can really have fun & games. First I get to be the caged lab rat, and then they want to put me out in the wild again, but this time, a new country, where they can track my every movement and make educated guesses and...what? trade tips with psychics for another country? Isn't that "human trafficking"?

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